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Talon Build Guide by nlnja777

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nlnja777

Will the real Talon plz stand up?

nlnja777 Last updated on February 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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hello, welcome to my guide on how to crush it with talon. im here to help the community out majorly. its not good the way i see talons stacking frozen mallets just for the hp u get and the slow that triggers so u can get the extra 10% dmg. and atk speed items cuz they believe talon is an auto atk champ. WACK! that is just plain stupid and mainly NOT GOOD ENOUGH! talon is not an auto atk champ. and your castrating his atk power by stacking a weak frozen mallet.

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Pros / Cons

insane burst dmg
slows and sliences
has 2 aoes
very squishy
gets focused
uses mana

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my rune setup was made to pump out as much dps as soon as possible. armor pen is just simply the best. my seals take advantage of a little survivability cuz lets face it u have to live long enough to actually drop all ur skills and gtfo. since the new masteries setup people can now gain way more armor pen so this armor becomes more of a big deal than it was. the glyphs are setup to reduce cds. having low cds will save ur butt sooooo many times. i find myself dropping all skills running out then jumping right back into battle secs l8r cuz my cds allow it. this makes me pwn hard. WAY HARD!

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my items take the best advantage of having low cds and lotsa atk power. i do my items like this becuase its never failed me. even when my team is losing i am still winning the kill war. i dont care if u do win the game im gonna rape the hell otta your whole team over and over again. which is gonna give my team lotsa time to do what ever the hell it is they need to do so they can take u on better. the banshees is optional i believe that by the time i buy it i allrdy have enough atk dmg why not a little protection? grab the banshees and ignore those pesky roots and slows people start off with so they can trap little talon up. but honestly if u want something else. get soemthing else the only thing thats important is the order up to the trinity force and the pots are not needed in dom. after that its on u. oh and if at least 3 people are stacking physical armor then grab that last whisper.<<--thats just a personal rule i follow u dont have to tho.talon jumps in drops all his skills then gets the fk out. with good cds u can come back to the battle faster.

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Skill Sequence

maxing rake and noxian together in dom is very benificial. dont just have one good skill and another at a low rank get those two up there skills sequence is mainly for dom. if u want a set up for classic then all u gotta do is lvl 1 rake lvl2 cutt and lvl3 noxian.after that max rake then nox then cut while putting points into your ult when avail.

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Summoner Spells

if u are playing dom DO NOT take revive. your gonna be dead for a max time of what? 30secs? dont get revive thats a stupid nub move. i prefer to take exaust and ignite. but you can take w/e fits into your personal play style

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talons skill rake is his #1 farming skill. dont be afraid to ult minions if they gang u, with the low cds provided in this build you can have your ult back very quickly. be careful not to get ganked while its dwn. buy wards to avoid ganks.

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Creeping / Jungling

as far as jungling goes i dont touch the jungle till lvl 10 at least. and even then its dangerous with how little hp he has. red buff is ftw and blue is rly great too but mainly just for the mana at low lvls as ive allrdy maxed cds.

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Team Work

in team situations its all about knowing what champs do what. if someone can silence or heal jump them with silence first go for the squishies.try to let your team push in first then u come in after to clean it all up aoe hardcore stlye. most of all do not doubt yourself with my build. if u are low on mana/hp go back. if ur fighting a very tough opponent like say jax with all that dodge. just kite him. yes talon can kite and its rly quite ammusing. check this order noxian while runing away then cutthrout back at em while changing direction (in other words u run the way he just came from great to do when they just come out of bush that way u can tele back to them and into the bush then turn if u can and shoot out rake kite and repeat. or just keep running and turn aroud to rake once in a while. its up to you.even with low hp ive killed many in a row without healing or goingback or shields or anything.while this is possible its not reccomended. once you become more cofortable with talon you'll know what u can and cant do. also dont get mad at your team for not callin every single mia buy wards.

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all in all this guide was meant to get you the right items in the right order. i hope my ***itance pays off as well for u as it allways does for me.