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League of Legends Build Guide Author Withwerain

Withwerain Amumu

Withwerain Last updated on May 21, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So Amumu is probably the one champion I would want on my team over any other champions. Why? Well for one begin game he is an amazing tank, he says "Lets be friends" and he wont let you down. He cries in and does his job. My build is very simple at first you be careful-the boring part of the game- and just save up for sunflare cape asap. it gets you a lead in damage cause of your passive 40damage and armor+health.

summoner spells
What to get

Clarity:I pack on of these bad boys because early game you will spam your tantrum. And mid game, probably being level 6-7 and only if your lane is doing good, if you can afford getting golem then go get it. And just use clarity on teammates that are running low in team fights. I always have teammates that don't have mana in team fights and they wanna leave.
Telepport:this is always helpful when you are playing in single queue. A team with a teleport is essential to having a good defense and being able to assist as much as possible. Early game you need to go back to go buy the items in for your in progress synthesized sunflare cape.
Ignite:this spell could be used if you really want kills and if your opposing summoner chooses to flee his chosen champion. But i personally dont think that this spell is as efficant. I mean you should have been able to kill him before that. ;)
Ghost:Oh ghost where would we be without you, this spell is both good defensively and offensively you can drain it in the begining by running back to your turret and damn he looks funny or if your opposing champion is faster then you before you get your boots then you just ghost on right next time and drown him in your tears.
I believe these are the only spells you really need and if you think differently give me some feed back. =D
Heal:This is a spell for people to use early game and have good early game lane control but after the first 10minutes it rarely helps. Usually you slay them before they can slay you and you don't need heal because they are all ready dead.

What not to GET!
Cleanse:First of all why do you need cleanse? You don't!? why? well first of all as this Amumu you are going to want to be in the fights and you are going to be in team fights as much as possible and your main source of damage is your abilities. if people run away then you can throw your bandage toss to catch you up and stun them from them running away.
clairvoyance: only get this if your team don't have this and if your team lacks teamwork you can use this spell to gain more vision on the battle field of justice to your advantage.

In Game.

Early Game with the opal Eyed Friend.
Ask your team if you can lane on the lane next to golem buff.
With in this particular build you want to attack minions when you are safe, and one hit them with tantrum and try to run in and tantrum near enemy champs. a potion or two would work great if you don't have a good laning ally. And when you are going to run in and use tantrum turn on your Despair ability. When hitting level 6 or 7 go do golem.
And if your Enemy is near the turret and you have and ally that's good don't be afraid to just run in and bandage toss and ult with a despair.
I like to get tantrum then despair just one point in each then just put as many points into bandage toss and your ult.
Why? well your opposing team that you are laning against they figure you are going to put points in to trantum so when you do bandage toss you are going to deal a surprising 200damage and earn your first kill.
as soon as you have enough for sunflare do it. after sunflare i tend to do go for basic boots and then a Amplifying Tome. After acquiring Amplifying Tome i go for Mejai's Soulstealer then your mercury treads if there are nasty annoying stuns or Sorcerer's Shoes if you feel good about stacking. Boots of Swiftness of you like Amumu running and Ninja Tabi if you want the armor.

Mid Game
By now you realize you are a treat and your ult is dominating! And your team will realize this too So keep in mid your ult is for team fights and when a DPS is trying to kill and harass you. Golem buff as much as possible. The next item you are going to want to get is Lick Bane. haha! you bandage toss and then you hit them for an average of 600 with your normal attack then tantrum! with your sunflare cape and despair they stand no chance from that nuke attack and its only more devastation against a group fight cause all your attacks are AoE.

End Game
same drill just Go get some Zhonya's Ring and what ever you feel like should be nessasery.. I never even get to buy my 6th weapon because my opposing team either
A. Gives up or
B.We win.

Hes fun.
Hes a Laugh
Hes just AMUMU.

boring beginning game and if you die in the beginning it will be a very boring game for you.

Great Allies to Lane with.
Ez- Ezreal can deal a whole lot of damage on targets standing still because of your ult.
(I'll fill this in later)

Going mid with him :) its way more fun that way.

Also i would get at least 1 more Sunfire, and +3 boots for efficient chasing.