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Karthus Humor Guide by wRAthoFVuLK

AP Carry wRAth, Rose, and Maw's Guide of Swag: How to Swag to the Max

AP Carry wRAth, Rose, and Maw's Guide of Swag: How to Swag to the Max

Updated on May 13, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author wRAthoFVuLK Build Guide By wRAthoFVuLK 44 17 55,280 Views 32 Comments
44 17 55,280 Views 32 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author wRAthoFVuLK Karthus Build Guide By wRAthoFVuLK Updated on May 13, 2013
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How to SWAG

Hey guys, today I'mma teach you how to play like a real man, with a lot of swag.

People may tell you to build straight AP: but they are wrong. What do you get from that? I know one thing:

You sure as hell don't get any swag from it.

Yea, you may get some AP, but you are missing out on some really good stats that will increase your swag to the max. If you want to know a terrific build that even all my really good friends thing works (RosePhoenix and MissMaw!), read on:

And remember:

Don't forget to swag!
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Common misconceptions

Many people think that you will waste gold if you spend money on items that have stats you don't really utilize.

THAT IS WRONG! If you buy an item that has at least 50% of what you want, SPEND THE MONEY! You won't regret it.
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We need all the damage we can get if you want to swag, so go in the damaging masteries -- duh.

For utility, instead of getting stupid mana regen which doesn't help you at all coz of your E, and because you are just that swaggy, get reduced death time and useless 0.5% increased movespeed!

With less time spent dead, you can spend more time swaggin'. Trust me here, I tried it, I know what works best.
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If you want real swag, you gotta convince other people you got that swag.

How do you do that?

With real man FORCE.

The more FORCE you get, the more POWERFUL you are, the more SWAG you got.
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I really think all of this guy's abilities have so much swag, that I get pretty equal points in everyone.

However, I make sure to max my wall of PAIN first, because the more you max it, the more PAIN you can bring.

And we LOVE main as manly swagmen.

It also grows with each level, just like my...


This is the swaggiest way to learn your skills, hands down.

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We need the swaggiest damage possible -- SURGE makes you GROW like a MAN, and gives you more damage.

Damage = Swag.

K and then make sure to take Clarity, coz then you can STAY IN LANE LONGER and in FIGHTS because it's REALLY A GOOD SPELL.

You can spam bubbles more, ya know? And you can bait ppl -- HEY IM OOM LOLJK SWAG!

So ya. Swag spells right here.
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This item build is the best, tested by yours truly.

Why build wasteful ability power when you can build items with stats that REALLY MATTER?

Ok so we start with really good starting items -- one of each so we get equal everything, which helps us swag a lot.

When you get them mobility boots yo, you move faster than a jet -- that's some swag. You can roam, get to your lane faster, get to fights faster. Terrific item to place on your feet.

Then we got that Wriggy's Swagstern. You not only get SUSTAIN, DAMAGE, AND ARMOR (to counter attacks!), but a free WARD. And it's cheap!

Conserving your bling. Getting quality items for a low price. That's how you swag on.

Spirit visage is awesome. You heal more from your Swaggy latern, you get MR (WHICH HELPS A LOT TO GO AGAINST DAMAGE OF AP PEOPLE), AND CDR -- MAX CDR is what you need, it lets you spam your PAIN wall more and your BUBBLES more and your ULTIMATEEEEEEEEEEEE.


Which is why we get Swagstor's Gold Tooth.

This item is EXTREMELY underrated. OK, so the attack speed you won't use much (however Karthus really does have good attacks especially with Swaggy's Lantern), BUT WHO CARES. You get only FIVE AP less than a Void Staff, you also get a BAJILLION MANA REGEN, AND YOU GET CDR!


OK same thing with gunblade! You get REALLY NICE AP, and SPELL VAMP SO YOU CAN HEAL MORE.

And you can shoot people with it which slows them a LOT and does so much damage it's like DAMN SO MUCH SWAG.

Ok and then to finish it off, we wanna be even faster. I'm talking like Mach5 here. It doesn't matter if you don't use some of the stats, the most important thing from Swagston's Lap Dancer is the MOVE SPEED. You move so fast no one gonna touch yo jimmies.

And that, my friends, is how to swag.
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How to SWAG

If you follow this really amazing build, then it just becomes so easy in game. I don't even have to tell you what to do -- you just run in and SWAG ON. You'll figure it out if you are a true master of the swag.
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This swagtime was brought to you from wrath, rose and maw. We know how this game works, and we wanted to spread our swag around.

If anyone here wants to be a nub and tell me this build is bad, go away. Only the enlightened can comment.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author wRAthoFVuLK
wRAthoFVuLK Karthus Guide
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wRAth, Rose, and Maw's Guide of Swag: How to Swag to the Max

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