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Talon Build Guide by bagda391

Wtf..Talon just 1 hited me!

Wtf..Talon just 1 hited me!

Updated on September 5, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author bagda391 Build Guide By bagda391 7,322 Views 18 Comments
7,322 Views 18 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author bagda391 Talon Build Guide By bagda391 Updated on September 5, 2011
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Indepth beggining guide( half jungle guide)-Summary

So the thing is Talon is a very good assassin! That's why you have to focus on damage items!Ok
So I start with a Doran Sword because it offers me hp/lifesteal/dmg.Just keep in mind u can easily last hit minions with your "W"!Farm until you have the golds for Berserker Boots then go base! Now you would be around lvl 6! Go farm again and when you have the money for vampiric scepter go "b" and get one! Then ..this is the most important part! You know Talon's passive right? Well you don't need to build Phage so fast! Why? Cause now you must go take the red buff!It provides your abbilities with slows and also empowers your passive! Take the red as many times you can until you get your Phage!
I did some days ago a legendary kill with talon using this guide! I hope this helps!
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Team Work

As for teamwork you really need to stay in the back! Talon is a meele assasin so he is vulnarable in teamfights..try to get in a teamfight using your ultimate or by using your "E"!
Also try to focus the casters! Because Talon is an anti caster champion,having silence,slow and magic resistance from runes,he can excel on mid lane!Yes! Excell on mid!
Also Talon fits good laning with champions like Blitzcrank,Amumu etc...Tankish champions!
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Creeping / Jungling

As for jungling Talon isn't really played as a jungle due to the fact that this champion has his items very expensive and very demanding!Jungling would only slow u down! But when you can,try to get the read buff as I mentioned before!
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Ranked Play

Well as of ranked,I never lost a 5v5 ranked solo quee or premade with Talon!He excells in ranked if you are propper laned with a tank!
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The runes are very important! Having magic resistance runes helps you versus ranged ap champions! Armor penetration helps you to kill any kind of champion roles even tanks!And critical chance is very important cause Talon's base critical chance is veeeeeryyyyyyy low...
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Masteries&Summoner spells

The masteries are for a basic assassin that is based on easy burst! The slow helps you crowd control your enemies and in combination with your "W" it becomes so OP:).Also ghost is very good when you want to catch enemies or you want to bring yourself close to the enemy so that the blades from your ultimate hit him!
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Skill Sequence

Ok..Talon has a very unique atack combo! Start engaging your target by pressing "Q" then immediately "E" on the desired target! Riot's latest updates let Talon auto atack after he teleports so his bleed should pop on the target immediately when you port on him! Now do a "W" on your target and keep auto atacking! If he gets out of your auto atacking ranged then ultimate and kill him=)
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Other Summoner Spells

Flash- An amazing spell for Talon. If your on cooldowns you have no away of getting away. Flash is the best skill for Talon because it can get you kills and protect you from being killed.

Exhaust- Another great spell. This can help you solo someone because it lowers there damage. Also help you keep hitting someone trying to get away. Also good for if they flash after, they will still be slowed enough for you to get in range.

Ghost- This spell is ok on Talon if you need to catch up with someone, But because you have a blink skill already, I find flash more useful.

Ignite- A good spell but I don't believe its very useful on Talon. You have very good damage and pretty low cooldowns. Its really just personal preference.
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Boots Options

Boots Options *New

Berserker's Greaves- These are the main boots used by talon due to the need of atack speed early ingame!

Mobility Boots- People have asked me about why I don't get these as a Roamer. Well they work very well, even more so getting in range for a gank. But I like boots of swiftness because if i'm in a team fight or being chased down, I don't want to have to wait for its passive to kick in. I'd rather be able to just out run someone. But this boots work just as well. Depends on your play style.
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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons

*Great Burst damage
*Easy to get kills
*Low Cooldown ult that can get you kills and get you out of trouble.
*As pretty cool CC that get your kills before they can fight back.
*Fun and easy to use
*Assassin's creed say what?

Cons __________________________________________________________
*Must learn when to get into fights
*Have to play safe and have map awareness so you don't jump into a gank.
*If on cooldowns you have little escapability
*CC can be a Bi***
*If in a lane with ranged heroes, you can have a very hard time farming.
*Even if your ult stealth you, you can't juke enemy to get away because when you destelth your ult blades will give your position away
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Mecury Treads!

I know these are the best boots in the game.

But I play talon as a Roamer Meaning you need to move fast, But at the same time I wanted Talon to have at least some defense for CC. So Cloak and Dagger was a great pick for the ATS, Crit and CC defense.

But if there team is very CC heavy it is worth getting this item and not getting cloak and dagger because they don't stack there effects.

But remember this is a guide, so your more then welcome to take this build and play how you like to play. If you like Cloak Mercury treads, Go for it! :D[/h3]
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If you liked..

If you liked this guide please go and check out my youtube channel here: http://adf.ly/AaPA

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