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Lux Build Guide by JemiloII

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JemiloII


JemiloII Last updated on February 7, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Ok, before I get the "Lux is AP noob" trolls, I know Lux is AP. It just when you've played Lux for so long you start getting bored of the plan AP builds. You venture to try something new. Or there is a day you want to troll, but be amazing. My most useful use is when your in a rank game and you were first or second pick, and you think, "Cool I get to play Lux" and then the team noobs out by picking tons of AP chars and your left with no ad or ranged ad. So without further ado, I present the first AD Lux on the site.

Update: I've added another build, its pretty much an armor pen setup. Use the divine active to gain 30 extra damage, chase enemies down with yomu's, snare and eat.

Update: I've added another build, damage crit savy, added RIP Sword of Divine Section. Due to the nerf on starks, a build was never able to see the day of light here.

Update: I no longer troll with ad lux, rather I choose to dominate with it. Its quite OP if you understand on how to control your mana.

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Core Items

Build One:

Boots of Mobility

This is a get in and out, kill a turret build. So when you get screwed over cause no one picked an ad carry, you'll need to work fast.

Build Two:
Infinity, 2x Phantom Dancers, Executioner Calling = 100% Crit + Lifesteal

This is a easy way to get 400 damage Plus with each hit.

Build Four: Core: AS boots, sword divine, blood

Build Five: Core: IE, Cleaver, thirster. Your goal to do do heavy crit damage. Start gave off with a crit chance item and build into gold per 5. Green Elixer is your best friend. If things are going well pick up a sword of the ocult. With barron, I had over 600 damage one game and one shot a full health human player annie dead. It was amazing.

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I suggest after the core items, you get some form of lifesteal. It saves your life. So many lifesteal items to choose from and which ones to get for the game make it tricky just to have a core item.

Infinity Edge: Will help in team fights, you need those kills to keep on going.

Bloodthrister: Caught Up in a lot of team fights and need more survivability between them.

Starks Fervor: Not really into teamfights, need speed to kill turrets, but also need that health back to push the next turret.

Black Cleaver: A recommended Item, helps kill in team fights, great for turret killing. Armor Pen!!!

Frozen Heart: Health Boost, a plus for lux, and great slows, however it doesn't add much to your damage output.

Yomu's GhostBlade: A recommended Item, helps kill in team fights, great for turret killing, and Armor Pen!!! However this item has goodies. Although the damage received is low, the extra armor pen shreds your opponent. While your needed to kill a turret or you find yourself in a 1v1 were dps will save your life, pop that active and go go go! It also has a gold per 5 item in it, so you can get that early on to help get your core items.

Triinity force: Tons of goodies.

Arch Angels: Hold on a sec.. this is AP! Well, if you have your manamune built pretty good, tossing this guy on will just help your AP shine. Then when you nuke, they'll have something else to worry about!

Gunblade: Good if you wanna make this build into a hybrid build or want some ap too.

Warmoggs & Atmus: Health/Armor/Damage Combo.

Sword Divine: Lovely Item, get it mainly for the attack speed and Nice armor pen there is anti-dodge i suppose but I overlook that.

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Tiamat: Not Worth it!

The Tiamat item DOES NOT set off Lux's passive. You have to click on every lit up target. It may feel that your setting off her passive when your someone what built, but at that point, remember how much damage you have now. I have tested this item at a low level and had my E on lvl 1 so it would not fry the minions health. I hit the minions closely bunched together and saw that the rainbow glow only faded from the middle minion and not the two side minions that were touching the middle minion. I was disappointed. I was actually hopping for some major farm.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - You have the speed to run with the core items, so flash outta the sticky situation. Also great for getting that needed kill.

Teleport - Remember, you're the AP heavy team's only hope. So teleport to that minion pushed turret, wipe it out, and get lost!

Exhaust - I use this for Trolling, but seriously, its pretty good. They're too fast to snare, your snare just finished and they are running, or ur running for your life!!

Rally/Surge: Turret killing time/ Your not getting away "I'm Firin my lazor with 70 extra ap time"

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Farming for Lux was already a piece of cake, now it just go a whole lot easier. Your Ult is sorta useless with this build, unless you just need to pick someone off, so farm with it.

Lux's passive makes farming great too. Shoot your E and clean up the lit up minions. You'll find that you can hit them all now.

Or just use or basic attacks, they'll do mad damage for a Lux.

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Skill Sequence

At the start of the game, it's quite basic, your skills will nuke your opponent's health. So you can really on them for a bit. So start with E. Personally as a Lux player, I would say to never start with your Q. Yes the snare is nice and all, but you have to hit them, and it's poor at farming. Get your E, you can scout with it and hit your target much easier. You'll get Q at lvl 2, and with E you usually lvl faster.

Depending on who you're laning with, Q will be a better choice. Such as Garen, Your snare at lvl 1 equals your opponent's death.

try and hit your opponent in between spells to get that extra 200 damage.

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Red: Flat Armor Pen
Gylphs: Flat Armor Pen
Yellow: Attack Speed
Blue: Attack Speed.

You can can the yellow and blue around for Extra Crit damage, magic pen, mana regen, armor, Etc. The Flat Armor Pen is the core to you runes.

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Team Work

Lux is usually squishy and targeted, AD lux just made you more squishy because you now have to be up in the action closer.

In team fights, spam your E and hit your targets. Save your Q and R. If they start to run or you need some CC, Q them. If someone seems to have gotten away, aim your lazor and start praying that you hit them, and if you do they die.

With your movement speed, push minions around the map to those turrets and keep the pressure up. Gank Gank and Gank! You team will need it.

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Pros / Cons

Lux Kills turrets
Your crazy fast.
Your not a boring AP
You confused your opponent.
Galio is dead.

No more Ult Nuking.
Still squishy.
Your closer to the heart of the team fight.
You will get people complaining and trolling you.

If the AD Lux really isn't going well, Sell you items, but let the manamune. Get an Arch Angel and then sell the manamune and get an arch and boots. Your set to NUKE. The other team will no t expect this and the game usually turns around fast as long as your team mates don't suck. Also you masteries give extra magic damage so enjoy.

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R.I.P Sword of the Divine

One of the best items for Ad style Lux is gone, I will leave their builds as an memorial to the SOD. You can replaced SOD with Phantoms at a higher prices with green exlixer's aiding them.

Please post R.I.P. Sword of the Divine as your Status to show respect to a once great and overlooked item.