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Wukong Build Guide by swanxxx

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author swanxxx

Wu Done It

swanxxx Last updated on August 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Pre Note


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Since Wukong's release there has been alot of complaining about him, but in my experience he is more than powerfull enought to hold his own against the best the league has to offer. The guide will provide Rune and Mastery trees along with my varried build list, however it will focus mostly on how to play Wukong as aposed to how to build Wukong. Mostly i will be focusing on distinguishing Wukong from other AD melee champions as he required a very diffrent style of play than those like Xin Zhou or Master Yi.

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Runes - Masteries - Summoner Spells

The Mastries set at the top is how i currently play Wukong after alot of trial and error using offence and Utility trees. Simply put Wukong is very vulnerable early game if he can be caught out with a sly stun and your best defence against being killed during the laneing phase of the game is to retain your health as long as possible.

I make up for this loss of offence with my Runes which are geared towards making Wukong Aggressive early and mid game aswell as helping to keep him relevant in the late game. The CDR + Mana Regen runes alow Wukong to press hard in the early game by reducing the cooldown on the all important Decoy skill and alowing him to spam his spell volley alot more often and the Crit Dmg runes help ensure that late game he can still do nasty damage to anyone not wearing 4 defence items. The only runes i would consider switching out is the Quints of armour pen in favor of run speed however this is more situational and in my experience the armour pen is often the best way to go.

In selecting my summoners spells i have gone for Flash and Teleport which i find to be a usefull combonation as both provide Offencive and Defencive Options during the course of an average game. I will go into Greater Detail as to the uses of these spells later in the guide.

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The items listed above are the ones i end about 1/3rd of my games with but they are by no means the only items of use on Wukong. For those who use the guides simply to find which items to by i have provided the ones listen at the top however Wukong is a very situational charectar and a number of factors dictate which items you should by and in what order. however as a general rule you want to get your Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions at start. Then you will want to progress onto building your Zeal and get a Regrowth Pendant, in that order if possible but if you find your health being nibbled at by a ranged champion or a particular spell get them the other way around to help keep yourself from being to vulnerable. After you have those items you should go for raising your AD by purchasing a B.F. Sword, After this point it realy depends on how the game is going when deciding what to do next. You have the begginings of your The Bloodthirster and your Warmog's Armor and if you find yourself in a good position and your getting alot of kills finish off your AD item first if not get your defencive item first.

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Play Guide Chapters

1) 2 Modes. 1 Monkey - Playing the early lane game and beyond (a little)
2) Now you see me. Now you dont. - Team Fighting and what not to do.
3) BRB - Monkeys Situational Items
4) Wu's Dream Date - Solo Laning Top and how it changes your early game.
5) Monkey Magic - Tips and Tricks

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2 Modes. 1 Monkey - Playing the early lane game and beyond (a little)

Saftey is the priority with Wukong and new players should focus on not taking damage as there primary concern during the laning phase of a game. Steal minion kills where you can but focus on not losing to much health and play defencively, this lets your opponents push you back and makes them more complacent as they come closer in. Once i have reached level three i mix up my defencive game play with some very aggresive spell volleys however even whilst doing this the focus remains avoiding damage. The volley is preformed when an opposing champion has wandered to far forward and you are in a position to use your E on them, I immediatly activate my Q which charges my next auto attack to do bonus damage and then i attack with E and do 1 auto attack before using W and running back for saftey. I then return to playing on the defence untill my skills are all off cooldown. This may sound simple enought and it is however the key to doing it succsefully is the item and rune build, Nimbus strike and bash are both on short cool downs however decoy is not and because a CDR item is off less use late game than may others on Wukong the runes help alot here. However with the CDR and Mana Regen runes you are able to spam this combo as often as your opponents will let you (which can be quite alot). Many people seem to get AD items early on however the trick here isnt quality its quantity and with the CDR and Mana Regen from your runes you will have the capacity to do this combo alot, however the main limiting factor is your health (off which you have little) so by taking boots and getting a zeal early on you are able to flee back much further under the cover of your decoy (Which doesnt last very long). This ensures that u can get to saftey after your strikes so long as you have chosen appropriate targets. With your speed items (And therefore your Saftey) in place you are then able to focus on AD (In the form of a B.F. Sword) to increase the damage of your strikes. Sheen is another nice item early game and it is cheaper then a B.F. sword and is used with your Zeal in getting Trinity Force so it is another possible item for early game. Once you have your Ulti you should look to other lanes for Ganks using teleport as with your high movement speed you can return to your own lane fairly fast and your Nimbus strike / Cyclone Combo can be very devestating. As towers begin to fall and the game opens up dont be affraid to run to mid every now and then to have a go at a gank or evan counter jungling if your enemy team has a jungler.

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Now you see me. Now you dont. - Team Fighting and what not to do.

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BRB - Monkeys Situational Items

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Wu's Dream Date - Solo Laning Top and how it changes your early game.

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Monkey Magic - Tips and Tricks

1) Decoy is an excelent ability for surviving situations you shouldnt, If your Being chased and you reach a fork in the jungling start running down one then decoy and back track down the other. Your decoy doesnt last long so u shouldnt not run to far down the fake path. Try and time it so u can get around the corner and out of LoS before your invis runs out (Movement speed is helpfull here)

2) Kill Stealing is easy with Wukong if ure in a team fight and your Q has refreshed wait untill your opponents health is low and just press Q instant hit for decent damage and some lovely gold in the back.

3) Flashing whilst invisible confuses your enemy no end. Make good use of it.

4) On top and bottom lane use ure decoy move to clear the gap between the 2 sections of brush on the map corner and then catch your enemy completly un-awares.

5) Decoying under an enemy tower is useless, nuff said.

6) If your low health (Which happens alot) and your opponent has enought health to tower dive you let him. Try and get your bash on him then decoy and maybe finish him with a nimbus strike if he gets out of tower range on very low health.