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Wukong Build Guide by Pwnium

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pwnium

Wukong, mad monkey skills!

Pwnium Last updated on August 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello guys and girls... (let's face it we all hope at least some girls play LoL!)

This is my first guide to a champion on mobafire, but I felt compelled to add one after Wukong the kick *** monkey king came on the scene. Probably the most intuitive and fun champ to play for the first timer and he just gets better with time!

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This build is based on a face crushing no nonsense Wukong who is tanky enough to offload his damage, create some mayhem among the enemy team, but also survive team fights and the odd tower dive to ensure a kill.

As such, I take ArmPen Quints and Marks, with flat Armour and MagRes Seals and Glyphs respectively.

Not only do these runes remain very useful throughout the game the make Wukong very strong in the early game too. There will be some more discussion on why I chose this set above other later when we talk about item selection and damage output.

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I don't think there is much to discuss with the masteries I suggest, he is not overly heavy on mana so utility is largely unnecessary, which leaves a toss up between offensive and defensive trees. My personal preference is for 21 9 0, standard offensive picks for an AD champ, with a preference for cooldown reduction over attack speed. The most important part with masteries though is to further boost your Armour and MagRes, but also regen to keep you in the lane.

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I've tested various set ups with items now and believe I have found two clear winning formulas.

1) Offtank Wukong - Doran's blade, Beserker Greaves, (Phage, Sheen, Zeal) --> Trinity Force, Chain vest, Negatron Cloak, Cloak of Agility --> Atma's Impaler, Catalyst the Protector --> Banshee's veil, BF Sword --> Black Cleaver, Warmogs.

You can reverse the order of the last two items if you feel you need to be tankier rather than do more damage at that stage of the game. other than rushing Trinity Force the order is flexible depending on the opponents.

2) DPS Wukong - Doran's Blade, Beserker Greaves, (Phage, Sheen, Zeal) --> Trinity Force, Emblem of Valour --> Stark's fervour, BF Sword --> Black Cleaver, Cloak of Agility --> Atma's Impaler, Banshee's Veil or Warmogs.

Due to your rune choice and Wukong's passive, you might find you are tanky enough with just Trinity Force, especially if you have been using your strong early game power effectively. If this is the case, then going for Stark's and Black Cleaver can really put the game beyond doubt. This combination of items is particularly effective on Wukong, due to the way damage is calculated. His 'Q' reduces armour by 30%, followed by a flat 20 reduction from Stark's aura and a further 15 from each hit due to Black Cleaver (-45 Armour maxiumum - 3 stacks), for many 'squishy' characters they may even be in negative armour from the flat armour reduction of these items and take bonus damage! This is not to mention the 31 ArmPen you will still have from runes and masteries! These two items, alongside the Sheen effect from Trinity Force, will ensure that you are pumping out impressive damage throughout the game on all targets. Which is why the rest of the build is devoted to improving Wukong's tankiness.

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Skill Sequence

Level his 'E' at level 1 and then simply alternate levelling his 'Q' and 'E' until they are both maxed at level 13, making sure to always level up his ultimate when possible (6, 11, 16). His 'W' (decoy) is the last spell to level.

This order allows you do have harassment immediately in your lane and as soon as you are level 2 it gives you killing power! Also it is important to alternate the levelling of 'E' and 'Q' as this means the cooldowns will roughly match each other as Wukong levels.

Just in case it isn't obvious, you want to harass/chase with 'E' followed by 'Q' and if you get into trouble use 'W' to plant the Decoy and go invisible to retreat safely. When you really want to go for someone (ideally more than one enemy in range) use the same initiation combo, but then immediately trigger his ultimate to cause a large amount of damage per second and knock up all enemies (once each). This is also an excellent pursuing or even escaping move even as Wukong gets faster the longer he is using his ultimate. Do not forget to use Flash if necessary when using your ultimate, if you need one more tick for a kill!

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Summoner Spells

I think that Flash is the best means of escape when Decoy is not quite enough, although there are arguments that Ghost may be better in some scenarios, either will do.

I think Exhaust, especially with a mastery point in it, is invaluable in a team. If the rest of your team has this well covered (even then I still think you can not have too many Exhausts!) I would consider taking Ignite as it is very helpful when going for that level 2 first blood kill and can be used in many scenarios to ensure a kill or inhibit healing on an enemy.

There are of course other options, but these are my top picks!

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Team Work

Just a quick note on laning partners and team work.

Any champs like Janna who can buff your AD and shield you to boot are a very attractive partnership early game. When played well a combination such as this is almost unstoppable.

Alternatively, making use of Wukong's %armour reduction can be an excellent strategy. Champs like Rammus who can Taunt and apply a flat armour reduction to an enemy will work incredibly well with Wukong, particularly if you have chosen to use Stark's/Black Cleaver in your build. If the enemy is taunted by Rammus and focussed by Wukong combined with a ranged AD carry this will almost always net your team a kill, even on relatively heavily armoured targets, and opens the door to a rout and an ace.

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A quick summary for those afraid of text walls! ;)

Wukong plays best as an AD tanky melee DPS.

Runes: ArmPen (Quints/Marks), Armour (Seals) and MagRes (Glyphs).

Masteries: 21 9 0, standard AD offensive tree, Armour, MagRes and regen.

A very fun champ with impressive damage output, without being too item dependant, this makes Wukong a flexible and versatile team mate.

Enjoy cracking some heads with that rather long staff of his! ;)