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Wukong Build Guide by Malfurrion

Wukong - The definition of damage

Wukong - The definition of damage

Updated on June 18, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Malfurrion Build Guide By Malfurrion 3 8 7,713 Views 13 Comments
3 8 7,713 Views 13 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Malfurrion Wukong Build Guide By Malfurrion Updated on June 18, 2012
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Wukong - The definition of damage

Welcome to my guide to Wukong, the Monkey King. This champ is one of my top 5 damagers in game and this guide will be a full DPS damage only, no tankiness. It annoys me very much when people build items like Tri-Force or MT for a champ with such offense capabilities (excluding his passive). I can guarantee you sick damage as long as you follow this guide. Any alterations to the build are welcome, however trust me, this build is going to promise sick damage.
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My runes for all champions are always flat:
3x Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
9x Greater Mark of Attack Damage
9x Greater Seal of Attack Damage
9x Greater Glyph of Attack Damage

Now, whilst most of you will be moaning and fussing like "WTF is this guy doing, AD runes in support slots" etc. it really pays back. Here are some of the reasons:
  1. No-one expects a crazy damage output from a champ they expect to be a tank/off-tank on level 1. With my flat-full AD set-up and a DB I had 97 AD on level 1. With that much damage at level 1 even tanks will be squishy against him unless they have mega-smashing runes. AD carries will kneel before the true King of Damage.
  2. AD runes that scale with level are pointless. Your priority with Wukong is to get fed early game. My typical game with him results in +6 kills before the 10th minute if I stumble upon a 2 carry lane. With a tank sometimes it's harder, but generally on level 2, taken that you add Crushing Leap Crushing Leap, the armor penetration from it will ravage the tank. Havin scaling AD runes is futile because late game you won't benefit from them that much, having and other AD items that will basically null the runes away.
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For masteries, follow the offense talent tree and ensure that you have all the talents that provide you with increased damage, life-steal or critical chance. Remember:

Your goal with Wukong is to maximise your damage output as much as possible!
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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence that I use makes dealing heavy damage by level 3 extremely easy. This chapter will primarily focus on how to get a double kill before level 4. There are 2 main ways to play Wukong, against Wukong-experienced players and Wukong-unexperienced players:
  1. Wukong-unexperienced: by far the people who had none or little experience with an enemy with Wukong will be easy to kill/fool. Start of with to strike fear into your enemy's hearts by playing very aggressively. Engage from the bush. The next skill depends on how you are doing with engaging with Nimbus Strike: If you are engaging nicely dealing tons of damage then add Crushing Leap to soak more damage into the poor enemies. If, however, you are getting hit or have trouble engaging with Nimbus Strike, add . Engaging with Decoy will be explained at the end of this chapter.
  2. Wukong-experienced: these players are very hard to fool. Personally, I can tell very well when a Wukong player presses W whilst moving and when they press S whilst moving. The true Decoy skill rushes the stop animation making it very unreal, almost as if the game sprite changes to a stationary one. These players will be hard to engage and if they are smart they will stay under the turret. Be careful because Wukong may be very squishy early game if played against hard carries such as Vayne, Twitch, etc.


I wanted to give this skill a separate sub-chapter because in my honest opinion, it is an extremely OP skill, by far the best in game. First, some of the things you can do with Decoy:
  1. Engage from the bush.
  2. Juke like a boss!
  3. 2 sec stealth for free.
  4. Give enemies a hard time on junctions.
  5. Move from bush to bush without them knowing.

Here's some tips on how to engage early-game from the bush to get kills:
  1. 1. Stand in the bush and wait: stand in your bush and wait for the enemy to go out and farm some creeps. You can harass them with Nimbus Strike and Crushing Leap. Due to its long cooldown, keep Decoy for the kill. Wukong can easily kill a carry under 40% health with his combo. Engage with either Nimbus Strike or Decoy. If you use Nimbus Strike, immediately activate Crushing Leap to reduce the armor of your enemy then autohit them and possibly Ignite them. After using your Crushing Leap you may use Decoy to fool those fools (haha) into attacking your clone and then getting behind them to reduce the chances of escaping. If you engage with Decoy, use it on the edge of the bush. From there you can either invade the enemy bush or just go out there and kick their butts. Using Decoy from the bush allows you to get close in-range for Nimbus Strike without the enemies seeing you. The element of surprise is crucial!
  2. 2. Tower-dive for the win!: you can easily dive the tower from the tower-close edge of your bush if they are low enough. Launch Decoy and sneak up to the turret, jumping on them with Nimbus Strike followed by a Crushing Leap and then, provided that you are low on health, a flash-out. WARNING! Please remember that towers can see stealthed units therefore Decoy only buys you a short amount of time!
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Summoner Spells

Wukong isn't unlike my other favourite carry, Twitch, armed with a passive that deals uber-amounts of True Damage over time. This is why Ignite plays a crucial role in finishing off players who run off with 10 HP causing a massive rageout. The other summoner spell that I use is Flash. This allows for greater mobility whilst I'm chased. I can run to certain places that the enemies don't suspect me to run to because they lead me no-where but then magically flash through a wall and be close to my turret. Damage and mobility is very important with Wukong.
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Flash/Ignite vs. Ignite/Flash

I know that this is mostly a personal thing, but I must explain why in my opinion, having Flash under D and Ignite under F works better.

Just something to clarify what I mean:
Thumb = F1 (by F1 i mean Finger 1)
Index Finger = F2
Middle Finger ( :O ) = F3
and so on...

Almost all players in the world, if not all, use the standard QWE layout of:
F4 on Q, F3 on W, F2 on E and also pressing R.
Now, (this mostly depends on how big your hand is but I consider it univeral) you must agree that Flash is used to escape at 99% of the times, isn't it? Having Flash under D makes this very easy as your Index Finger (F2) only needs to slide down very quickly, hit that D and it's done. If it were under F... well it just makes this uncomfortable.
I don't want to sound like Jesus converting Jews into Christians (worst metaphor I could think off) by promoting Flash-using-under-D, but it's just ridiculous how people make their lives harder. Sorry for this potentially pointless chapter, but I just couldn't hold it in.
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Pros / Cons

  1. Massive damage output early and late game.
  2. Elusiveness level over-9000
  3. Penta-kills are extremely easy.
  4. Counter for tank with Armor Penetration from Q.
  5. Ulti... well enough said.

  1. Costs 6300 IP
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Team Work

Because Wukong has no crowd-control abilities other than his ulti is mostly why I don't build him as a tank. Unlike Alistar, Rammus, Shen, etc. Wukong lacks anything that he can use to save team-mates. Although people say "Yes, but he isn't a tank, he's a bruiser" (what have you guys been taking) it still pays off more to build him full AD.

Engaging in team-fights late game can cause your teammates to be pissed off at you because you will be engaging once the teamfight has already started, not starting it or coming last to grab the kills (which would infuriate them massively). Enter with Nimbus Strike and always on the lowest HP enemy. Who knows, maybe you'll kill them straight off. Then immedaitely pop your ulti. Remember! Even if there is a very low HP target that you can kill, follow the group! Always follow the group with the largest amount of players. You can kill the person that is low later.
A word of advice: never engage in a teamfight without your ulti!
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Please be generous and remember that this is my first guide. I hope to see more Wukong with heavy damage than magic resist and Tri-Forces.

Yours kindly,
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Malfurrion
Malfurrion Wukong Guide
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Wukong - The definition of damage

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