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Wukong Build Guide by FireSythe

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FireSythe

Wukong The Unstoppable Force

FireSythe Last updated on November 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi my name is FireSythe and I just recently made an account here because I thought it be cool to make a build for others to follow. After I bought Wukong I started to main with him and have done pretty good with him. First of all Wukong is a unique champion that can be built in several ways. Adapting to the situation is a must since your main role will be initiating team fights and dealing consistent damage. At first laning with Wukong can be awkward due to him being constantly harassed. Wukong is a very underrated champ due to his abilities being under par of other off-tanks such as Nasus or Gangplank. But if used correctly Wukong can carry your team to victory.

Wukong plays like most offtanks mainly focusing on lasthitting for gold and playing passively till they hit 6 or feel they can cripple their opponent. This can be trouble to most people that are used to a more agressive playstyle or those that haven't tanked before.

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Pros & Cons

Fun to play
Very good harass
Supports any team well
Amazing lane sustain

Difficult to play to full potential
Fairly item dependent
Picked on early game
Somewhat bad passive

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Skills In Depth

Crushing Blow
A standard buff attack which makes your next attack do more damage. Nothing truly overwhelming in that but it also lowers the targets armor by 30%. This is what makes Wukong very deadly early game and makes hime a great partner fow ranged melee champs lke Vayne and Caitlyn. In addition to this Crushing Blow also can be used on turrets and inhibitors like Garen's Decisive Strike which can be particularly useful for pushing lanes.

This is the skill that made me want to play Wukong in the first place. To define it in short, it is summons a clone of yourself just like Shaco's Hallucinate except it can't move. Though its cooldown is arguably quite high it's still a very useful skill on Wukong.

Here are some useful ways to use Decoy:

Harassing This is done by using your Nimbus Strike to get close to your target, auto attacking once if you can then popping Decoy to avoid being counterharrased.

Checking Bushes Although not always smart to facecheck into a bush, you can use decoy near a bush then walk into it quickly then leave by the time the decoy expires. You shouldn't need to do this if you or your partner keep a good supply of wards.

Faking This is actually a really fun but somewhat ineffective way to "Use" Decoy. What you do is press s to stop running and then hopefully the enemies will run another direction. The reason this doesn't work is that when you use it while running it will stop the running action right away. An experienced player will notice that you were just faking the Decoy and go for the kill. As a sidenote, it can work quite effectively during the laning phase if you keep the opponent guessing.

Initiating My friend didn't believe me on this one but it actually does work. If you use Decoy and then pop Cyclone you can go into the fight and no-one will see you until you hit an enemy.

Tower Agro Unless there isn't anyone else in lane you shouldn't be doing this since you will be way overextended. But if trying to kill a tower for whatever circumstance you can use decoy to shield a couple blows. This only works if the turret hasn't hit you yet.

It is also useful to know that Oracle's Elixir and Clairvoyance will be able to see through the fake clone.

Nimbus Strike