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Wukong Build Guide by BAmse

Wukong - This is my Jungle

Wukong - This is my Jungle

Updated on July 30, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BAmse Build Guide By BAmse 2 5 9,649 Views 1 Comments
2 5 9,649 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BAmse Wukong Build Guide By BAmse Updated on July 30, 2012
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Hello fellow summoners!

Today I'm going to show you how I play Wukong and trust me it works 9 out of 10 times!

Wukong is a really good champion to play, he is very mobile and can literally go ape****.

Wukong is nearly impossible to kill if you know how to play him really he is very easy on the foot thanks to his W and E spells. This makes Wukong a off-tank, initiator and damage dealer not as good as an AD-carry but better then most off-tanks in my opinion.
Wukong is mainly a jungler/solotop champion I normally play him as a jungler cause I think he is really really good at it since he can charge forward and just disappear if something is going wrong.
The skill level of a Wukong doesn't have to be really really high for Wukong to be useful. But of course the better player will notice that you can do a lot of fun stuff with Wukong.
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Since we are building quiet defensive on Wukong we want some runes with some damage. There are of course different ways to build Wukong then the build up there depending on the situation and opponents.

I don't really know what to say but this is how I use the runes and I find it quiet good there is possibly better ways that I haven't figured out yet.
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Then again I want some offensive talents cause we aren't building so offensive really so we have to get the damage from somewhere don't we?

You can use the 30+ health in the defensive or the one where the minions take damage that's really up to you what you feel most comfortable with.
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Items let see I can make one short section of this and one a little more detailed for the lazy reader.

Short Version:
Cloth + 5pots since we are jungling these are the most efficient items to use on nearly any champion who tries to jungle.
Why I'm not completing the lantern is because if you get the Frozen Mallet you can seriously go ape****. It's the core item of your build really.
Bloodthirster as you know gives Damage and Life Steal and this is the only real damage item you have on wukong with the build up there. It's super effective since you can just jump in with E do a Q and run out again with W if you are on low and you will gain A LOT of health back from just doing this to harass someone or whatever you feel like.
Thornmail is so awesome against their AD Carry and other melee champs so its like a real need if you are going to kill a fed AD Carry / Melee Champion.
Force of Nature is really good since you get Magic Resistance, Movement Speed and a lot of Health Regeneration.

Longer Version with more info in it.
Well I guess you have read the shorter if not do it so I don't have to write that part all over again!

If you are going jungle which this guide suggest you do. You have to look out and check who is getting fed who is getting a good farm and so on.
If you are up against a heavy Ability Power team you simple get the frozen mallet and get a Negatron Cloak so you won't die that easy of them.
If you see someone getting fed like Xin Zhao or Caitlyn or whatever a heave Attack Damage champion get your thornmail FAST so they can't literally do anything to you.
If you have a heavy top lane and like Alistar as a support you can of course build more offensive like getting a Last Whisper or a Black Cleaver.
I don't recommend to rush a Brutalizer tho since I don't find it as a reliable item.

One more simple thing. ALWAYS get a Frozen Mallet this item is really a core item for a chaser who doesn't have a slow on its own.
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Skill Sequence

When ganking someone I normally stand in the bush waiting popping W run towards and E then Q and just watch them die.
If there are 2 on the lane or just a really heavy one or someone in your team is near dying use your ultimate even if it only it one target!
It's better to use it to save someone then let it be unused.

When entering a team fight you want to run in and do your ulti. If you are up against an Amumu or whatever just do like Garen spinn-to-win. You won't stop spinning because you are stunned so you will deal a lot of damage to the once entering the circle to hit you and your teammates.

There isn't much to say really here since I kinda think everyone knows how it works now!
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Summoner Spells

Ghost - My favorite spell on Wukong since you have your W you don't really need a flash to get away. I hate when people get away with 2hp so I decided that Ghost + E is a really really good combo.
Flash - Okayish but I don't prefer it you all know how it works so need explaining.
Exhaust - If you are on top lane you could use Ghost + Exhaust.
Ignite - A bit overkill to use on Wukong.
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Pros / Cons

Mobile, Survivability, Decent Damage, Awesome Initiation.
You might get a bit 2 eager to kill people as Wukong and think you are on top of the hill!
Reliable on Frozen Mallet.
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Creeping / Jungling

Wolfs -> Blue -> Wraiths -> Twins -> Wolfs -> Wraiths -> Twins -> Red

this is normally how I do it and squeeze in some ganks between!

I guess you all are experienced Junglers so I don't think I have to take it in 2 much detail.
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Wukong is one really strong champion who can change a game with his ultimate as many others but he is really easy to play as and do good with.

Wukong is a champion that isn't played very often I don't know why since he is fun to play and a fairly strong champion as well.

I hope you find this guide as good as I do and that your Jungling with Wukong will improve!

Just leave a comment or send me a message if there is anything!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BAmse
BAmse Wukong Guide
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Wukong - This is my Jungle

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