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Wukong Build Guide by FurrealGames

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FurrealGames

Wukong Top Lane - Post Q Nerf w/ Furreal

FurrealGames Last updated on May 8, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is the first guide I'm writing, I do enjoy my fair share of theory crafting, however I feel that I do not see a lot of information about trading and combos that you'll need to learn against opposing champions when playing. So I want to write this with that as the focus.

Introduction, A bit of trading and the most optimal combo

The build is fairly simple, pre-nerf Wukong's Q reduced armor by 30% at rank 1, this was the corner stone to his survival in lane against tankier opponents. However with the early game nerf the build has not changed.

Wukong has incredibly high AD scaling on his Q, it also being an Auto-Attack reset means that it can be used to do an abnormally high amount of burst damage with his other abilities still available to follow up, Wukong is a champion that definitely has kill potential in lane.

With that, it's also worth noting that with the Armor Shred nerf, tankier opponents are going to win most trades levels 1-5. I'll make a scaling chart later in the guide. However post level 9, Wukong is exactly the same.

Wukong's Q increases his attack range upon strike by a fairly significant amount. This can be used to poke other melee champions in lane without them being able to strike back if positioned correctly.

A common misconception when trading with Wukong is to initiate with E. This works in many cases when skirmishing and you're chasing. However when trading in lane, initiating with E and then following up with Q and then immediately Wing away does little to no damage for the mana cost you just wasted.

The most optimal trading combo with Wukong is Auto - Q - Auto - E - Auto.

At first glance this seems like it takes a really long time to get off and in that time you will probably just get dumpstered.

However it goes extremely fast and if done correctly, pre-nerfs all lane, post nerfs levels 9- you can out trade almost any other lane opponent out of the shear burst and no time to respond.

So here we go one more time, Auto, Q, Auto, E, Auto. The emphasis on this is because of it's importance. Q is an auto attack reset, meaning, the second you see the number light up and your auto attack registered you can Q, right after you Q, another auto will follow, this one hitting harder, because of your armor shred, right after that auto, use your E, which now hits harder because of your armor shred, also increasing your attack speed by a significant amount, then another quick auto.

Aside from significantly more damage the other benefit is that you are putting yourself at less risk, with using your E to initiate you are burning that right off the bat. Normally diving across minions and normally putting yourself in a worse position in case of the jungler coming up. With Q, you can also back out while still being around your melee minions in case you miscalculated the damage.

What I try to do in games (My Jobs) -

Pick up and start skirmishes at top lane, always get a ward on top of your trinket first buy.

Keep river and tri-brush warded towards when your Jungler is coming up to your side of the map. Obviously coordinating with your Jungler may not always be consistent. I will say that most times your Jungler is on his way, so is theirs.

Always push lane to turret, Wukongs best played in a hit and run style of play, he can trade, escape, bait and trade again. It all starts with keeping your enemies on their toes.

If you can get ahead begin to split push. Keep the top half of their jungle warded and cause as much disruption as you can without hard engaging. Always pay attention to where their mid laner is.

The point of this is to bait their Jungler and Mid Laner to come top lane by pressuring the lane and letting your team capitalize on objectives else where on the map.

Aside from split pushing, Wukong is one of the stronger counter-engage champions in the game. Always keep your eyes pealed and buy tier 2 boots early to open opportunities to roam and quickly turn skirmishes into your teams favor.

A good Wukong leaves an ever uncertain experience in the eyes of the enemy. Be everywhere and be no where. Ward their buffs, Capitalize on squishier targets.

In team fights there are two real jobs Wukong has. One is for a more ahead team, the other is for when you're behind. However it also has a lot to deal with where the strengths of your team are and where their weaknesses are.

The first would be the off tank, peal and utility role Wukong plays. This is for when your team is either behind or has a very strong back line. Your job is to protect the ADC and Mid Laner.

Use your ult wisely. How the meta us, Assassins are very strong and if you need to burn it to break up the initial initiation for any number of reasons. Don't hesitate. Aside from his Ult disruption you do not have a lot of great CC to keep them at bay alone. However you have 30% armor reduction on your Q and another 25% stacked with black cleaver, and if you're lucky your ADC has another 30% from that Last Whisperer.

The basic idea behind Wukong in this utility off-tank role is to kill their over extended front line using your armor shred to kill off their tanks with your ADC.

The other role Wukong can play very well in a team fight would be when you're ahead or the strength of your team relies on the front line. In this role you're still the off tank. The idea would be to dive on their back line, spreading out damage and your Black Cleaver on their whole team for the rest of your team to clean up. Ensure that you Q the focus target before ulting, the additional armor shred on your Q will make a significant difference.

Optimal Wukong Team Compositions.

Support - On the tankier side that can cause aoe desruption that stays on the back lines. Someone like Thresh, Nami etc.

Jungler - The best Junglers are the tanky utility Junglers that can main tank and cause aoe disruption, J4, Maokai, etc.

Mid - Ranked Caster that can supply significant AP Damage to one or more targets. Lux, Syndra, Ziggs. Also works really well with AD Mid champs like Zed or Riven, Also comps great with Yasuo.

ADC - Consistent AD damage is the most important, someone like Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, Twitch. I feel that the spell based champions, while supplying burst, don't have the sustained damage to really capitalize on the additional armor shred damage like auto attack based ADC's can.

Top Laner Chart

Mordekaiser - Very difficult, if you can catch him with no shield, trade as hard as you can. Also try to time trades with your trades with his spells, if he just used them both it's normally safe too. Normally his shield is about the damage of your Q.

Teemo - Easy, Teemo is really squishy. Though trades post 6 can go wrong if you E into a mushroom. Bait his blind, auto attack for auto attack, you will most likely win. Most times he will blind as soon as you get to him and run away. Just wait to use your Q until blind is over. Then Q + E and chase him down if you can.

Aatrox - Easy, Aatrox is one of the gods of top lane, However Wukong does enough damage to kill Aatrox, whenever he E's and misses all in, I would say Aatrox might be a champion where opening with E might be the only answer is he is hovering by his ranged minions and poking.

Poppy - Difficult, Poppy is really tanky however lacks sustain, unfortunately, so does Wukong. I think trade for trade you can probably kill most Poppies. However they sometimes do get really tanky, so I would be careful before you buy your Black Cleaver.

Dr. Mundo - Medium, Mundo is extremely tanky, however does not do a lot of damage in return and alone has very small amounts of kill potential. Poke him down pre 6 with your Q and save ignote for post 6, normally you can all him and get a kill at this point. While ignite is on cool down it's going to be extremely difficult trying to kill him.

Renekton - Very Difficult, Renekton is going to be a tanky mess, and post nerf is probably the most difficult lane opponent. Build armor and sit under your turret, don't ever pick Wukong into a Renekton match up, if you get stuck laning against him, farm as much as you can and don't feed him any kills.

Yorick - Difficult, He will most likely outsustain you, however level 7 or 8 to be safe up, you will win if you all in him. Just run so he doesn't kill you afterwards, and be sure to ignite him.

Garen - Very Difficult, Garen is like Renekton in a lot of ways, however he is beatable. Rush your early armor shred and play safe pre 7. After 7, poke him once or twice, make sure to not let him regain his passive for too long. Then all in.

Riven - Easy, As long as you can avoid her monstrous levels 1-3 you should be able to out trade and kill her. Try to bait out her ultimate, hit and run. also when you're trading, using your clone and ulting, run through her model as much as possible, the second part of her ultimate only goes one way and you could cause her to throw it the wrong way.

Olaf - Very Difficult, If you can position yourself to be in range to poke him with Q he is out of range to E back, if you are quick enough to move back as soon as you hit him, he shouldn't be able to trade back. Other then that, auto for auto, Olaf will destroy you. Don't try to all in him unless you have him low, also burn ignite towards the end of the skirmish, that's where his sustain is at it's strongest.

Rumble - Difficult, Rumble causes a lot of mismanaged micro problems. His spells have weird range and his autos hurt when he is over heated. I think the biggest thing with rumble is to maintain your cool and if you're going to trade, you have to know that you're going to have to commit. He punishes hesitation. However you can kill Rumble, he is one of the squishier champions early game and his focus around health items and not much to resistances leaves kill potential later in the game.

Jayce - Difficult, A lot of Jayce's strength comes from his melee build, however wukong natural tankyness with absurds amounts of damage is punishing to that entire aspect of the kit. Jayce's normally are not tanky enough nor do enough burst to out trade in melee stances. The same goes for his ranged stance. His ranged auto attack range is just shy of Wukong's E. Though I would not recommend diving at a Jayce with your E. I will say that if you have the edge and want to all in him with it, it is possible. Just be wary the damage taken on your trip and a quick switch melee combo on top of that is a lot of burst and you're making it easy for him to do it. Also the displacement can hurt your return trade.

Darius - Very Difficult, Darius is extremely strong and he will out trade you practically the entire game. However if you can bait him to Q and it misses you can trade him and win, if you can bait it again and he still isn't healthy you can all in him. However be careful baiting Darius to use his Q because the further out you are the more damage it does. Playing with fire whoo!

Tryndamere - Easy, Tryndamere will rip your face off if you go auto for auto with him. Don't do that, however you are free to poke with your combo and back out whenever he tries to return. He is also squishy because of the way he is built. Poke him till you bait out his ult and then kill him, repeat, just don't let him touch you.

Singed - Difficult, Singed is going to be very abusive, don't chase him, obviously, avoid him in lane, just cs and do your thing, post level 9 with black cleaver he is an easy all in kill target. If it gets to a point where you're too behind from laning phase and he is too big to kill alone, start roaming. Have someone hold him at top lane, a support can fend off a singed off a turret since his kill potential is so low and just roam and prey on the squishies. Forcing a Singed to group with his team means you're winning.

Shyvana - Difficult, Shyvana does a lot of magic damage with her W early game. Post 11 or so you can kill her depending on how she is built. If she rushes a botrk, focus on armor over health and always get your black cleaver.

Shen - Easy, Shen is really tanky however has very low kill potential, even your passive life streal while farming should keep you sustained enough to remain healthy throughout laning. Post 6 is when you want to start pressuring him so he doesn't get any funny ideas about using his ult. Bait out his shield with your auto attacks, wait it out and then use your combo. You should be able to have the damage to all in kill him past level 9 or so.

Fiora - Easy, Rush a wardens mail first item. Poke her with Q and bait out her W and then continue to trade with her. Fiora's tend to be really squishy, although she benefits from longer trades more than you do. After your combo I would back off and then return after you bait her W again.

Malphite - Easy, Malphite tends to have very low kill potential as well. Constantly poking him with Q to keep his passive shield down is important. Be wary of how he builds and build accordingly, a little more early MR or Armor against Malphite will do wonders, while him building tanky isn't as effective versus your damage.

Jax - Very Difficult, Jax is a large monster at the moment. His animations counter all of yours, meaning, his spells damage goes off before yours does if he is initiating. Try to clone about a second into his counter attack. This tends to be the easiest time to cause the Jax to hesitate. Also be aware of his dun-dun-DUN attacks. If he is farming, poke while he is on his first normal attack if he doesn't counter attack, continue the combo, till he does. If you can bait out his counter attack you can kill him with enough damage.

Irelia - Difficult, Irelia is fairly easy. Since Wukong is so hit and run Irelia's tend to have a hard time getting their W to be very effective against him. Just poke her and run, continue the combo if she doesn't respond. Enough of this should put her low enough to all in her. However be careful of her sustain.

Gangplank - Easy, Gangplank can hurt you if you allow him to poke you down with his Q. However other than that he generally fairly squishy. If he builds tanky he normally has a lot less kill potential. Either way you should be able to kill a gangplank fairly easily. Push the lane and poke him down, be as aggressive as possible as gangplank relies on sustain over time and the additional gold he gets from farming.

Okay, a little about me. My name is Furreal and I main Top Lane. I'm not a huge guide writer but I think I may give it a shot. I do like to make league videos and stuff

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