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Wukong Build Guide by teemosassian

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author teemosassian

Wukong- wheres that monkey now?

teemosassian Last updated on April 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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hello again, today im gonna do my build for wukong. If you know how to use wukong youll know that if fed he is really powerful. for those who dont however my guide is sure to help.first thing you need to know about wukong is hes best with a tank. i go with tanks because they feed me the kills (and give me last hits).when playing wukong its important to know when to strike your opponents. when i play wukong its normally when their near our turret but if theyre low from a gank i normally attack then this guide you will find that youll die quite easily but thats because you got to get used to his tricks and such. Enjoy this guide and make sure to like :D

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My rune build is sure to give you early game advantage. every ad carry has to have armor pen its just so obvious because how would he hurt anyone with no armor pen? secondly, my seals are to keep wukong from dying easily because its annoying when you die because you lose exp. so why not have armor? my glyphs same thing, those annoying ap carrys or just ap champs, you want to be able to stay in lane longer for the gold, and exp. my quints are quite simple, you need to be able to give as much damage out put as possible, so i choose attack speed. my other quint is for more armor pen.

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my 24-6-0 is sure to help you learn wukong. havoc is a must have just because it helps with your damage output. attack speed for more damage output , and etc. my final mastery in the offence is for those crushing blows while chasing enemies to their death. the defensive tree, armor and magic resist yet again to stay in your lane longer.

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This item build is unstoppable. even someone with tank has no chance because the life steal you have. my choices are simple, Most Damage and frozen mallet is just good to have because it slows your enemies so you can attack more. not that youll need it if you pop his combo they should die. Infinity edge is for your crit damage, this item is awesome for wukong because with this build you crit most of the time so its good to have some damage from that. Bloodthirsters are obviously youre key to survival so be sure to get some lifesteal.

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you want nimbus strike first because everybody is weak in the beggining and dont have much armor, if they did you would have to choose crushing blow because it lowers armor. you max crushing blow first because its is yet again one of the most damage output abilities wukong has. max nimbus strike next because decoy does little damage since you dont have ap. 3rd is your strike, because you will be lvl 15 when your q and e are maxed out. decoy is last because its only to escape or to pop up from behind your enemies with your ult.
skill sequence:
nimbus strike>crushing blow>decoy> ult to finish them off

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Summoner Spells

ghost and exaust are best for wukong. ghost is to catch up to your enemies and/or to escape. exaust is to lower your enemies damage out put and speed so they cant get away. when you ult be sure to use both of these spells and aim for the lowest person if they flash stop your ult nimbus strike then crushing blow ftw. you can also use flash and ignite but i wouldnt do it because exaust and ghost work so well.

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+ super op when fed
+ awesome ganking skills
+ hard to catch when chasing

- squishy in the beggining
- when stuned snared, any cc useless

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with wukong you will want to work with your team. when setting up to kill tell them to push because then youll be able to decoy run at them and pop the combo without decoy and still destroy them. also teamwork helps you because when you work with your team they will help you escape. when team fighting if youre team has no tank your the initiator. pop youre combo at the closest champion and then the blood bath begins.

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farming, one of the best skills to have in the game. with wukong you want to be mana conservant however, if you want that early game lead with gold use this to help. i wait until the minions get low then i walk up and crushing blow them to ensure the last hit. with tanks this will be easier to do because they are almost always targeted first so be sure to keep that in mind.