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Xerath Build Guide by EPiiCxWARLORD

Xerath- He will be free, eventualy

By EPiiCxWARLORD | Updated on September 4, 2012

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My friend(Summoners Revenge, Check out his builds) told me to get xerath but i wasn't sure. I then got him and he is OP AS HELL. His stuns are amazing underneath the turrent and he can deal a tonne of damage with his Q and ult. he is also great for doing damage to people who turrent hug by using his W to extend his range. Also his movement speed buff after his W is cancelled ia a nice touch. All in all he is a great AP Mid champ.
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I use the masteries with 22 on offense, 3 on defence and 5 utility. I use all AP offesive abilities which help to deal a heap of damage. 3 points on magic resist as you will most likely face another AP champ. This will then help you to take damage from their abilities. Also using mana and mana regen enables you to use spells more frequently without recalling.
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Skill sequence.

You should look to be maxing your Q as soon as possible. But first make sure the rest of your abilities are on level 1. As usual take your ult on level 6, 11 and 16. I would then max mage chains by level 15 and locus of power last.
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I use magic penetration marks, mana per level glyphs, magic resist seals and ability power Quintessences
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I use flash and ignite. Flash for getaways and to catch up to people running away from you and Ignite for sealing the kills. If you find that you are constantly running out of mana then you should use clarity for mana regen.
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Even though Xerath looks sik as he is, He does have some great skins. I would suggest getting scorched earth xerath if you are good with him and like playing him. I have this skin and i personally think it should be a legendary skin. This skin make him an orange, red colour (Because it is meant to be lava). The reason why i think it should be a legendary skin is because not only does it change his looks, It also completely changes what his abilities look like. Instead of it being electricity in his abilities, It is Lava. I find it much better.
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He is great at defending under turrents. Simply Hit enemies with mage chains then hit them with your Q. This will stun them and if you still think they can kill you flash away.His ult is also great as it has 3 hits in it before cooldown. This then means if you miss once you can make up for it. He is also great at hitting people under their turret without taking damge from the turrent. Just use your W and then you should be in range for the rest of your spells.
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The only problems can be He is squishy but his abilities being OP makes up for that
Also i sometime forget to cancel my W when champs come for me. This the give them an easy kill.
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All in all Xerath is one of the best AP mid Champs and is also extremly fun to play. So if you like AP mid champs i would strongly recommend getting Xerath, the Magus Ascendant


Hope to bring you more builds in the future
League of Legends Build Guide Author EPiiCxWARLORD
EPiiCxWARLORD Xerath Guide

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Xerath- He will be free, eventualy
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