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Xerath Build Guide by Vap0r

Xerath Magus OPmius

Xerath Magus OPmius

Updated on October 11, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vap0r Build Guide By Vap0r 2,813 Views 0 Comments
2,813 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Vap0r Xerath Build Guide By Vap0r Updated on October 11, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Xerath
  • LoL Champion: Xerath


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Ladies and gents, trollers and pros. This is my first post but I have been playing LoL for quite a while now but doesn't change the fact this is my first post. So I will admit I don't have fancy videos and images of the games, but bare with me for I will make this agonizing and torturous guild as to the point as I can. I ended Season 1 with 1600 elo solo queue. Not to impressive but solo queue can get quite interesting with interesting people. However I'm not here to talk to you about those people but how to carry those type of people in a given game. This can be done with Xerath.

DON'T FORGET TO UNACHOR YOURSELF!!!! (I will tend to say anchor for the w spell)
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Summoner Spells

I usually take ignite and flash because when you're mid, that extra punch can make a difference whether you will get first blood or not. I only put exhaust and and flash as another alternative for laning. A good combo with xerath lane would be another champ who has a decent amount of stuns and are decently tanky like Leona. Get the combo with stuns right it'll be completely unfair.
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Skill Sequence

Make sure to not spam your q spell in the beginning of the game unless you know that you will HIT the other champ. Your mana regen is quite low and spamming q all the time will make you go back and lose experience. As you may know his q spell does not decrease in damage as it passes through enemy units, try and hit multiple champs/creeps in one shot.

You may have to toy around with what the maximum range is after anchoring down.
The shock wave reaches out a little bit further than the spell line indicated.

The width on the q spell is a little bit wider than indicated so try and get a good diagonal angle on the target before you cast. Straight shots makes it easier for them to dodge and you don't end up forcing them to one side.

I barely anchor down just because it already takes long enough for you cast your q spell, you don't need to miss your target because of it. Try and save your anchor when they're out of your normal range and are about to die. Remember anchoring down doesn't increase your hp,mr,or armor. It just grants you 10% magic pen and a free kill for someone who sees that opportunity.

After your electro ball (e spell), you can either stun your opponent with your ult or your q spell. If you aren't sure but you want to save your teammate from an melee dps chasing him go with your ult, it's always safe than sorry. Afterwards just start casting your q spell. Anchor down for the final kill (takes practicing timing and finding the range) or if all your spells are in range where the team fight is progressing.
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Ring---> Gives you hp,ap,mana regen (gives you some bonus armor for passive)
Boots---> Speed for dodgin and poking

I put meki first before sapp because you want regen more than a bigger mana pool. This is important for spamming. So I always get my meki then sapp as you get enough money to finish it into the tear.

Finish boots

After your boots and arch.
You may build the other items in your own digression. You may wonder why I build health items before more damage. Everyone can use more hp, you want to survive and farm more so you may eventually put more damage out. Rather than do more damage and have the chance of dying more and losing the opportunity to do more damage in the long run.

People may say, you don't need magic pen because he already has magic pen build into him.. It's true... but I say, you can never have enough magic pent.
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Note, there's only 1 change in the first tier.

I just changed the exhaust and the crit damage on the top column.

Trust me it feels good to crit your opponent early game after every q skill shot. (Running ignite and flash)
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Team Work

Like any ap carries. You want to get your team to notice that the opponents are jumping on you. stun the most dangerous champ and run away until your team catches up with him or the enemy loses interest in you.

Never engage champs that have a cleanse built into them or have a quiksilver sash.

Laning, always stay behind. Don't get cocky to get first blood without your stun combo.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Vap0r
Vap0r Xerath Guide
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Xerath Magus OPmius

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