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Xerath Build Guide by NinjaButtPirate

Xerath: Ranged Bouse

Xerath: Ranged Bouse

Updated on October 12, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NinjaButtPirate Build Guide By NinjaButtPirate 2,702 Views 0 Comments
2,702 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author NinjaButtPirate Xerath Build Guide By NinjaButtPirate Updated on October 12, 2011
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Hey all, welcome to my Xerath guide, I'll show you what I've built to make the best Xereth possible. Plz Rate and comment on this if you have any questions or things. thanks for your time.

Happy Hunting Summoners!
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Runes are simple
1)Marks of Magic penetration - for harder hitting.

2)Seal of Replenishment - You use alot of mana and you wanna keep a steady harass so this runes are A need.

3)Glyph of potency - Give your harass more kick and give you the best bang for you buck ;)

1)Potency - again for the early game farm and harass, I find it best to work early for your kills, sets you up for a good late game.

2)Swiftness - why only one you might say.. i think one is all you need, but you really need some speed, it helps to to lanes if TP is down and also helps avoid getting lynched but incoming ganks. it also adds to your speed burst from your "W"
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Masteries are fairly standard. Took extra gold since your build is a bit expensive. 1per10 might not seem like alot but its really does add up, gets your build quicker and ultimately makes to a stronger force on the rift.
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I think this item progression gives you the highest sustain in lane and most power to hit your target.
Mejai's - Might say its not needed but it totally is, give you much needed CDR and if you play patient will turn you into a force to be reckoned with.

Rylai's - for added beef since you squishy.

Abyssal Scepter - Much needed magic resist and magic pen to boot.

All the other others are pretty self explanatory.
After build is done.(options)

Void Staff - give you much needed magic pen cuz 70% is never enough ;)

Deathfire - extra damage is always sexy.
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Skill Order/Skill Sequence

You wanna max "Q" asap, its your main dps and primary killer. Take your ult when you can. Next would be your "E" gives you more damage and stun, This is needed to lock your enemies down and do max DPS. Finally your "W" i get one level for the range and max that later, good for snipes but I don't find it come into play and effective till late game when most champs have considerable more Magic resist for the Magic pen.

Early game
harass with "E" then "Q" to lock or enemy also sets up possible ganks. which makes it useful when other players take you range lightly.

Basicly the same 2 possible sequences.

1) W,E,Q,R,R,R,Q = GG for any person hit by it. will give insane damage but leaves you open to counter attacks. this works best in a team fight or at a point you know your done for.

2)E,Q,R,R,R,W,Q - Give you a good damage and the options of getting out, and if they pull away you have the extended range to pull off a snipe. both work more than not. I generally use this sequence if i'm alone of not well defended.
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Summoner Spells

The Good

The Meh

The Ugly
Everything else
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Pros / Cons

-Great Range
-High Damage
-Multi-Target Damage
-Ult Can be cast with delay between each cast(good for mobile fights)

-Slow movement speed
-Planted in ground with "W"
-will get eaten by burst champs.
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Fairly simple, stay behind and last hit, if your being pushed you can always "Q" large groups of creeps. But generally when using "Q" you can as you harass also hit the main portion of the creep wave since your spell does not receive reduced damage.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NinjaButtPirate
NinjaButtPirate Xerath Guide
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Xerath: Ranged Bouse

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