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Xerath Build Guide by Rapid155

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rapid155

Xerath~so many kills , how many kills 400 KILLS!

Rapid155 Last updated on November 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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hey guys this is my first guide so far so if its good leave constructive feedback in the comments. and also you probably shouldnt read or vote on this for about a week after its made because its really liniear right now. still editing this so its not done so if its missing bits im still doing it

I almost **** myself when I realised that I didn't have this here


extremely long range on abilities when in locust of power
amazing burst
skills have mostly AoE
amazing ult
speed boost after locus so he can run away quickly
possible to steal baron (with skills)
kind of low ap ratios for 1v1 scenarios
high midgame damage.
Amzazing poke potential


Squishy untill you have your rylais and void staff built up.
falls off to carrys lategame
easy to target untill you learn when to locust up quickly
not very reliable escape mechanism
hard to master

-made guide 29/10/11
-done a metric ****ton of updates including (item pictures and summoners spells and runes.) 30/10/11
-done another 1-2 hours of updates in my small amounts of free time of which i dont choose to play lol.
Updated mastery trees for the new season 2 ones.


- give more rune options
- explain item choices
- add videos
- lots of other stuff

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~~alright items~~
by the way i dont recommend using the same set in stone build for every game that you play because if you build a banshees veil against a fully ad team you would be screwed or vice versea with a zhonyas hourglass and a full ap team. Anyway enjoy!


( recommended)

starting items are a DORANS RING or saphire crystal and 2 pots
I prefer too start with a dorans ring because it gives some ap , health and mana regen which is essential on xerath. but if your going into a lane with someone who has heavy harras like for some reason there is an ad carry in mid you would want this.

Either sorcerers shoes or merc treads will do it only get merc treads if the enemy team has more than 3 seconds if stuns in total other wise it's just not worth it because the tenacity would only remove A tiny but of the stun.



for your core you should take these three main items because they give what a mage needs mana health and ap which are all essential anyway these should be your core items.





these items are if your getting raped by someone who likes to focus you.

get a zhonyas and they should stop focus because you have a ****ton of armour with you passive which is usefull as hell lategame when you have some ap stacked up.


usually these guys wont try and vs you out in the open but if they are banshees veil will solve all your problems.


just get a lich bane seroisly its so good when you have ap stacked up
its like another 1 to 1 ap ratio which is too good too pass up. just remember to auto attack.

Your text to link here...

Also after lich bane sell your dorans ring and buy a archangels which you can buy instead of a rod of ages if you prefer which is nice to have early game so its stacked fully later.

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Summoner spells :)

so for summoner spells I take flash and ignite because it makes getting first blood too easy., you could also take ghost but I think flash is more usefull personally you can get over walls to get away or surprise an enemy as well as get the hell out of somewhere.

What i take
Flash & ignite


by the way with flash the range is not very big but you can flash over walls that are bigger than its radius. like a shaco decive you jump way more.

so in short you reach more distance by flashing over a wall. and works better when those chasing dont have flash.

other alternitives.


good for defending against backdoors and getting across the map.

works well with revive if you take it. but you shouldnt.

Ghost i guess.. but with xerath you get bursted quickly so its just not good enough.

Cleanse keeps you able to run away from CC but still not the best summoner spell. it doesnt really fit with the meta

pretty much stops an ad carrys damage completely

dont really encourage.


its OK for baiting I guess. it gets some kills the first times that you do it... but the elemt of suprise runs out.


fantastic..... for doing *********.

if your karthas i heavily encourage this. with teleport.

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Runes and masteries ^^

So for your runes I'd recommend a 9/0/21 because it gives your flash a smaller cooldown and it gives you the 15% spell pen. ( if you don't know how magic pen works I'll explain it later). It's all at the top so you can just copy it from up there.

If your under level 30 I'd recommend getting the 9 in the offense tree over the 21 in support because it gives you just a bit more useful stats to make sure your doing full damage to other paper thin people. And you shouldn't be focusing tanks anyway so.


Tricky little buggers....
Anyway the runes listed at the top are what I use for the extra poke , mana regen and penetration because it's just a nice combo but if you want to substitute the mana regen runes for something else that would work too because once you have archangels staff they are pretty much useless. I'll add some more rune choices later.

So you should take
greater mark of insight X9

Seals of replenishment X9

Greater glyph of clarity

Greater quintessence of potencey


greater glyph of force is good too

it gives some steady ap throughout the game.

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So for Xerath you'll mainly be focusing on the damage from your Q which you'll be using almost every 5/10 seconds to keep your enemy low for your jungler to get an easy gank off if you have one.

dont forget to check you ad against your lane opponent to see if you can trade with them.
if they have pots and you dont this is generally a bad idea but it does waste thier money


ganking On xerath is pretty easy in most cases.
Justs seige up in a brush or behind a wall use you mage chains followed up by a quick arcaneopulse then ult 2 times fire off a Q then ult 1 more time and that enemy should be really dead or really low.

Ganking WITH a jungler

Junglers who come to gank your lane usually mid will mostly have a slow select few good ones will have a stun like sion or maybe a shaco fear now that they are patching his boxes but that fear makes it irritating to try and lane mage chains because they walk in unpredictable directions.


stun and run

easy peasy, stun the person that will keep you rooted or if you already are rooted and a trundle or nasus is coming just root him because they both have no ranged damage output. but if a fiddlesticks comes just flash and run like hell the bad ones will do thier fear after like a helf second delay so it will be a waste of ult.

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Skill Sequence =D

This will be the main skill combo you use.
its pretty easy to land and doesn't take much effort.
if you have a ****-ton of lag it might be kinda hard to land it all but if you can land this as soon as you hit level 9

you should be doing this much damage

W=0 dmg
E=120 dmg
+ IGNITE=275

though this is the flat damage you will do you will want to harras a target right down to 700-800 health as a safety barrier because it would suck *** if they got away with like 10 health because they had some 20% magic damage reduction.

as well as this you can pop your ignite wich does TRUE damage wich means there is exactly 0 resistances with this so a tanky *** cho gath / singed will still die to this even if they have 6 force of natures.

thats approx 0 ap damage if you have even some ap runes this damage will explode to those will lower resistances.

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Jungling :L

I wouldn't recommend this at all because he has a terrible and slow jungle.

Items: cloth + 5 pots (health not mana T_T)

First you need AN AMAZING leash at blue otherwise you'll die
may need to wait for pots to heal you a bit beforehand
kill wolfs
use pots as soon as you start taking damage
use more pots
kill wraith
dont use pots

gank a lane. you stun should have you covered to nuke them down.
then try and secure a lane


dont gank a morganna its impossible
lee sin is a buthole as well
corki as an amazing run
popping flashes is good enough for a gank
start ganks from behind in the triangle brush
dont gank a lane pushed to thier turret.

i serouisly dont know why you would do this other than to troll.
even then i dont know if this works.

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Competitive play

Since Xerath is a relitively new champion the pros havne't exactly worked him out yet but one player called crumbzz from EpikGamer has used him once or twice when he was standing in for someone who was sick and played AP carries. if you want to see the matches here they are.

and yes on in solo-Q matches Xerath is banned a lot.
its like a mage tyrndamere get fed win teamfights win games!
anyway there it is if you want it. the matches are all pretty long. but they are helpful for positioning tips and tricks.

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Dominion :O

soz guys , i haven't played dominion because im on the ****ty Aisa servers which dont even have it yet. i would reccomend him though!. because his long range stops people from capping from like a 1/4 of the map you can snipe them.
ill try out a dominion build later.
but id take almost the same items substituting boots for MS ones if you wanted
and maybe if you wanted you could rush strait into a rabadons and just defend.

i use rammus on dominion mainly though. its friggin OP.

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Summary :}

so over all xerath is completely viable mage ap caster. he is not like some mages where they are not viable anymore like le blanc who are only good early game and then completely fall off with damage.
anyway thanks for reading my medium size comprehensive guide.-Rapid155 is kinda a wall of text.
pps. im still working on it dont worry