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Xerath Build Guide by Volcanow

Xerath - The Magic Cannon

Xerath - The Magic Cannon

Updated on July 2, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Volcanow Build Guide By Volcanow 1,844 Views 0 Comments
1,844 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Volcanow Xerath Build Guide By Volcanow Updated on July 2, 2012
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Hey guys, this is my first guide so try to be kind to me if I get some things wrong but here we go. I chose Xerath as my solo mid champion because I feel that he is very versatile when I play him and can contribute to a team fight or one on one situation in many different ways. He is a strong in lane and good and ambushing for joint ganks with his stun and ulti combination or stun, arcnopulse and then ulti to finish the champion off. Also if you want to add in some extra damage, you can always add in locus of power. Hopefully this guide will persuade you why you should pick him up and give him a god as well.

(Xerath costs 6300 IP)
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Pros / Cons

- Very Good Range
- Very High Ability Power
- Good In Team Fights
- Good at counter Ganking and Ganking

- Very Mana Hungry At The Start
- Doesn't Have A Good Escape Option
- Can Be Difficult To CC
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For runes I have decided to pick up flat Warding runes which provide extra Magic Resist. Otherwise Xerath is just too squishy against other mid's such as Karthus and Morgana. Finally I get ability power Quints so that I can be outputting as much damage as possible at the end of the game. Also I don't feel the need to take more Magic Resist Runes because it wouldn't add that much more to the build. However feel free to adjust this rune setup to your liking.
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For Masteries I take 20, 3 and 7. By forming this build I get the sufficient damage output that I want in the first tree without picking up extras that are not needed. Then I proceed to get more Magic Resist and a boost to my heal spell. Finally in the Utility tree I pick up extra mana per level, and mana regen while also boosting the summoner spell flash. Again feel free to adjust these as you see fit, depending on the way you like to play. I might suggest that in some cases you would want to go with good health regen which I don't have if you are playing against a very good burst champion.
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In items I go for Boots at the very start as well as three Health Pots. Then I start on my build getting Rabadon's and the Rylai's. Then I will get Sorcerer's Shoes, much later than in must other builds. Then I pick up Rod of Ages and Void Staff for extra late game power. If the game is going any particular way then you can always swap out the Rod of Ages for Zhonya's hourglass. Also remember if you are having a hard time in lane when you recall pick up extra Health Pots. But only do this if you have already used up all of your Pots that you already have and your Summoner Heal.
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Skill Sequence

With Xerath you always want to max your Arcnopulse first because it is you main source of damage. I do this by level 8/9. Then I usually max my Locus of Power and Mage Chains together but finishing Locus first. Max your Ultimate whenever you can.
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To summerise Xerath is one of the most underrated and under used champions in League of Legends and I want him to be broadcast out there to many more people. Give him a go and see what you think of him and this build and I will be very happy to accept any pointers or criticisms in the comments below. Please remember this was my first ever guide so tell me if I got anything wrong so that I may change it rather then just voting down this guide.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in game,

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Volcanow
Volcanow Xerath Guide
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Xerath - The Magic Cannon

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