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Xerath Build Guide by flippurs

Xerath The Mid Mobile Artillery

Xerath The Mid Mobile Artillery

Updated on June 4, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author flippurs Build Guide By flippurs 3,086 Views 0 Comments
3,086 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author flippurs Xerath Build Guide By flippurs Updated on June 4, 2012
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this guide is for people who want to mid and be feared by the enemy team with so much ap and being able to cause so much destruction at a great rate without dying and being an asset to ur team. this is my first guide and i hope u guys have as much fun as i did using this build.
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First off u may look at this build and be rather confused, lemme start off saying you will be the most deadly and dangerous champion on your team. being able to attack groups of enemies from your turret practically killing the whole time
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the runes i chose seem off beat but they work and compliment him xerath in immeasurable way
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i know it seems weird not starting off with boots or getting them right away but u dont really need them asap you will be very fine in mid. just harass them until they wanna go crying back to there summoner circle. the only reason u get boots later is cause when running away from a fight later on u cant exactly solo a team u can only cripple them greatly or run. u want to get dorans rings right away for that quick mana regen and ap. u will sell one of the dorans ring when u buy athenes unholy grail that gives great mana regen and a good ap boost the void staff should get bought third it will help u damage enemies amazingly with its magic penetration. now if u playing a game and its still going (most games end after i get my athenes holy grail) get a rylais crystal septer and zhonyas hour glass and prepare to own like no other. now ur probaly like "wtf how will i survive in team fights well i got that too a portion of xerath's ap is turned into armor so u will be fine in team fights but still keep ur range( remember ur not sonic the hedgehog)
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Skill Sequence

you want to get ARCANOPULSE right off the back it will help u strike mid from a distance and make sure u hit minions as well, it does not affect damage to champion if it hits a few minions so u will be fine and get exp, then u want magic chains cause if u hit them with it then shoot arcanopulse it will stun them letting u be able to damage them greatly and make them nervous to come close to u. last but not least get a LOCUS OF POWER so that when he starts getting brave hit him with arcanoblast then turn on LOCUS OF POWER and ur range is now triple (dont forget to turn it off by using the skill again cause once in this turret form u wont be able to move) but when u do turn it off u get increased attack speed. now rinse and repeat. when u reach level six u will be a monster turn on locus of power and keep using ur ulti as an artillery and blast them over and over again ur ap points are now just as important. this is amazing in team fights cause if there all focusing u can just blast that area over and over again and watch there health just dissapear
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Summoner Spells

ok you probaly looked at the spells and are like wtf lemme explain. every now and then while in mid someone gets cocky or u get ganked what do u do since ur a turtle well u could heal be fine or u could get ghost and hope u can out run them and get stunned so heal is best. then teleport is great for when ur dominating mid and u see someone on top or bot is having trouble port right to them and go all artillery on them. also since ur not that fast and if ur needed in a team fight u can port right to a minion or a sight ward and attack from range.
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Pros / Cons

Pros: very powerful
great range
strong early game

Cons: slow
depedant on mana
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Team Work

i suggest waiting for ur team to intiate a team fight the artillery them also good for babysitting (if needed)
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i would greatly appreciate any comments and or concerns also feel free to give me any ideas on how this build can be improved i will definatley try and adjust the build accordingly ty <3
League of Legends Build Guide Author flippurs
flippurs Xerath Guide
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Xerath The Mid Mobile Artillery

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