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Xerath Build Guide by probably sleeping -_-

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author probably sleeping -_-

Xerath the Powerful AP Blue Dude

probably sleeping -_- Last updated on November 25, 2011
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Xerath Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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this is my first build guide so dont judge it if i do a horrible job.
this guide really helps me, and i really hope it helps you. i know it sounds all corny and all but seriously, this can kill your opponents. yea you will have low health, i admit that, but your abilities will make up for it.

this guide will help with your arcanopulse to do tons of damage along with your ult while they are stunned. about five total shots cause of three ults, and two arcano pulse (the extra one is if theyre alive). have fun slughtering and getting gold! let me know what you think of my guide. and sry i didnt get any pics... sadly idk how to add them i will if you tell me...

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so for starters i suggest a dorans ring for the health and ability power and mana regen. but if you want. after that, ruch sorcerers shoes before anything else for the magic penetration. after that get mejais soulstealer for the ability power stack. (only thing i hate about it is that when you die, you lose a third of your stack) next go for deathfire grasp, which will help with the extra ability power, and the extra active (or unigue active whatever). for the last two items i suggest rabbadons deathcap and zhonyas hourglass. you can get either one before the other, but i t doesnt really matter. then sell your dorans ring for a morrelos evil tome for the extra ability power or void staff if you have issues with some magic resist. take the potions early by the way, that way you have extra ability power early on, and you can stay, even at very low health (thanks to the health pot.)

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skills (in order if you like just reccomends)

max out arcanopulse immediately so you can poke very easily. at level two, get mage chainse so that way,you can stun them and harass them after you hit them with the arcanopulse. at level three, you should get locust of power, which will give you increased range on your abilities and about 10% magic penetration (only while its activated). then go for arcanopulse and when you cant get it, go for mage chains. just get one point in locust of power first though at around (like i said) level three. and max out the damge spells first like the ult, Q (arcanopulse), and W (mage chains) although... yea. good luck

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summoner spells

for xerath, since he doesnt have any good escapes or anything, i take flash so he can flash thru walls, do surprise ganks, a bunch of stuff. sometimes, he has an issue with mana. thats a big issue with xerath. so i take clarity, cause it gives a lot of mana like pracically a full bar of mana. instead of flash, you can use ghost instead or teleport, to get across the map quickly but i prefer flash. if you want ignite for easy and early kill, well take it but i wont because xerath rellies heavily on his range and if you get close to him, well... he is screwed. you can use smite to get the buffs more easily... but still though i reccomend flash and clarity.

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skill summary

so overall, xerath has really good burst damage, and has really helpful range for his abilities as well, especially when you just cant reach them, so arcanopulse is really helpful with its reliable range. since he rellies heavily on his range.

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take mid. its no contest. most people know range are best in mid, easy xp. if you dont well, now you know, so of course you take mid. xerath is good in any other lanes. but i prefer mid cause you solo it, and no one is around to cs. if you have locus of power and arcano pulse, you can pretty much destroy the minions. so basically you just stand in the middle of the lane, lock down, turn on arcano pulse and you shoot the minions once. get out of lockdown state, run back and get ready to load back another arcano pulse which will help you push, farm minions easily, and if you do this repeatedly, you would have a very quick game.

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fighting in the distance

locus of power is very helpful in the late game.if theyre is a team fight somewhere, go nearby about one screen away. turn on locust of power. shoot an arcano pulse and use your ult to help clean up a couple of kills. i bet you your enemies would be like "WTF!!!! WHERE THE HELL DID IT COME FROM??!!!". i have done this plenty of times, and im telling you it works.

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pros and cons

good range with locus of power
stays at a good range so he doesnt die
great burst
helpful in team fights
great with golem buff (then again all champions are)
passive is ok because of "bonus" armor

he is immobilized when using locus of power
he will die quickly if a melee or assasin gets to close to attack
rellies to heavily on his good range

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so combos. this is where you will most be effective in team fights. normally the combos i use help ME immensely. its just my opinion and i have some combos that will help you, it might not. its not a guaruntee.

E-Q-R-R-R (if theyre still alive use W-Q)
E-R-Q-R-R (if theyre still alive use W-Q)

i hope these combos help you :)