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League of Legends Build Guide Author checkerhead

Xin- Checkerhead Style

checkerhead Last updated on July 26, 2010
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Xin is the most broken character in league of legends by a mile as of 7/26/10. Broken = wins and I like IP, if you do to then give this a shot. It's not like a lot of builds and EATS those other Xins. If you don�t know how to play Xin at all, I'll just break it down, charge, talon, cry, talon, charge rinse and repeat because they are dead at this point. It's like clockwork, really just that broken.

Since I'm not going to hold your hand through the early, mid and late games I'll just go into why I build this way. There could be a lot of good summoner skill builds, I use ghost to chase and ignite for early game kills+double/triple kills late game.

Remember to control the neutral buffs, the mana one makes it so you never run out and your cool downs don�t exist for the most part, the red buff makes it so you don�t need phage ever and it does more damage. On that note, I was playing with phage when I first picked up Xin and it's not bad, it's just not needed, you carry buffs like a madman and you have one of the best chase skills in the game, plus a great disable, people don�t get away from you with or without phage/red buff, the buff is just good to have anyway. Most people don�t focus on getting them and keeping them, you SHOULD.

Boots are up to what the other team is playing, but always use ones that make you survive better, either threads or ninja, you have no need of anything else boot wise in this build.

After boots you build phantom dancer, it gives you move spd, att spd, more damage (IE crit+att spd = MORE damage output) and survivability in the form of dodge, which is where this guy goes nuts, casters are squishy and they die to him because he puts out to much damage, other dps want to attack him back but he dodges all day long, not with just one phantom dancer, oh no... your not done buying those when you finish the first, you go into another RIGHT NOW, you don�t buy any **** between these, you will have boots, and phantom dancer X2 before going into options for the build based on who you are playing against, early and mid game this build will rip through people, late game you need to figure out what is best against the other side, most of the time you'll have so many kills it wont matter all that much, but play and build your toon the best you can at all times.

When I finish my second phantom dancer I build infinity edge, it gives tons of damage, makes your crit %82 now and the crit damage you are putting out is %250, simple... huh... After infinity edge I'll build life steal stuff or armor pen, both if the game goes much longer, bloodthirster and black clever are great at this point, you get tons of damage, which when criting %82 of the time is a lot more then printed in their text box's, you rip through armor and gain tons of life. But by all means, this part is left up to the situation, then only things I always get are phantom dancers X2, boots, and infi edge.

If the game goes extremely long sell your boots, you'll still be outrunning most people and get some other sick item. This wont happen often, so you figure out what you want that to be when you do it.

Xin wont survive many more patches as he is, but unless they remake him completely (something that should be done, but most likely wont) he will still be broken and this build will still be good. I'll update it when the nerf hammer comes down if people try it out and like it. If you don�t, that's cool to, I'll just keep on killing you with it.

Have a good one.

NOTE on the rune build- This is what I have built right now, and it works amazingly, but I am considering going crit damage runes in Quintessence�s and possible marks. I haven�t given this a shot but with all the crit I'm sure it could be good.