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League of Legends Build Guide Author thefearedAce

Xin goes Beast Mode!! (dps)

thefearedAce Last updated on December 2, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Note: This build will not be as successful if you are playing against a team of nuke or AoE mages and tanks, but will beast everyone else. If this situation occurs, follow a more tanky guide.

Early game, you won't usually have problems farming thanks to your passive, the reasonably high amount of health with which you start, and the boots. There are rare cases in which you might have a problem, such as those in which you are fighting tanky casters like Nunu or Urgot. Harass as much as possible, especially those with low max hp like weak dpses or mages that tend to have a bad early game. Make sure they or their partner doesn't have a stun ability (at least not yet), and that should be an easy first blood. Charge, exhaust, wack, wack, ignite (mb one more charge).. If your opponents have a little more than normal hp, harass, gradually take their hp down, wait until they get too aggressive or make a stupid mistake, and hit him with your partner's help. Ignite is a great way to ensure to you get the kill, rather than your partner, and take into account a stun, flash or ghost from the other team.
After the first blood, continue to farm. DO NOT RETURN TO THE BASE YET. This is the perfect opportunity to farm without harassment, and maybe even take down the turret a bit, before the opponent returns. At this point, use your potions if necessary. When the partner returns, you will probably want to recall to get better items just because you can and because you have half hp or you are out of mana. If you've already reached level six because it was a hard-fought battle to get a kill, you may already have 1850+; if this is the case, buy a bf sword instead of zeal/zerks/lifesteal.
Return to your lane as quickly as possible and gank from the grass. Your lane opponents are usually pretty stupid, and never think you might come back from the side with a gank. Let your partner know, and you might even be able to kill both. Your partner will probably have a stun or slow, and with them being near the turret and with the element of surprise, the first should go down within 2 or 3 seconds. Next, go after the second with your returned exhaust. Charge, Three-talon, War Cry, Exhaust, wack wack wack, ignite. KILL. Right after they are both dead, push as fast as possible and take down the lane's turret, always being wary of mias, teles, sideganks, and invisible champs.
Next step: your team loves you for beasting, and you are now able to gank mid and push that turret. Next, with your team, gank the two idiots running from your lane to mid to defend. Exhaust should be back for this and should be easy. Next, all push top lane for that turret.
Now the game gets fun..

    jungle for awesome buffs
    kill the dragon with teammate
    buy beastly items including wards and elixirs
    search jungles for opponents desperate to farm, but too scared of you to farm lanes
    buy items and more items
    GANK. CITY. (Look for dumb noobs pushing lanes by themselves and beast tanks with last whisper and maybe even get black cleaver. Work with your team and don't get too big of a head because the team will start to target you. Stick with your team in most cases, especially with support stun/slowers. They rock.)

Take out all turrets and inhibs before nexus.. It helps with the stress on the other team. Let your teammates praise you, but give credit to your teammates to the other team. They love you always. THE END.