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League of Legends Build Guide Author russano

xin the head chef of eggrolls

russano Last updated on October 28, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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okay so we're gonna start out with a offensive/utility mastery tree. i like to have that extra damage early game it helps very much and goes in sync with my runes. i like that early damage and with the crit/armor pen runes it makes it a very viable/effective build to go the summoner spells i choose are gonna be exhaust ghost in a team fight exhaust can really set the pace if you drop it on one of there main carries a good example would be (ashe) she is gonna do alot of damage from distance so exhaust helps you stop that damage and ghost helps you close distance and charge in if someone is disabling you such as anivia using her ult my skill sequence is based around my w (battle cry) being maxed out first then my q (three talon strike) then at last my e (Audacious charge) you wanna get your e first for that slow if your going for that gank early game as my build specifies and focuses in on alot of damage early game and with crits it could be devastating or atleast force them to tower hug and you can free farm/last hit cause them to fall behind in the gold game and experience game as skill sequences go in a fight you obviously wanna pop your q after charge then your w (which lowers the cd each hit for your q and e) as xin you will get focused very heavily so try and NOT initiate unless you are going in on a team with very little disables which will cause you to be able to burst without being locked down and killed but if the team does let your team initiate first then setup to charge in the middle of them or on your first focus then use your ult which will reduce the damage you take and do insane AOE helping win the team fight much more easier. okay so i always like to start out with a long sword and health pot it gives you that extra damage and the fact your passive which heals you every 3 seconds you don't have to worry about getting an item like life stealing scepter or such. Next we will be working towards your merc treads/brutalizer which you will be turning the brutalizer into a ghostblade. the ghost blade is gonna give that huge burst because when you use its use ability with your w you will reduce the cd on your charge and three talon strike in a matter of seconds because you are attacking so fast which will result in you demolishing whoever in your path or being able to use your charge to keep up with enemies that move faster or that have slowed you and created distance. next you wanna get your lifestealing scepter which will build into a lantern. the lantern is a very effective item for xin giving him lifesteal which is crucial and armor AND damage not only that but a ward every 3 or so minutes so late game when you have a full bag you won't have to worry about selling stuff to buy ward's next will be your phage which we are building for the chance on hit slow/health. the fact you now have your ghostblade and w your gonna attack so fast that your phage is gonna be bound to proc which you will be turning your phage into a frozen mallet later game after your phantom dancer. ok so your phantom dancer YES this item gives you EVERYTHING you could want movement speed attack speed it gives it all and its an amazing item for xin if your having trouble chasing that janna or so now its no problem you will have the high movement speed and attack speed to kill units in a matter of seconds. so now you finish your frozen mallet to get that extra health since its late game your gonna be getting focused alot more so that extra health is gonna be great then. now for your last item i recommend madreds its late game they have a tank most likely such as amumu or rammus so with all those attack speed items you have now your gonna be ripping threw tanks with 4% of there health getting taken every swing. you have now became the master chef of eggrolls thank you for reading my build please rate/comment