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League of Legends Build Guide Author IamAnonymous

Xin-The Power of the Seneschal

IamAnonymous Last updated on June 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

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Defense: 9

Expanded Mind
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Xin's Destiny

Hullo Anonymous here, today ill be showing you my normal Xin Zhao build that I oftenly use, please read the WHOLE thing ebfore u criticize it for no reason or downvote it like that, thanks enjoy.

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Pros / Cons


-Great chase mechanism
-His W buff makes him feel like pre-nerf Xin Zhao
-His sweep? Strong as hell
-Destroys squishys
-Knock up gives him a free tireless warrior and a knock up :)
-TTS only costs 30 mana Isnt that great? :)


-Only escape is speed (unless your pro and can use well)
-Mana sometimes is a pain in the ***
-Vulnerable to CC unless you can kill fast enough
-Squishy unless you build a bit of health items to beef him upp

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I choose my mark of desolation because the armor pen is about 15 with only rhe 9. and it sky rockets to about 22 or 27 i dont remember which is most of a champions armor The Evasion seals are because I oftenly see myself dodging lucky Auto-attacks and it comes in handy. Now, the glyphs, some idiots might be wondering "Eww this noob chose Magic resist FLAT too eww" well lemme tell you, Your a noob. THis helps on about all Magic champions. I manage to own nukes just because I have these glyphs so shh about me being noob when ur doing that. Quints. You can use Desolations which i prefer or Fortitude ORRRRR ALacrity which is ok.

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I standardly set up a 21/9/0 Xin Zhao mastery page already which is a good thing. The 21 in offense helps him with that damage in the TTS while the 9 in defense is keeping Xin alive.
Some people might ask, Well what if i have enough armor? and i dont need those? relax , take the 1s from Defense and see what you prefer, I use these cause they help me survive every single game i have with Xin.

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Item starting

Normally i take a and head to lane, When im there, i check the bushes unless they have a Garen. Or in 3's i would gank like i normallly do and come out with an assist or 3 kills or 3 assist, after u have about 535 gold. Port back, and buy normal boots 2 hp pots and 1 mana pot and a normal ward. Place the ward somewhere u know they usually try and gank from.

After that, finish ur Mercury Treads and head to Brutallizer, I usually keep it as Brutallizer till after Madreds BLoodrazor but if you want the Active buff please do so and get Youmuu's.

Go on to Madreds Razor and pick up pots if u need to. This is the fun part, you damage for about 122 per TTS whcih means 122*3= 366 after all the hits plus the 25% + 125 damage from Crescent sweep would KILL them literally. If you have enough gold, take a recurve after you have recalled and head to gank anything u need to.

Ok, I lied. You dont need Madred's Bloodrazor, its actually situational. Take it as, ur vsing a Jax, or someone who dodges the **** out of everything u hit on them. Take a sword of Divine. IT WILL FRIKIN KILL THEM FAST, I SWEAR. Thats why Madred's is what i USuALLY get
cause i vs Cho's and such. off tanks alot of people with HP which just makes me devestate them more.

After ur 3rd item, its time for the Tankyness to kick in, I would take either a Banshee's Veil or Randuins Omen OR BOTH depending on the other team, Since we need that hp to survive better in team battles because as soon as ur fed they will gank the **** out of you.

More damage and atk speed. Who doesnt like that? Since the Nerf/buff on Black Cleaver it became BETTER for Xin Zhao cause now he can own the ****in map with black cleaver and Rammus and other Tanks with armor? no chance. I switch DOran's Shield for this item.

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Skill Sequence

In a normal skill rotation i use this

because the damage and percentage of crescent sweep does so much. I use it right after Charge, but unless you dont have it, Gank someone with the TTS Battle Cry combo. You'll have your ult back in no time.

I dont feel like explaining it because u can just read it in game but i will.

I love this passive, The heal every 3 attacks? thats like a free lifesteal but less life gained :/ It will be a great help in farming and harrasing phase due to most Ranged champs pickin on u

One of your main and BEST skils. WIth this skill you'll be wandering the map picking off lonely sheeps that dont mia or just plain suck. The knock up gives u a chance to live which is very beautiful, because u have about 1 second or so to deal as much damage as hell would give. I max this out first for the good potential damage.

THis skill, just ****s everybody up when they're farming. the buff made it so, I LOVE THE BUFF, your main source of atk speed when u cant buy anything atk speedish yet. I max this out second because of this,

"ahaha he cant- ****ING REALLY HE HAS THAT CHARGE?" Yeah. I had that happen before to me, and i hated it. This skill will help you chase that kill which just makes everything more sexier, I max this last cause i have to if i maxed my Cry second. :P

Your bread and butter, You will devestate ALOT of champions with this skill i almost gurantee but this isnt a OF COURSE YOU WILL WIN RIGHT AWAY BUILD so yeah.

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Summoner Spells

Preferablly, i would use Ghost and exhaust because ghost is for chasing and running away While exhaust might as well slow and screw the enemy over,

I dont think you would use these, cause i dont, but im not you so i dont know but Maybe you might want to use or because i use to use these except ignite, and MAYBE smite if u wish to jungle with my build. The rest of the other skills are bad because no one heals with XIn zhao no one needs Clarity with Xin Zhao
CLairvoyance? eww. REvive? You crazy bro? or noob? Cleanse, Taken into consideration, its ok use it if you think it would help. Rally? does ANY champion use this skill? cause i have never seen any. Teleport? Ummm not likely.

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Laning Partners

So, I'm thinking, "what lane partners do i like?" and I see that, aslong as someone like Singed or a stunner is with me, im fine, I devestate the map with stunners, so Here goes.


Basicly, Any stuns like Taric Sion Pantheon, etc. is good. I personally dont know why you wouldnt do well because first of all, they're stunned, second you can deal as much damage as you want and they will just stand there, and third, you can knock up like right after. Which makes everything become THE KEY OF AWESOME. (horrible pun)

Bad Lane Partners

Mostly people who kill steal alotor No cc champs like Yi.
Tanks are ideal, but they might as well be Jelly cause if a Tank has no CC whats the point am i right?

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So i guess, this is where we Part I hope you have read the whole thing and please vote up or down hopefully up thanks I'll see you around.

P.S my summoner name is XxZZDragonZZxX hit me up for a game if u feel like it.