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Xin Zhao Build Guide by Siegemaster

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Siegemaster

Xin the Speed Demon

Siegemaster Last updated on October 17, 2012
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This is my first guide, and it explains what build I use for the character Xin Zhao in a simple and easy to understand way. This is the build I have been using for a while, and it seems to work well. Be sure to read the ENTIRE page before attempting to use this build. Give me your honest feedback in the comments below.

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Runes and Masteries

The Runes that I chose for this build are chosen so that his attack speed will be one of the highest ones in the game when you add items and his battle cry skill. This will help when Xin's attack is over 250 and he deal critical damage hits of over 600. The masteries that I chose help maximize his overall damage output.

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The Items that work best for this build are ones that increase Xin's attack speed and movement speed. There is also a damage output item, and two items that help keep him alive by increasing his health and armor by some small amount. The Boots Of Swiftness along with the movement speed from Phantom Dancers adds together for an overall movement speed of over 450. The Black Cleaver, Atma's Impaler, and the Infinity Edge add to his attack damage, and the Phantom Dancers adding to Black Cleaver's attack speed make his attack speed soar well above 2. The Infinity Edge and its passive effect, along with Phantom Dancers, help make Xin's critical hits in the 600s. The Black Cleaver's on hit effect make his target's armor decrease dramatically, making his do even more damage. Finally, Warmog's Armor and Atma's Impaler increase his survivability. Together, these items make Xin a well oiled killing machine.

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Skill Sequence And Strategy

The skill sequence that I use makes the most use of the Audacious Charge skill, with the other abilities used as power-ups. I run in and use the first two abilities,Three Talon Strike and Battle Cry, as boosts to my damage and attack speed, and if I'm killing a group, I use Crescent Sweep. You will almost always kill a person 1v1 using this technique, because the Three Talon Strike throws them in the air at the most crucial moment. The passive ability Tireless Warrior will allow you to stay in the battle longer by attacking minions to gain health. Always remember to do this if your missing any health and minions are conveniently nearby.

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Summoner Spells

I use the Summoner Spells Ghost and Flash. These spells give Xin a very useful extra little boost when he is trying to either chase his prey, or make a quick escape from a sticky situation. These spells will compound with Xin's already unusually fast movement speed to make him the fastest, deadliest, monster on the Fields Of Justice. No one will be able to escape or catch him.

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Pros and Cons

- You will be the fastest moving thing out there. (500 movement speed with Ghost... enough said)
- You will be able to best most players in a 1v1 setting. (Use the strategy specified in the section talking about Skill Sequence and Strategy)
- You will be able to take on more than one person at a time and live. (You may not be able to kill all of them, but you can flash out of combat)


- You will be easily brought down by disable and stuns. (But who isn't?)
- You will be easy to kill at low levels. (Before getting the Black Cleaver)
- You may run out of mana easily. (This can be fixed by recalling back, but you have a quick movement speed, so you won't be gone long)

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This build will make Xin Zhao a fighting force to contend with. He will be able to take on multiple opponents at one time, and live to tell the tale. The important thing to remember about this build is that is lives on the ability to get high quality items quickly. Xin needs to stay in the fight at low levels long enough to get the item the Black Cleaver. If this is done quickly, while also having the Boots Of Swiftness, Xin will be able to run any average summoner's champion into the ground without breaking a sweat.