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Xin Zhao Build Guide by McDonalds472

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author McDonalds472

Xin to Win! Win with Trin! [Updated]

McDonalds472 Last updated on February 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide i have wrote on any website so I apologize if you do not understand or anything like that. I'll try to make my guides better :D . I made this build when I was bored and it worked our pretty well I loved this build and I hope you will enjoy it also!

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When you lane it doesn't really matter because Xin can be good in all lanes. I personally prefer mid because you usually get overleveled and then you can pwn even more. I usually go top or bot when mid has Malzahar or HeimerDinger because I personally really really hate them.

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Skill Sequence

When people usually play Xin they usually get their Q first. Why you should get your E first is sometimes it is hard to get up close to use your Q so your E can be really useful to get close up and plus in early game (level 1-6 or so) E does a lot of damage and it slows the enemy. Your Q in early game takes a while to land the three blows so that's why you get W at around level 4. It gives you the passive of bonus attack speed so you can land your blows easier. Your W is just for an early boost so you max out the rest of W at the end. Q is your main damage dealer. E can also end up to do a big part of your damage burst also

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Why do I do no damage?

For some reason you are doing no damage at all its probably because someone has armor.
That's what your Black Cleaver is for. If your black cleaver is still not doing so good,
try to replace your Phantom Dancer then add on a Last Whisper. Just to say if they are stupid enough to not get any armor just replace your Black Cleaver with an Infinity Edge.

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Wriggle's Lantern is a really good item once it comes to farming and buffing. The 20% chance of hitting 500 damage to minions is really useful. It gives you armor and damage plus an extra ward.
Berserker's Greaves just for some extra attack speed and movement like usual.
Youmuu's Ghostblade can be useful for some boost of attack speed for attacking towers Inhibitors or Movement speed for chasing or running. It gives a decent ammount of armor penetration so you can Burst up more damage.
You usually do not see many Xin's with Trinity Force but it can boost Xin to balance out his stats. It slows people, gives more more AP for his E, damage for big AD Bursts, and so on.
You will find Black Cleaver really useful if they have armor you really can't deal much damage if they have armor. People usually build armor for Xin so It will help you. If they do not build armor forget about this. Just get a Infinity Edge to boost your damage alot and crit strike.
Finally, the Phantom Dancer, attack speed and critical strike will be a great help to bursting.Attack Speed makes you deal your Q faster so you can knock them in the air and keep them from running. Critical strike can help especially when u have Infinity edge for the 250% damage plus for critical attacks. If you ran on with the Black Cleaver and you still don't have enough armor penetration just get a Last Whisper just for the armor pen and damage boost.
In late game when your build is done you can replace your Wriggles lantern with a Blood Thirster if you want. If you have troubles surviving just get a Frozen Mallet for your slowing chances to be higher and you will have lots more hp.Possibly a Force of Nature or a Frozen Heart if u want.

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You can jungle if you want. When you jungle just remember to replace ignite with smite. Jungle Xin may be hard to play but it can be useful because of his E so when he ganks he can charge out of the bush to the enemy really fast.I suggest not to jungle though.

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Sorry for not updating my guides but now I did!!