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League of Legends Build Guide Author TarekIshmal

Xin - Why won't he die?!

TarekIshmal Last updated on October 12, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build ever, so I apologize if I'm not going to be able to explain it as well as some of the better builders here on Moba.

Also, sadly, I have not played with Xin Zhao very much. However, the times I've played with this build I have gone 8/1/14, 9/0/20, and 4/2/23. The build works, at least for me.

The reasoning behind the masteries and runes is to give Xin a LOT of early staying power, while also having something to give in the way of offense. With his hp, and your first item (ruby), you'll be able to tank the lane without much trouble. Rush for that Omen, because if you can get it nice and early (as I do), your tankiness will prevent any dps characters from messing with you.

The boots truly depend on the team. I prefer Ninja Tabi, but when I see a lot of magic and cc on the other team, Merc Treads are an obvious choice.

The Frozen Mallet gives you two things you need now. More health, and some more offense. Between your E skill, your Q skill, your Omen (don't forget to use this!), and your Mallet, nobody escapes you unless you want them to. This combination is ridiculously good at slowing enemies, and I've seen my team jump all over the champs that I've slowed many a time. Feels good, man.

The Sunfire Cape will give you some more hp and armor, both of which you need, while also having a great synergy with the amount of slowing that you're doing. You're a tanky Xin Zhao, stay right next to them and hit them to maximize your damage and usefulness.

The Banshee Veil is obvious. Poor Xin has little escape from CC, and as of now his magic resist kind of sucks as well. Grab this and the mages will hate you forever. Also, more hp!

Lastly, (though I've never actually gotten it, the game always ends too fast) a guardian angel will just ice the cake. The few times that I've died on Xin have come from being mobbed under, with my team just around the corner. Guardian Angel gives your team a chance to get in there and save your butt. Also, more magic resist and armor, what could be better on this tank?!

I realize not many people tank with Xin, but I thoroughly enjoy it, and I hope that with this build you can enjoy it as well. You should always try to lane with someone who can make the most out of your slowing and crippling effects, such as a master yi who must get in close to do his damage. Soloing is ok and will work for you if you must, but a lanemate will greatly benefit from your presence.

The early game is honestly pretty easy. You just need to farm up, play a little aggressive (that's why you have the hp), and if you can score a kill or two (or assists) in your lane early on (~7 minutes) you're golden. If not, it'll just take you a little longer to get to your items. I find that once I have the Omen it becomes incredibly difficult to deal with me.

Your mid game is a crucial point. You need to either be pushing your tower, or helping your team gank someone. At. All. Times. make sure you assist your teammates in snagging buffs along the way, but you do not need them. Ganking is the most important part of the midgame for you and I cannot stress it enough. You are an incredible asset to your team's chances of killing someone when you have the opponent(s) slowed to a snail's pace.

Lategame is simple. Follow the Midgame's strategy. You need to be pushing turrets or killing champs. I have backdoored a few turrets alone on this build, because quite frankly the turret shots deal nearly no damage.

I hope this has helped you get an idea of how to play a more tanky xin than the standard dps that people enjoy so much (and I can see why they enjoy that, too.). Good luck out there, hope my first build ever leads you to wins, wins, wins!