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Xin Zhao Build Guide by Mecerse

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mecerse

Xin Zhao, 2-in-1

Mecerse Last updated on January 10, 2012
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Xin Zhao, Lane?


Xin Zhao, Jungle?

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is a guide for Xin Zhao. There are two types of Xin Zhao's that I will explain how to play in this guide. In Team 1, the Xin Zhao that will be in a lane. In Team 2, the Xin Zhao that will be in the jungle. The main point of this guide is to help you improve the way you play Xin Zhao. If there is a way to improve this guide, please leave a comment below or PM me. I will welcome all your advice and tips. I will consider them and try to improve this guide as best as I can and keep it up to date.

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Xin Zhao, In a Lane
When Xin Zhao is in a lane, the runes he should use are Greater Mark of Desolation , Greater Seal of Alacrity , Greater Glyph of Alacrity , and Greater Quintessence of Desolation. The reason why you want the Desolation runes is so you will have a high number of Armor Penetration. This will help you to kill enemies faster, even if they stack alot of armor. If you're going to lane with Xin Zhao, you will also want the Alacrity runes. This is so you will have a high percentage of Attack Speed. With alot of Attack Speed, you will not have to recall and heal alot. This is because the Attack Speed will go well with your passive and help you heal. Also with alot of Attack Speed and Armor Penetration, you will be able to kill a enemy champion fairly early in the game.

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Going to Lane as Xin Zhao?
If you're going to lane as Xin Zhao, you should use the Mastery's above, in the Team 1 section. This is because It will provide more Attack Speed, some Life Steal, and also Critical Chance. The build for laning is focused on Critical Attacks and Attack Speed. This will give you an advantage. By using these masteries, you will have a higher chance at getting a Critical Hit. Plus, with the extra Attack Speed, you will be getting Critical Strikes at lightning speed. So that is why I added the Masteries the way I did.

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Items that Xin Zhao Use in Lane
Xin Zhao depends alot on his items. Without items, Xin Zhao will be totally useless. With the right items, Xin Zhao will be really OP. The items that I don't recommend you start with is a boot or any item that is recommended. The item you should always start with is a Dagger and a Health Potion. With these 2 items, you will be able to lane for a long time. You will be able to lane for a long time because you will have enough Attack Speed. The Attack Speed will help you heal faster because you will have your passive that heals you. If you're doing good in a lane, then when you recall you should be able to get both the Berserker's Greaves and another Dagger. You get these two items because the boots will help in your movement. The boots and dagger will both help in your attack speed aswell, so that will be a good thing. When you get these items, you should go back in lane and start farming until you reach 1650 or more. When you reach 1650 or more, you should instantly recall to get your B.F. Sword which will soon become your Black Cleaver. The B.F. Sword should be bought instantly because it provides decent damage. When you build your Black Cleaver, you should save and buy either a Dagger or if enough, a Zeal. After getting your Zeal, you shouldn't need to recall again until you can afford your Phantom Dancer. After getting a Phantom Dancer, you should be doing some decent damage. Now all you have to do is farm until you can get a B.F. Sword to build into a Blood Thirster. However, if your team is doing bad and you can't stay in a lane for long because of ganks, you should get a Trinity Force first for its HP Boost, Attack Damage, Attack Speed, etc. Although this item doesn't have alot of Attack Damage, it provides enough Health for you to survive longer in a lane. If you decide to get a Blood Thirster first, then after that, you have to save until you can build a Infinity Edge through another B.F. Sword. Then after building a Infinity Edge, you should building your Infinity Edge, then you build your Trinity Force. If you built a Trinity Force first before building a Blood Thirster, then you will build in this order: Trinity Force > Blood Thirster > Infinity Edge. If you got your full build, you will have decent Mana, Health, Attack Speed, Attack Damage, etc. The items that Xin Zhao use depends on the enemy team however. Here are some build examples that Xin Zhao might use:

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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequence, For when you Lane
Okay so this is the skill sequence of Xin Zhao.You must be tired of this long guide so I will make it short.
Tireless Warrior : This is your passive. It is very useful and allows you to stay in lane for a really long time. This is because it heals you for every 3 attacks you do. With a high Attack Speed, you will have no problem when you are trying to heal.
Three Talon Strike : This is one of your main moves. It allows you to Knock your enemy Airborne. You will have to max this first. This will deal lots of damage to the enemy. Plus, while airborne, the enemy cannot attack you so you have an advantage.
Battle Cry : This is a very useful technique that Xin Zhao has. It increases his Attack Speed. This is useful because it allows you to get your Q out faster and kill faster. With your item build, you should be able to kill really fast. The only way you wont kill really fast is if you're facing an very tanky enemy. There is a way to counter that. The best way is to get alot of Damage and Armor Penetration.
Audacious Strike : This move is very useful for only one thing... its slows. This move will slow the opponent. This is useful because it allows you to get your 3 combos with Q (Three Talon Strike) really fast. With this move, you can also slow an enemy that is trying to get away. This move is certainly good for Xin Zhao.
Crescent Sweep : This move is really useful. It can destroy your enemies defenses in a matter of seconds. If the enemy has alot of Health, by using this move they lose 15% of that Health. This move is really good against Tanks and with its low cooldown of only 75 seconds, you can kill a bunch of tanks with this move.
A Combo you should use to kill is E, W, Q, E. Remember to use W before Q so that you will attack really fast. If an enemy is really tanky however, a combo you can use is: R, E, W, Q, E. If they're still not dead, you can use your Q and W again and chase the enemy.

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Pros / Cons

-Really good when fed
-Carries well
-Has high attack speed
-Somewhat low cooldowns

-Somewhat bad at early
-Will lose easily to someone fed
-Cannot lane with same champ

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Team Work

Being a Team Player!
If you play as Xin Zhao, make sure you help your team out. You can be a Team player by supporting your team, helping out in ganks, and placing wards in the jungles. One place you should ward is at Baron. This is because in early game, people might walk past Baron before they can come gank you. Another reason is so that if the enemy starts to kill Baron, you can go in and KS them. As Xin Zhao, you should help your team alot. If your team is getting Ganked, you can use just your E to slow enemy champions. This should provide enough time for you and your team to get away from the enemy. Teamwork is the key to success. Good teamwork can help you win. But if you argue the whole time, you may just end up losing.

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Farming is really important for Xin Zhao. This is because his build is costly. At higher levels it may be easier to farm, taking out minions in a few hits. At lower levels however, its harder. What you should do at lower levels is to last hit and make as much money as you possibly can. At higher levels, if your team is doing good then you no longer need to last hit. You can just kill minions as fast as possible so you can win faster. However, if your team is doing poorly, you should last hit so you will get your build faster. If your team is doing poorly, what you should do is push and farm well. This will allow you to get better items and kill the enemies real fast so your team and you wont have a problem in pushing.

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Well this is the end of my Xin Zhao Guide. This explains everything you need to know to lane well. I will be making a second guide after this so be patient and wait for the jungle guide. Xin Zhao is a great jungler and you will be able to get a good score when you jungle. Be patient and when I am finish my Jungle Guide, I will publish it below this. Anyways...tell me how the remake of this guide was :)