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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ir1dium

Xin Zhao Armor Penetration Build

Ir1dium Last updated on November 9, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Xin Zhao Armor Penetration

Hello and welcome to my Xin Zhao Armor Penetration Build, I found this build to be more versatile than other builds on this site, but that's just my opinion.

TTS - Three Talon Strike
BC - Battle Cry
AC - Audacious Charge
CS - Crescent Sweep

Lets begin!

Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I chose Ghost and Ignite, others may not like this combo, so feel free to use other spells such as Flash and Exhaust which are also great.

Spells to get with Xin Zhao:

**Some people like teleport alot, but I find it a waste of a summoner spell, when Ghost or Flash takes higher priority.**

Spells not to get with Xin Zhao:


There are a few sets of runes that work well with Xin Zhao, I personally choose Desolation Quints, Armor Pen Marks, Dodge Seals, and Magic Resist Glyphs.
Other runes that work well are Mana Regen per/lvl seals and CD reduction glyphs. Mana Regen Seals and CD Reduction Glyphs tend to be good if you like to spam abilities or is a person who plays aggressively. Flat Health Quints are also good for more health during early game laning.


Here's what I think should be maxed out first for Xin's skills in the following order.

You will want at least 2 in TTS and 2 in AC before getting 1st rank of Crescent Sweep (ultimate). From lvl 7+ max out TTS and BC then followed AC, of course put a point into CS whenever available.

Start off 1 point in TTS with a Dorans Blade or Shield + 1 Health Pot depending on the team composition that you're up against (blade for caster/dps based team)(shield against harassment/tank)

Xin has a lot of synergy with most champions due to his abilities so lane top or bottom so it should be no problem deciding who to lane with, you could even possibly solo lane or take mid depending on what your team has decided.

When laning its important to "last hit" minions for gold for your items. Do this as much as possible.
By level 6 you should have a kill or two and enough gold to buy items, blue pill back to base and purchase:

or if you want to be a little more tanky go with
I personally choose mercury treads, because of CC and stuns. Ninja Tabi has increased dodge which can be good, but I dont find myself dodging champion attacks much even though Im spec'd into that.

If you don't have enough gold then get part of Merc Treads, brutalizer is a must get. Proceed back to your lane push turret.

Around lvl 9-10 you should have enough for for Ghostblade and Merc Treads.(go for Sword of the Divine) if you have extra gold to spend. Now you should be able to get Blue and Red Buffs with no problems unless you have a jungler on your team. Now start to gank when given the chance.

To The Arena!

Make sure you have Ghostblade in slot 1 and Sword of the Divine in slot 2(if you have SOTD already) for easy activation. Initiate by ganking top or bottom in the following order...

If the player or players manage to survive a gank, use ignite if they are low on health or chase them down with AC to slow and take them down.

As Phreak said it, Audacious Charge stuns surrounding enemies in a small area around the target that got charged. You don't necessarily have to charge at the enemy champion to slow if you're just out of range, but a minion beside or a little in front of that champion can add the slow effect if Audacious Charge is used on enemy minion.

IMO it's always a must to have Blue and Red buff up, but let others have it if they require it more than you.

Core Item Build

Situational Items

These are items near the mid/late game where you could pickup if you find you're having some trouble against the other team, on average the games I have played, I don't even get to build into these suggested items since the team has surrendered. In case a game does drag on look into these following items for Xin Zhao...

If you want a bit more survivability you can either go withor

If it's a heavy caster team go with aor

OR if for some reason the whole opposing team are tanks then get one of these two