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Xin Zhao Build Guide by micler12

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author micler12

Xin Zhao attack speed build

micler12 Last updated on July 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Xin Zhao is one of the most capable melee characters in the game. Early game, few characters are as capable of setting up ganks and dealing quick damage. Late game, Xin can carry your whole team on his broad, Asian shoulders. In between, you'll be having all sorts of fun bringing devastation to your enemies. Any fed character can completely dominate, but Xin (especially with this build) makes it quite easy to be fed if you keep your wits about you and start munching on the noobs.

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Summoner Spells

My number one choices for Xin's spells are definitely ghost and exhaust. You can argue the benefits of almost any spell, but these two are standouts for the style of play that this build suggests. I'm talking about getting your *** moving, while slowing down the enemy as much as possible.

Exhaust is key to this build. Your number one difficulty as Xin will be keeping your enemies from running so that you can unload on them. You already have a slow and a knock up, but exhaust is the icing on the cake. A lot of kills will come from chasing down enemies as they are running away. The speed you get Trinity Force, Phantom Dancer, and ghost help, but exhaust is what will make your enemy's escape downright impossible. Exhaust is also great for one on one fights with another powerful melee character. The reduced damage from the enemy can often times tip the scale in your favor. With the mastery points set as they are, you will also be reducing armor and magic resist for that extra little pow.

Ghost is another must-have. The vast majority of your kills early game will come from chasing enemies in your lane who you've already weakened. Late game, although you won't have a problem catching people because of your items, ghost let's you get to the other side of the map in a hurry, or chase down other people using ghost. Using this build, I have literally chased down slower enemies using ghost that have also exhausted me. That's the crazy speed we are talking here. Like I said, this build is all about getting to enemies quickly, slowing them down, and unloading your damage.

Another important thing to remember is that Xin has no real escape mechanism besides his speed. That being said, you can sometimes avoid ganks by using ghost and exhaust defensively. Don't be afraid to avoid your death by popping exhaust on the nearby carry and ghosting out of there.

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Masteries focus primarily on offense. Your primary role is to be a carry, so you need to be getting the kills for your team. Points are placed in the masteries relating to ghost and exhaust, so swap those out if you aren't using these spells. Also, you have a point in Utility Mastery for a reason... Grab buffs as often as possible!!

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Skill Sequence

Xin Zhao's skills make him a huge asset to ganks. The ability to close distance and slow with Audacious Charge and then knock in the air with Three Talon Strike means your allies will have plenty of time to come in and clean up the scraps (if you haven't already finished the enemy off).

Your passive heals you every 3 hits. This is a HUGE advantage in early game. It means you can lane for long periods of time without wasting money on lifesteal. Even mid and late game you will be healing rather quickly with all the attack speed you will be getting. Keep in mind that if you want to keep laning but are scared of the enemy, jungling for a bit is a viable option to get your health back up.

This is the skill you will level up first, and it will be your bread and butter throughout the game. Not only do you get in 3 quick hits with bonus damage, but you knock up your opponent on the third hit. This allows your teammates to help you out, or slows down the enemy enough to get that kill shot in. Spam this skill as much as you can. It works great in combo with the active of Battle Cry, because your 3 hits will get in faster and the cooldown on TTS will be extremely short.

This skill is great in itself as a passive ability. It boosts your attack speed up to 35%. That's like two daggers for free! You'll want to level this skill early because attack speed benefits Xin like no other champion. Faster attack speed with Tireless Warrior means faster healing. It makes your Three Talon knockup hit sooner. It makes your cooldowns reduce more quickly with Battle Cry's active. Moral of the story? You want attack speed.

Battle Cry's active is also amazing. It doubles the bonus of the passive for 7 seconds. An extra 70% attack speed? Yes, please! Also, during those 7 seconds all cooldowns are reduced by 1 second. This is a HUGE benefit for three talon strike. Don't forget, this also reduces the cooldown of your ult, making it nearly spammable. Word of caution: your passive attack speed bonus goes away while this active is on cooldown. That shouldn't stop you from spamming this skill (extremely low mana cost) to farm and get your ult off of cooldown.

This is a great skill for initiating fights. It's a distance closer, but also slows all enemies around the target. Typically after using this skill, you want to immediately use your ultimate for maximum damage. One point in this skill early is useful for closing distance, but we're going to hold off on more points till late game. The increased slowing is really nice, but we already have many tools for slowing the enemy, as well as a high movement speed to chase the baddies down.

Oh no! That tank has so much health! Nope. It doesn't. You just reduced it by 20%. Welcome to crescent sweep.

This great skill deals some flat damage, as well as a nice 20% of the current enemies health. What does that mean for you, almighty enemy pwner? Use this skill first when you are going for a kill, while their health is still high. A typical skill sequence is Battle Cry, Audacious Charge, Crescent Sweep, Three Talon Strike, and repeat the TTS and AC as much as possible. Not even tanks will last very long.

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When you complete te build,if you want you can remove the boots and buy an other phantom
dancer your movement speed will decrese with 10-15 but your attack
speed will increse with 30-40%

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Situational Items

As you utilize this guide in your playing, much of the time you will find that everything goes to plan. You start out strong, you take it to 'em, and you carry your team to an outstanding victory. However, sometimes you will have a bit more trouble. Particularly in the more competitive levels of ranked play, you won't be able to feed as easily.

This is where situational items can come in handy! These items can be thrown into the mix to help you adapt to both team compositions to give you a little bit of an edge on your opponents. LoL is sort of like a giant game of rock, paper, scissors. Know your opponent's weaknesses and exploit them by making the right choices in items. I will try to outline some items that will be useful in doing this, but this is by no means a complete guide. Consider this just a few ideas for fine tuning your build.

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These are some other choices if you don't have the money to buy new runes. Armor penetration is by far the best for quintessences and marks, so please use those if you can get them.

If you need alternative quints, the best choices are movement speed, health, or attack speed. The health will give you just a tad more survivability, especially early game. Attack and movement speeds are a bit of a theme in this guide, so that should be self explanatory. The same goes for attack speed marks. Mana regen seals are a very close second to attack speed seals. The bonus for attack speed is not that great on seals. I would probably go ahead and grab the mana regen seals for a game of 5's, because you are much farther from the base. In 3's you can just port home and have much better mana regeneration then runes can ever give you! :D Glyphs are mostly useless offensively besides cooldown reduction. I threw in alternative magic resist runes, just for some extra survivability.

Question: Why not dodge runes?
Dodge runes are going to primarily help you against other melee champs. With the strategies outlined in this guide, you will be able to either kill or run from almost all other melee champs. Plus, dodge runes will not help you offensively, which is the primary focus of this build. If you are being attacked and hit enough times for your dodge runes to really be helping, you are probably being focused in a group fight and you're probably dead either way.