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Build Guide by Cipicu

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cipicu

Xin Zhao - Can't Touch This

Cipicu Last updated on September 11, 2010
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1. Build overview

I created this build with attack speed and high damage output in mind but I also focused on survivability...not the tank kind... the hit, dodge and run kind. I will explain latter on how you can survive the longest in a match and how you can destroy your enemies without to much complications. So let's get started !

2. PRO's & CON's


    very high attack speed
    great damage output
    great chances to dodge attacks
    high(est) movement speed

    squishy if played the wrong way

3. Mastery Trees

As you can see I focused in defence for this build, not because it's a tank build ( because it obviously ain't) but because the early game is very important for Xin and you dont want to ruin your character by dying alot. So... 22 mastery points go in defence and 8 go in offence. As you can see I managed to get all the attak speed masteryes without to much hustle. You can also go 21/9/0 with this buils...but I find this way better.

4. Skill sequences

Not much to say here. Max out Three Talon Strike and Battle Cry as fast as you can an leave Audacios Charge at level 1 until late game. Also don't forget to upgrade Crescent Sweep when available.The reason I don't start with Audacious Charge is because I mainly use it as a "transportation" skill not as a damage one. Level 1 is more than enough to take you to the enemy and kill him using your other skills.

Use the skill order in fights as follows: Audacious Charge, Crescent Sweep, Tree Talon Strike and lastly Battlecry. If you initiate on only one enemy don't waste your Crescent Sweep.

5. Rune build

You can experiment more in this area, but keep in mind that a boost of attack speed and armor penetration will benefit you early well as the dodge chance.

6. Summoner spells

I generally prefer Exhaust and Ghost...slow the enemy down and hit him until he's down. Don't use Ghost to chase him because Exhaust and your speed are more than enough to catch him. Use Ghost for escaping fights or to get in team fights fast.
I'm STRONGLY not recommending using Ignite (there's just no point in letting your enemy wonder in flames, just catch and bash them...this spell is mainly for slow char's...Xin Zhao ain't slow).

You can also use Flash instead of Ghost...but I prefer Ghost because I "flash" in the enemy using Audacious Charge.

7. Gameplay mechanics

Early game
Start the game with Doran's Shield and a Health Pot for items and Tree Talon Strike for skills. You should have about 700 HP and don't have to worry for your health for a while. Choose a lane with a tank or a good disabler and play defensively until you get your Audacious Charge. Now you can start harrasing your enemies. Go for the low hp ones...don't engage tanks. Kill as many as you cand but don't get greedy. Don't tower dive, you don't have the required speed to escape yet. When possible you can leave your lane partner level up solo and go jungle. Be shure to take the lizard buff first because it benefits you the most. If no other team players need the mana buff go and get that one also. Return to your lane and level up until you have enough money for a first Zeal and a pair of boots.

You should be aware of your enemies. If you play against CC'ers get yourself the Mercury Threads. If you play against DPS's take Ninja Tabi. If yout feel confident go for Boots of Swiftness or Boots of Mobility(I usually pick this ones).

Mid game
By this point you should have your ultimate and some kills/assists. Your inventory should look like this: Doran's Shield, Zeal, Boots of Mobility. Now it's time to start ganking and save up money for your second Zeal. You can now start to tower dive as you should have about 420+ speed when not in combat.

Now...if you manage well and don't feel the need for more damage try to finish off your Phantom Dancer's. You now have 490+ speed without Ghost activated.

Stay out of sight as much as you can and don't be the one initiating the attaks. You have a nice dodge ratio but you are still killable. Use the environment in your advantage and help gank on all three lanes. This will be easy because of your movement speed. Save money and buy two B.F Swords.

Late game
Finish off Black Cleaver and Infinity Edge. Start saving for the last item. You can go for Madred's Bloodrazor, The Bloodthirstier or even for the Hextech Gunblade( the AP this gives you won't benefit you that much, but the active helps sometimes ).

Team fights...I know Xin Zhao is a great initiator but I can't stress this enough... DON'T initiate a combat...unless you outnumber the enemies of course :). Stay out of sight and let your team initiate. Now it't time to head into combat. You will be so fast the enemy won't even notice you. Always pick the weakest targets. Don't neglect your speed, enter a combat fast then exit fast and reenter. Don't stay between your enemies, you will die.

I plan to update this guide with images and stuff but until then...GL & HF.