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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Brewskys

Xin Zhao Causing the Hurt

Brewskys Last updated on September 24, 2010
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This is my first build so please comment. And make recommendations for me I am looking to improve this build if I can.

Why Ignite and Exhaust?
Xin loves to chase people and he is fairly good at it but Exhaust has many uses
you can use it you blind somebody in a closer fight. You can use it to blind and slow somebody who is chasing you. You can use it to slow someone who doesn't want to play with Xin. Ignite is key! you need it to score those early game kills that are needed. In early game use it only when they have around 100 health and late game use it more as a regeneration of health stopper. A good Xin has Ignite

Other Summoner Spells that will work
Ghost over Exhaust
Flash over Exhaust
both of those are reasonable changes it depends on your game style

Summoner Spells to stay away from
Clarify(tempting in early game but useless in late game
Teleport(NO you don't need this you want to walk because during your long walk you need to be getting every buff you can get your hands on)
Revive(NNOO you should not die until late game no no no)

The objective with this build is to in the early game be able to not die and do high burst damage. Xin has a very weak start and that can many times make his entire gameplay poor. A good start is key.

High burst damage
Good chaser
Powerful Mid-Late game
Good Pusher

Hard Early game
Farming can be hard sometimes
Mana Hungry unless you have blue buff

The reason I start with Dorans Shield is for the boost in Health and the health regan the health potion should be obvious.

Why Last Whisper before the boots?
because it is more of a carry weapon it will increase your attack speed and give you armor penetration for early game kills.


Dorans Shield And health potion you need them both to have staying power in the early game and you should buy a health potion every time you go back to the fountain up until around lvl 8
Last WhisperThis will make your early game play so much easier you must talk yourself out of the boots you don�¢ï¿½ï¿½t need them yet. I usually try to buy the boots of speed when I come back to get the Last Whisper. The attack speed and armor penetration is amazing in this early play

Boots of Swiftnessyou will catch anybody and kill them. You want to be as fast as you can be boots of mobility are not a option.
Zeal The increases in movement speed and attack speed is why you have this item very nice and cheap for what it gives you great item the critical strike chance increases is the whip cream on the Sunday with this item

B.F. Sword The attack dmg will be so bad once you get this item you will be able to gank with ease.

Infinity Edge This is Prim you will need this to win and kill people once you have this (if you have been ganking) you will be able to kill anybody. If you don't have infinity Edge on Xin you are building him wrong that is it.

Frozen Heart This Item is all about making you very very hard to kill can be replaced for the force of nature if most of the other team is Magic. This has saved me from many close fights with Master Yi and Jax. Attack speed reduction and 99 armor along with 500 mana and 25% cool down on abilities sign me up.

Phantom Dancer
If you buy this before the frozen heart, which I used to do. You will be very squishy and can compete with a good Master Yi or Jax

Force of Nature I know people will sass me for this but in late game you must have something like this to stand toe to toe with upper class heros. If you feel you don�¢ï¿½ï¿½t need it I would then recommend buying a

Stark�¢ï¿½ï¿½s Fervor
Might, as well if you have gotten to this stage of the game this is great item.

Lane Partners

The Better Options
Any hero with Crowd Control (Stun,Slow)Ex-Ryze,Miss Fortune,Sion,and Taric...
Any Other Carry because when you are charging at lvl3 if they kill jack you then it is no big deal
If you have none of these people do not worry Xin is one of the best paopla to lane with so all other heros will be fine.
(best game I ever had was laning with a Master Yi

Heros you WANT to lane against

Malzahar, Veiger, Vladimir, and any squishy. Tanks are also fun to lance against because they are easy to harass and usually don't have the fire power to bight back.

Heros you do not want to lane against
1.Dr. Mundo so much early game harass that can't be matched better to pass the lane to somebody else than to fight him he is very dangerous in early game that clever is a killer so stay away form him until mid game where he has no DPS(damage per second)
2.Ryze with his high magic damage and your lower magic resistance he can snare you and finish you very fast
3.Blitzcrank with his grab he can make one of your mistake a disaster in late game you can feed off of him though.

Engaging order

1.Audacious Charge
2.Three Talon Strike
3.Crescent Sweep
4.Battle Cry
5.Three Talon Strike
(try and save the Audacious Charge for entering battle with somebody and for chasing; if you are fighting a close battle then charge at them all you want)

Early Game Play (Lvl 1-6)
This is the important part you need to try and feed yourself but not get killed. Pick a lane and stand behind the minions at almost all times. At lvl3 you are aloud to try and blitz on somebody try to go for the enemies lower lvl player or if someone is low health fire away. Your engage order needs to start with the charge and 3 talon strike and battle cry to finish off. When they back off or start to run away DO NOT chase them. Just get the minion kills and get ready to attack them again save your ignite for the final touch and once you ignite them just pull back and work on the minions no need to chase. If you laning partner chases follow them but do not tower dive or even get with in range. Just stand in the back and wait for your cool downs. You have to always try and last hit there is no excuse to not, you will need the money. Most important is do not die at this stage it is better to not die than to get a kill and die. Play passive until around lvl 6

Mid Game Play (Lvl 6-13)
This is your bread in butter during this stage GANK needs to be your middle name. During this stage go and get both of the buffs and then go gank a lane. Push with that lane until your buffs are gone then repeat until there team learns and forms into a group and try and push middle lane. As you are getting your buffs keep in mind to kill dragon so you help your team out. you can solo dragon at lvl6 but I usually play it safe and wait till around lvl8 to take dragon on.

Late Game Play (Lvl 13-18)
Here you have a easy job. Wait for the fight to start and for most of the enemies to use there ults then pop in the fight and unleash massive dmg you and rip people apart to do hesitate to try. Also when some bone head on the other team and there is always some bone head on the other team breaks away from the group to go solo push a lane, go kill them, if you think the fight might be a close one go get the red buff, then go kill them.

Very Late Play (Lvl 18 50+minutes of game)
Hopefully you are the scourge of the earth and are hurting people every time the step out of line. If not just continue to stick with your team and jump in the fight after the immediate start. Pain them I have gotten many a triple kills off of waiting for the ults on the other team to go flying before I jump in. If you are killing people like crazy and are well fed and the other team runs when they see you. You still need to stick with the team and fight with them. If you control most of the map go get baron and finish the game. Also do note that with this build you can not solo baron if you have EVERY item if you can get very close and with smite you can bring him to about 500 health i have tried many times no go.

Why have buy Frozen Heart and Force of Nature?
Buy the time you get these items you will be entering the very late game and you need the extra armor and magic resistance to take on people like Ryze, Master Yi, and Jax. It is possible to kill Ryze without Force of Nature but it just that little extra defense and with both it will take quite a beating to finish you off. The other reason is with Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer you will be able to unleash massive burst dmg already Force of Nature can be replaced with a Bloodthirster if you feel the urge or there team has no real magic threat in which case you need the bloodthirster, but the magic resistance is very nice to have.

I hope this works for you guys it works very well for me! :)