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League of Legends Build Guide Author MadC00kie

Xin Zhao - Decimate them with Style

MadC00kie Last updated on July 18, 2010
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This build was done during 3D class in college - we were bored and decided to make a build on Xin Zhao.

We start off buying Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potions - this helps getting in range to land blows / getting out of range if low and to keep health up so we are able to stay on our lane longer and therefore get more experience which will get us new abilities faster.

The first item we are going to get is Boots of Swiftness. This will boost our movement speed so chasing gets easier and we can land some more hits while the enemy is under Audacious Charge's effect. After this, we are going for Sword of the Divine - herefore we start buying a Dagger and then a Recurve Bow.

this gives us additional AS plus the neat passive of 100 magic damage on every fourth hit. Looking at the amazing AS of Xin Zhao while having Battle Cry active, this will proc pretty often and boost our damage.

Since we are a melee champ with not too much HP - we are going for LL next. Although we get health back every third swing, this will keep us up even more and maybe provide the extra health to finish the enemy. A Vampiric Scepter should do for now. Next we are going for Madred's Bloodrazor - we start with buying a Recurve Bow, then get Madred's Razors and at last Pickaxe.
This will boost AS + AD and gives us a little more Armor.

Since our Movement Speed isnt high enough to keep up with ppl having Phantom Dancer, we go for Phage next ( Ruby Crystal, Long Sword, Phage). After having completed Phage, we finish our Frost Mallet (we still need Giant's Belt and the recipe), so we effectively can slow enemy champions.. The Bloodthirster will be next ( BF Sword and recipe needed) to boost regeneration and AD.

At last, get some crit running to get that extra burst damage! Go get an Infinity Edge.
Start with BF Sword and then save up money for the rest.

In late game you can exchange Sword of the Divine for anotherBloodthirster or anInfinity Edge, so your overall damage is higher. Your AS will be high enough considering the rest of your items.

If you're up against mana using champions you maybe want to reconsider taking Wit's end instead - getting extra damage and sucking them dry.

Now we are all geared up!

Most of the time I didn't get past bloodthirster - having boots, mallet, razors and bloodthirster already gets you going pretty good. I alredy had stats of 32/8/12 and 24/1/5 with this build.

Ok - that should do for the item build - now on to the skill build.

Since we have slow and disable, we should double-lane with other heroes, giving the chance of getting first blood. First skill should beThree Talon Strike, followed byAudacious Charge, since we will use AC for slowing purpose only right now.
Lvl.3 we skill TTS again.

On lvl.4 we skillBattle Cry, boosting our AS and increasing the chance of getting TTS to a successful finish. At lvl.5 we again skill TTS.
Lvl.6ulti, then switch between TTS and BC until lvl.11 (next ulti)

Having reached lvl.12 - we finish TTS. now we switch between AC and BC until lvl.16 (next ulti) and finish AC on the last two levels.

Summoner Spells are up to you. I just picked Ghost because i like being faster in action and exhaust to reduce their damage infight + slow if i am chasing.

This is my first build ever on anything, and if i find something's not working out as planned, i might update it! So if you got any improvements or critics - let me know :)

And if you rate it - please write a comment too. Thank you! :D