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League of Legends Build Guide Author Diego

Xin Zhao, Did I do that?

Diego Last updated on August 23, 2010
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Welcome fellow summoners to my first of many League of Legends guides! In this guide I will briefly describe how to use Xin Zhao the DPS/Gangstah way.
EDIT 8/23/10: Changed Boots of Swiftness to Berzerker's Grieves & added optional flat Health Quintessences.

-Insane attack speed
-Three Talon Strike will always be up. Always.
-Unrivaled movement speed to catch even the most annoying enemies. (Yi and Evelynn)

-Somewhat low HP since I don't plan on building Frozen Mallet
-Tends to be focused after your enemies realize how good you are
-Early game can make or break you

Before I start I would like to give you some important notes/tips:
-Always get Golem and Lizard buffs. If another one of your teammates needs it more, then give it to him/her, but do take in mind if they will make use of it.
-Be sure to buy Red Elixer whenever possible, for it will help add some beef to your spear-shanking person. Hell the extra attack damage is enough to make me buy one.

Let's begin.
Xin Zhao is one of the greatest champions out there. In the right hands, Xin will gladly decimate and destroy anything in his path.

Early Game

At the start of any match be sure to coordinate and decide which of your teammates will help you best in your lane. Some good choices could be a support such as Taric or Janna or a ranged character such as Ezreal. (His essence flux can literally boost your attack speed up to 1.9 after you activate battle cry)
When buying your first item I usually start with a Ruby Crystal, but for those who are confident with their Xin skills should get boots and 3 health potions. My reasoning for Audacious Charge at Lv1 is that it's more useful than battle cry at this point. Play defensively with short bursts of harassment.

Mid Game

By now you should have built your Phage and Boots of Swiftness, so next on the list is your Starks Fervor. Start with the Emblem of Valour to begin jungling for your buffs, and try to coordinate ganks as often as possible. When your Starks is built, move onto your Phantom Dancer. BUY THE RED ELIXIR IF YOU HAVEN'T YET AND BUY ONE EVERY TIME IT'S EXHAUSTED

Late Game

This is where your items can get situational.
Facing tanky team? Get Madred's first.
Doing just fine and need more health? Finish your Frozen Mallet.
Oh my god, they're all squishy? Buy an Infinity Edge to compliment that P.Dancer
By now you should always hang around your team to assist them in battle, but never and I mean NEVER initate in a team battle. In 1v1, do as you please. However, in team battles you must always have your tank initiate as this build focuses most on damage output rather than health.

Last things you might want to know:

Whenever initiating start with
Audacious Charge> Crescent Sweep> Three Talon Strike> Battle Cry
as this lets you use your abilities almost instantly and regenerate them for a second round of ***-kicking.
Pop ghost before a fight if things turn out for the worse. Also if your exhausted back up for a second or two to fool them into thinking you're going to retreat, and then Audacious Charge back into the battle.
If played correctly I guarantee you will have a Steve Urcle moment:
"Did I do thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?"

This concludes my very first guide and constructive criticism is accepted. Please vote and leave comments on your gameplay with this guide. If you feel anything needs changing please tell me, and I would like a valid explanation if you downvote.