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Xin Zhao Build Guide by bluebaozi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bluebaozi

Xin Zhao Guide

bluebaozi Last updated on December 19, 2011
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This Xin Zhao build focuses on giving Xin Zhao enough attack speed, attack damage, and survivability to survive teamfights. I will use a classic Frostmas build incorporated into an offensive attack speed build to give Xin Zhao a ton of bite and bark.

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First, buy a dagger to give Xin some attack speed. I tend to avoid buying Doran's blade because Xin's passive gives him extra survivability based on number of attacks, allowing the dagger to, in a sense, give Xin even more

Build the Dagger right into a Berserker Greaves to give Xin more speed. Speed is crucial in this build as it allows Xin a built in escape mech and a way to get chase his enemies.

Afterwords, build a Zeal for extra attack speed and movement speed. I dont like building B.F. sword right after boots because without the attack speed and movement speed increases from Phantom Dancers, extra attack dmg isnt utilized to its max.

After Zeal, I build a Phage for extra dmg behind my attack speed and a bit of hp for survivability. An extra slowing passive helps alot too and kinda acts like a movement speed increase, just the other way around.

Finally, I build the B.F. Sword for the attack damage. However, I do not go right into Black Cleaver because the passive for Black Cleaver synergizes best with even more attack speed.

Now I finish Phantom Dancers, Frozen Mallet, and Black Cleaver in that order. I finish Phantoms first for the desperately needed attack and movement speed increases and then Frozen Mallet for survivability and epic slowing passive. Finally I upgrade into Black Cleaver, knowing that Phantom Dancers and Frozen mallet will put it to good use.

After the first 4 core items, I build an Atmas Impaler. At lvl 18 with Frozen mallet, you will have around 2700 hp, enough for 54 attack dmg from Atmas. Thats basically the same amount from your Black Cleaver. In addition, Atmas is dirty cheap and has extra armor for even more survivability.

The last item is up to your choice. For more dmg, get an Infinity Edge. By then you will have 80% crit chance and each crit will do 25% more damage. For more survivability, get a Bloodthirsters. Even at just the base 15% life steal, you should heal some 45 hp per hit, not including crits and ur own passive. If you are having real trouble with survivability, try a Banshee's Veil, Thornmail, or Guardian's Angel to stay alive.

** Note, whatever item you choose for the 6th item, do NOT get another attack speed item. With your passive and the other 4 items, you should be hitting 2.3 hits per second. Just another zeal drives that up to the max 2.5, but the space for the 6th item will then be wasted on a subsidiary item. An extra Phantom Dancers or a Trinity Force gets you at 2.8 hits per sec, but since the max is 2.5, its clearly waste. At 2.3 hits per second, you should have enough attack speed and rather build more attack dmg to augment that attack speed. If you really want the passive from Trinity Force though, first sell ur Beserkers for a Merc Treads and then get Trinity Force. This way, you will have the movement speed increase from Trinity and some tenacity to keep you going.

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To be continued...

Yeah, this guide obviously is subpar but I hope to enhance it as I play Xin Zhao more!