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League of Legends Build Guide Author Virtue

Xin Zhao - Jungle - Carry

Virtue Last updated on January 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

Akali - High Nuke Build

Nasus - Off Tank

Renekton - Look Mommy its a - OH ********-51727
Hello! Virtue here with my third build.

- A really high amount of damage/attack speed
- Quick at destroying enemy towers
- Not to Squishy
- High amount of life steal
- Jungle(Extra solo lane for team)
- Really good ganker
- Can carry a team to victory

- Will be targeted first
- Jungling can be challenging at first
- Bad haircut

Summoner Spells
Smite: This is a must for jungling... No exceptions.. TAKE IT!

Ghost: Ghost is probably one of the best summoner spells in the game. The speed boost will allow you to catch running enemies or run away if you're getting killed.

Flash: If you prefer this instead of Ghost take it. It is a great spell to initiate or flee. You can flash to the middle of your enemies and ulti or flash over a wall to escape.

Exhaust: If you do not feel comfortable jungling take exhaust for a good disable and lane.

Boots are pretty straight forwards. Mercury treads for teams of mages and cc's. Or Ninja Tabi's for teams that have high physical damage. Or Boots of Swiftness if you're having trouble catching up to enemies.

Core Items

Items After Core
After you get a Trinity Force get a Infinity Edge for extra Damage, Crit damage, and Crit chance. This will help when you charge in and use Three Talon Strike because it will have a Crit chance and Crit damage.

The next item is a Starks Fervor for some much needed life steal and attack speed to help you get the most of your Madred's BloodRazor. This should bring you up to a solid 2 attack speed.

The last item is up to you, but I prefer to get a Bloodthirster for extra life steal and damage(Just so I can do over kill)

How to Jungle
Start of with a Cloth Armor and 5 HP Pots. Inform the team that you will be jungling and head over to the small golem camp. Immediatly pop smite on the first on and auto attack it or Three Talon Strike it to death. Finish off the second one with auto attacks/three talon Strikes. You should level if you took the experience mastery. Put one point into battle cry for increased attack speed(For more heals) and faster cooldown reduction on Three Talon Strike when you activate Battle Cry.

Now head over to the Wraith spawn and use a potion on your way there. You should reach there by the time the potion had finished (Maybe earlier) Go straight for the Big Blue Wraith and use every skill you have on it. Kill the small wraiths with auto attacks and Three Talon Strike.

Next go over to the Wolf Spawn use a potion and kill the Big wolf first. And finish off the small wolves. You should level, so put another point into Three Talon Strike. Use another health potion, heal to about 800 hp and quickly head up to the big Golem. Smite should have finished recharging by now. (If you are not confident in taking it this early, go back to base and take the small golems, Wraiths, and Wolves again.)

Walk close to the Big Golem and start to use every skill you have and pop another health potion.. If you are confident that no one will steal the buff use smite as soon as you start to attack it. If you think that someone might steal the buff get the Golem down to about 600 HP then smite it. Kill off the small lizards head back to base and get Madreds Razor.

You can now choose to kill Small Golems, Wraiths, Wolves, then Lizard. Or kill lizard and go for a gank. And Audacious Charge and Three Talon Strike + Lizard buff should be enough to kill squishy enemy heroes.

Early Game
See How to Jungle

Mid Game
Mid game you should still be getting dragon and buffs when ever they are up. Help your team push towers and kill in team fights.

Late game
Late game you will be the main focus of the enemy team. So wait for your main tank to initiate then follow in behind him/her and take out those high sources of damage on their team. Remember to ulti before you actually start auto attack them because your ulti does more damage the more hp that they have plus giving you an armor boost throughout the battle.