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Xin Zhao Build Guide by BasedBoys

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BasedBoys

Xin Zhao - Legendary Asian (All u need to know)

BasedBoys Last updated on February 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Chapter 1

Welcome to my Xin Zhao guide...
Hope you enjoy

Tireless Warrior
Not a horrible passive however not very influential, the only unique aspect to this passive is its ability to heal you while pushing turrets, in summary: miniscule amount of health regen that lets you stay in laning phase a bit longer and not much else.

Three Talon Strike
Main crowd control ability with a damage increase, when mixed with Battle Cry's attack speed increase results in a very quick and powerful CC.

Battle Cry
Xin Zhao's main damage/utility skill, oh so many benefits, passive attack speed for creep farming, active attack speed for combat, and last but certainly not least a cd reduction that allows every single one of your abilities to be up for pretty much every engagement, with this spell your ultimate has the cooldown of approximately 25 seconds.

Audacious Charge
Easy chase ability not much to say, quick damage and dash towards an enemy, potentially useful for escaping as well. Pretty much self explanatory.

Crescent Sweep
Xin Zhao's ultimate (duh) instant 25% of current HP and a base dmg. This ability is INSANE use it immediately in fights and it well drop them around 35-45% hp and dont forget this hits ALL enemies in an area. This mixed with Audacious Charge is what makes Xin Zhao one of the best initiators in game. This is Xin's main source of burst damage.

This guide is incomplete, i just wanted to get a reasonable guide out on the web because i see far too many stupid builds on Xin Zhao. This is a Band-Aid not a total fix but do not worry i plan on continuing this and making it far better.

by the way im having massive technical difficulties... YAY!
Summoner Abilities
I prefer and this allows you to catch and kill anyone and easily go toe to toe with another dps. You can potentially get i will explain what each does and stuff later but im getting tired.

I start out with Boots of speed and 3
-This is a simple item selection that allows you to catch/kill anyone you meet, escape ganks and allow you to stay in lane long enough to farm up some serious gold.

Then I follow one of two paths, if I am getting fed (1-2 kills not very unusual) I stay in lane long enough to buy a and after which i buy full boots (i will discuss which ones in a minute) and continue on to build and finish a [item_icon=Blood Thirster] as the situation allows (e.g. when is it convenient to go back given what ganks and farming are going on)

If i am not getting fed whatsoever I immediately begin building a and boots.

As for what kind of boots, i tend to lean towards for the awesome chase and escape speed no one will be able to run away from you, but if the enemy team has massive cc it is a good idea to get [item_icon=Mercury Treads] as with pretty much every champion, and i wouldnt recommend this but you can potentially buy against an insanely dps heavy team.

Now if you did get fed you should start building a and vice versa, if you did not get fed you should build a [item_icon=Blood Thirster], i will also explain why i like both of these items now.

[item_icon=Blood Thirster]This is fantastic for increasing your damage (again duh) and mixed with your attack speed and your passive gives quite a bit of life steal.

This item is good for Xin Zhao for two reasons, the attack speed on it stacks well with your W giving you all the attack speed you will ever need to get your knockup off quickly, also the armor pen on it is useful for busting through tanks and squishies alike, also it is not too expensive.

By this point once you have those items either you are insanely fed and its gg as Xin is a fantastic carry or it is late mid game or early end game. Many games will not make it much farther than this and etc etc etc continuing the build.

Next i like to follow one of multiple paths,

For pure damage and complete utter nuke pownage (sounds awesome right) i like to build an this is a very standard, very expensive, and very rewarding item. Like on pretty much every dps or melee champion it is great on Xin Zhao.

If you are getting focused ALOT, which you probably are as Xin is a new champion and a very dangerous carry you may want to build a for the health and perma-slow, this is not my favorite item path but if you feel too squishy/vulnerable it is a great item to buy.

Another potential path is almost the "middle road", this involves building a now the attack speed on this item is great, the crit is certainly a pain train, the dodge never hurts, and the movement speed is awesome. Personally however I don't buy a Phantom Dancer until after an Infinity Edge, but hey its you're choice.

Also another B.F. Sword item, if the enemy team is very armor/tank heavy you can and probably should build a [item_icon=Black Cleaver] for the armor pen as it stacks well with your attack speed.

And last but not whatever another tank option! The wondrous . I dont need to really explain the benefits of this item but i suppose i will. You are often focus fired, this prevents that seeing as when you die they switch to another target you revive and BLAM spear to the face.

After building one of these items just switch to another one as the situation demands, though if the enemy team can't do squat or you just really want more lifesteal you could build another Blood Thirster.
Working in the team
Xin Zhao is a fantastic initiator with his dive and ultimate and therefore should initiate pretty much every end game fight. Also, as many people have seen he is a fantastic carry when fed.

Early game - preparation and laning phase
You're in the champion selection screen. You choose Xin in order to get that missing tanky dps. Now, it's time to check your team and answer on few question:

1.Is anyone in your team jungling?
If the answer is NO,then change your mastery setup, rune setup and get Smite so you can fill that role.
If the answer is YES,then answer yourself on few more questions:
2.Is there any champion which, together with you, compose deadly lane?
If the answer is YES, then you should go with that person in bottom lane.
If the answer is NO, then you should go solo top.
Also,if your team haven't good mid laner, go there. You're just fine in mid.

This is the usual situation is Solo Queue. Remember- communication is the most important thing! Be constructive, try to plan early game with your team. Ranked games and banning system is much more complicated, but remember- Xin is great counter against long ranged carries who relies on attacking from distance.

Game is starting. Check your enemies and their summoner spells. If necesarry, change the lane setup.

This isn't my favourite setup, but if you and your lane partner are good combo, then it's good. In the beggining, patiently farm. Test your enemies. If they're squishy and you know they can't stand against you and your lane partner, first scare them. Try to zone them. They must be afraid of your and your lane partner's damage. If they're foolish, use the situation and kill them. Also, try to made them to waste their summoner spells, so you can get easier kill later. But don't overextend if they have jungler! However, if you're punished, then just patiently farm and stay in the experience range. Also,ask your jungler to help gank your lane if necesarry.

1v2 ( TOP LANE )
This can happen often in solo queue,especially if you're not high ELO ( like me ). 1v2 can be annoying lane, but you're really strong at this. Patiently farm, auto attack whenever it's possible so you can recover HP and defend your tower. Don't risk anything. Stay in the experience range and don't try to do anything foolish. They will usually be very agressive and sometimes you can turn the tables and make kills. Ask your jungler for help and gank as soon as possible.

This is my favourite setup. However, I like top more than mid lane. Mid lane is harder to gank and you should leave mid lane to your carry. Just farm, take as many last hits as possible, try not to push,but if you have chance to zone your enemy, do it. Scare him, tell him that you're too strong for him and he can't do anything but only farm. Unfortunately, you can't always be stronger than your enemy. In that case, just farm and defend your tower. However, sometimes your enemies can overextend and feel too comfortable ( example: Mordekaiser or Nidalee ). Attack them when they don't expect it!

Mid game
This is the phase you shine most. If you have finished your core item build before level 10, then you're doing good. Start ganking, put pressure on other lanes. Don't forget about red buff and especially dragon. Dragon is the most important task in mid game. He's worth 950 team gold ( almost 4 kills )! If you have advantage in dragon kills, you also have big advantage in gold and experience.

Teamfights should start soon. Prepare for them. In the beggining, teamfights won't be 5v5, they will be 4v4, 3v4, 4v3 etc. Try not to die, at least. Sometimes death is inevitable. In that case, try to pull one ( or even 2 ) enemy to grave with you.

Baron is another interesting task. If your team has advantage, you can do him and get that sweet buff. Also, you can him and surprise your enemies which surely won't expect that.

I've almost forgot the most important task: WARDS! Don't think that buying wards is the job of your supporter. No,it's not only his job. It's your job too! Ward everything important: Dragon, Baron, your buffs, enemy buffs etc. Map awareness is OP and it can win the lose game!

Late game
It' very similar to mid game, but be patient and don't run anywhere without your team. One death can decide the whole game! Baron is now the most important task. Team with Baron buff is much stronger and harder to kill. The best thing I can tell you is just to follow your sense and use your brain! Remember, Three Talon Strike is your tool for breaking enemy's ultimates.

Please comment, and tell me what to do better, and what i do well

That was all for "Xin Zhao - Legendary Asian (All u need to know)"
Hope you learned some new tricks :)