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Xin Zhao Build Guide by Xazarl

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xazarl

Xin Zhao Overnerfed Domination

Xazarl Last updated on June 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi im Xazarl a 1527 elo player i like to play Xin Zhao alot because he looks good i find him fun and he ends the lane instead of farming 24/7.

So i hope if you like playing Xin Zhao or want to begin, this guide will help you with solo top i play jungle sometimes but only when my soloQ team crys lol.

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Why these runes? "why armor pen over ad what the hell"

In peoples mind Xin Zhao is a bad scaling champion and in some ways this is true for the fact he has one focus Damage spell which if you have for example 200 AD you will do 75+200 AD 3 times now that extra AD you could start with is +10 or +15 so i would do 75+215 and have 0 armor pen so take away the peoples 200 armor they have late game and o look Xin Zhao scales bad late game no damage well thats why i do my build.

At level 1 im 31 armor pen +10% and that 15 add i could start with i techinicly get from my Q which when i level it up at level 2 it is 15+72 and you have the armor pen and your E in 1 combo thats like 400 dmg and peoples starting HP is like 500-600.

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Why these masterys?

This one is simple really you get more damage and we all know Xin Zhao likes that and also theres armor pen in offense tree and everything there helps anyways.

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So many Xin Zhao builds yet only 1 true viable one

Most people say glass cannon damage and die or Tank and no damage so why not do both?

Boots - Ninja Tabi/ Mercury Treads - WHY? double ap to much cc/Mercury alot of ad or no cc/Tabi

Yoomuu's Ghostblade - WHY? This item gives AD/ArmorPen/Atkspeed/MovementSpeed/CriticalStrike/Cooldown Reduction - Its a true Xin Zhao item.

Black Cleaver - WHY? Attack damage and attack speed and not only that. Remember i said Masterys + Runes + Yoomuu's = 55 armor pen +10% well now think of 100 armor pen + 10%.
Because Black Cleaver shread 15 armor and stacks 3 times that 45 armor pen extra so those people who bought armor to get close to 200 end game now only have 100 and your actually dealing damage.

Frozen Mallet - WHY? Mainly to beef up your HP but you also get the added slow so if you catch people theres no escape.

Guardian Angel - WHY? Extra Defence made a mistake extra chance. Also Xin Zhao doesnt have an escape so if you kill someone but they focus you so you die then come back and try get someone else.

Blood Thirster - WHY? More lifesteal your passive is great but you should be getting vampric septer early for sustain and finishing this off it if goes super late.

Optional items - Wits End / Trinity Force / Warmog's / Atma's Impaler / Maw Of Malmortius / Madreds Bloodrazor / Infinity Edge / Aegis of Legion.
Spirit Visage - This works brilliant with his passive maybe better than bloodthirster unsure.

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Skill Sequence


Actually its really powerful especialy early it allows to you land more Qs and auto attacks because of the slow and it does equal damage to Q early game so E is way stronger.

MAX E - MAX Q - MAX W - Picking R when you can

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Summoner Spells

What Summoner is truly best on Xin Zhao?

Im 100% sure that Flash - Ignite is the best combo on Xin Zhao ive seen people do Flash-Exhaust/ Ghost-Exhaust / Ghost-Ignite but they never do aswel as mine.

WHY Flash? Xin Zhao has no escape gets him over walls to escape or catch people

Why Ignite? Xin Zhao burst damage you full combo get some nice hits he flashes away so you ignite just before he does.

OR you Flash ignite or Flash E lots of opportunitys to catch someone running.

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Pros / Cons

Whats good and bad about Xin Zhao and watch should i becarful of at Solo Top

Pros - Brilliant Damage
- Nice last hitting good trades
- Fast Pusher
- Nice mana control
- Strong ganker/ Good Diver

Cons - No escape
- lvl 1 Ganks if your flash is down and red buff hits you your gona have to be lucky
- DO NOT Overextend with no wards this is why lvl 1-3 is scary
- Can initiate but shouldn't

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Ranked Play

Unsure what to do in laning Phase?

Ive beaten every kind of solotop there is who the hardest? definatly Jax.

Early levels you want to be sticking as close to that bush as you can so if the laner comes at you and the jungler you can usually escape quickly.

How do i harras and last hit at the same time?

When your CS is a few hits from death and the enemy laner is coming in for last hits hit him move back hit him then last hit your minion and keep repeating till level 2 then dive him E-Q and back that would possibly kill him or put him at like 100 hp thats how much damage your dealing. But continue last hitting hell pot up if he thinks hes brave enough to come last hit keep the harras up and make sure you Cs well.

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Thanks for reading

Well i hoped this help you this is my first guide so its not the best but feeling happy to leave comments about the guide or about items/runes/masterys and such and go kill people with Xin Zhao woop.