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Xin Zhao Build Guide by iAttackThings

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iAttackThings

Xin Zhao: Pro Jungle Guide

iAttackThings Last updated on November 20, 2011
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Xin zhao is by far my most favorite jungler. He has great survivability with his passive and his attack speed bonus, as well as one of the best gankers I can think of. He can clear the jungle very fast and provide easy ganks with his amazing CC. In this guide, I'm here to show you the way I jungle as Xin Zhao, it is the best way I believe to jungle as him.

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Pros / Cons

Very Agile
Fast Attack Speed
Passive Lifesteal (Every 3 Hits)
REALLY good ganker

Vulnerable to CC

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Summoner Spells

I like to choose GHOST and SMITE for using Xin Zhao jungle.

GHOST is great for ganking, because it allows you to stay in pace with the enemy to be able to knock them up or catch up and kill them.

SMITE is a must need for junglers, pretty self explanatory.

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For runes, I go 9x Attack Speed Marks, 9x Armor Seals, 9x Attack Speed Glyphs, and 3x Attack Speed Quints.

To jungle Xin Zhao for my guide, you're going to need these, as my jungle route will do no damage to you at ALL if you use these runes. The attack speed works so well with a vampiric scepter from the start, it keeps your HP up all the time. It is also good for ganking if you have red, to keep them slowed. The armor seals are needed to take less damage from jungle minions, pretty obvious.

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I start off with a vampiric scepter, build that into a wriggle's, get berserker's greaves, build a frozen mallet, then a zeal, black cleaver, blood thirster, then build the zeal into a phantom dancer.

Vampiric Scepter - My first item. Keeps your HP up in the jungle with your AS, as well as keeps your HP up while ganking lanes.

Wriggle's - A FREE WARD! Gives you armor and lifesteal and damage, with an amazing passive to accelerate your jungle. What more could you ask?

Berserker's Greaves - Gives you the movement speed to gank and chase, and also gives you more attack speed.

Frozen Mallet - Amazing item on Xin Zhao. Gives you AD, and a ton of HP which solves your squishy problem. With the built in slow, ganking/chasing will beno problem.

Zeal - Gives you attack speed and crits, with more movement speed. Makes you an unstoppable force!

Black Cleaver - I LOVE this item on Xin Zhao. It provides great attack damage, a little more attack speed, and it also has the great passive of reducing armor! Great for countering tanks and obliterating squishies.

Blood Thirster - Great item on Xin Zhao. Gives you even MORE AD and MORE lifesteal, and if you farm as you should be (which is extremely easy with xin), you'll have huge amounts of lifesteal and AD.

Phantom Dancer - You build the zeal into this, it gives you more attack speed and crits, with even more movement speed. Great final item.

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If this is your first time jungling... Don't freak out. Jungling is just a different way of playing LoL, it is fairly easy. Junglers are a great addition to the team, especially if you have a good one. Junglers provide easy kills to the team by being able to gank the enemy at any time. The enemies know you're jungling, but they don't know when & where you will gank. Sometimes it makes them not want to push, but sometimes they forget and push to no end. With proper runes, jungling is an absolutely easy thing. Ganking, can be a little tricky. Ganking situations can be different with every champion you face. If its morg, she can snare you. If it's Kass, he can ult away. If its GP, he can eat oranges and be k. You have to take all these matters into account when jungling. Don't worry, you'll understand it more when you jungle more :).

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My Jungle Route

My jungle route is very effective and provides you time to gank as well as clearing the jungle fairly fast.

Heres my route:

Double Golems>
Wraiths (Smite Big Wraith)>
Blue Buff>
Red Buff (Smite)>

If you want a video, here's my LOL Replay: Click Here

After Red, you should have full HP, blue buff halfway used, and red buff brand new! :D

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Team Work

If you're about to start a gank, be sure to ask your team mate if they're ready or if they can initiate. By asking if they will initiate, I mean doing things like Morg's Snare, Lux Snare, Exhaust, Sion Stun, Jarvan Ult, things like that. If your team mates have great CC like this, ganking will be a breeze. If they don't though, you can just ask them to go in, and you can jump in with your E, and knock them up with your Q, and provide a free kill to yourself/ your team mate. Be sure to share your kills, don't take them all to yourself :P

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I really hope you enjoyed my guide. I'm sorry I'm not able to put pictures of the summoner spells/items/skills, I'm just too noob to know how to put those in there with the description of it if you hover your mouse over the picture. I hope you try out jungling as Xin, it's the only way and best way to play him. Have fun and good luck!