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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jaysnn

Xin Zhao < Shaolin Monk Style >

Jaysnn Last updated on September 17, 2010
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Welcome to My Xin Zhao Build. this is my first build so please feel free to leave a comment. :D ( i know you people are gonna critise so meh )

so i have been playing alot of Xin. and i think its clear to say that this guy is OP when someone knows how to use him. Just like shaco, you need to know when to initiate. REMEMBER THIS you are mostly the first champion to be targeted. >.> sucks huh?

Shall we begin? ... okay now we can


A very hybrid champ. he can be tank or DPS. both work.
Good DPS champ
Can jungle but i dont like too. :s
his first skill is crazy with slow.


They WILL aim you first cos your XIN
Dont have any escape mechanisms. :(
CC can whoop when you dont even realise it.

First off i would buy a long sword and a hp pot. and head top/bot ( Obviously not mid ). the only i want you to do is farm. farm your butt off. but when your enemies initiate you fight back and hopefully your ally will help you.

soo you farm and farm and farm. WHEN you get your phage, i believe that is the time you go shaolin monk on their a$$ xD. you slow and three talon stike this can get your enemies running away. but guess what? u hav exhaust! rofl.

after you get a kill or two please Dont think you god and run into fights and getting yourself killed, cos you are just gonna die TBH. play safe

After you destroy the tower you are laning at please. GTFB .. i hate it when people push and the tower dies. and they keep pushing >.> then they find themselves being ganked.

Now its mid game phase. right now you should help ganking enemy champs. btw PLEASE make sure you have a boots of swiftness/zeal before you gank. trust me you will need it.

so how the guide doing so far? :s
IF you arent getting fed or pushed like a nutcase. ( feeding ) then i advise you to farm. thats my only solution.. AND please pay attention to the minimap this helps you heaps.

Well. if you are fed and rocking their socks off. SHAOLIN MONK STYLE
Then for the rest of the game just keep ganking and farming.

REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE XIN ZHAO. not god so please dont risk your life for a kill. i just think thats stupid cos your team needs you during team fights. your ulti is the most BS skill ever. ALWAYS USE IT in the start of team fights, follows by audacious charge, three talon strike and battle cry.

hmm. what else should i add? ehh.. BUY THE RED AND GREEN ELIXIRS. but thats just me.

If you are wondering WTH why does xin have a FON, please read on.
1. it gives you Movement speed.. >.> enough said.
2. HP regen just incase you towerdive. for those greedy people out there.
3. and it gives you a decent amount of MR.. :3

and for your last item. its up to you
i would choose situational items. like thornmail/frozen heart for the annoying wariwicks.
or a banshee's veil for the fiddles. or a guardian angel is your dieing too much >.> i dont know just buy an item worth buying or if you dont know what to buy ask your teammates. they might know >.> ( hopeing they arent noob XD )

soo. i guess this concludes my guide to xin zhao. REMEMBER TO PLAY SAFE. :D thank you