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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shaman

Xin Zhao (Sin Jow) the Devastator

Shaman Last updated on January 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey Guys! This is my build on how people should play Xin Zhao. He is a great champion, and by far one of my favorites to play (or in my case dominate with). I've seen a lot of people play him, but not the right way. They fulfilled a role in the game, emphasis on "a" because Xin can easily play several roles. He can dps (duh), push like a champion once he gets some attack speed under his belt, which he should have anyway because of his w ability, he can be tanky, and still put out dmg, all of which at the same time, which is what makes him a great champion to play, especially for new people. Here is a secret, which led me to believe why xin is so good. When he first came out, he was GREAT. AMAZING EVEN. But then the post-release nerf that every champ gets came along. But that one week of him being new, I have NEVER seen my friends rage so much at how op he was. And here's the secret. He didn't get nerfed that hard after ;D

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Runes. You can put several runes into play with xin. My personal favorite however is all crit chance, except for quints which will be health. This will give you, along with items, the health of a tanky character, but the ferocity of a fed yi.

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21/9/0 is my favorite to run. With these masteries, you will be even faster when you dodge attacks, you get more damage all around, plus some defense to stack with your ultimate.

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Summoner Spells

Usually with the spells I tell people personal preference. I like using ghost/ignite.
Ghost for those super chase downs and ignite for that extra damage you'll need all throughout the game to deal damage fast. Plus, I always had a thing for dots( damage over time) Another one of my favorite champs to play is Swain, who is, in my opinion, the dot king.

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Item Progression

Start out with Doran's shield and a health pot. I have to explain to all my friends why sheild is better than blade. 4 percent lifesteal sucks.... bad.... plus you only get it while you attack stuff, which isnt forever. Sheild gives you health regen, which always happens, plus armor, which adds to survivability. In other words, shield = health gained every second vs. blade = a little bit of health gained everytime you attack something.
Next, you need some phage. This makes your attacks slow, plus you get health. What more could you ask for? Then it's phantom dancer. Get zeal first, then focus on the other 2. Once you finish Phantom Dancer, you have around 440 movement speed, which means vroom vroom down the battle field, and plenty of escape mechanic, and chase capability. Then it's Wit's End. Drains mana, does magic more magic damage while you attack, which stacks with madreds and lizard buff, and you get some magic resist. It's underused in this game, and i dont get why. It's such a great item. It makes you what Kassadin used to be :P
Next, time to finish Frozen Mallet. Gives you some more health, and not a chance phage wont slow them. Then get Madred's. I don't expect most people to go this far, because you have won the game by now. I don't think I have ever gotten it maybe twice. But if you do, cudos, you are a god among people.

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Creep Farming/ Jungling

Early game, last hit as much as you possibly can. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!! This build is costly and you wont get anywhere fast if you just sit by the turret and watch your laning partner rack up the gold. As for jungling, wait till about level 8 ish before you go rushing the lizard camp. Oh, about lizard, he is your slave. If you do not get him every time he is up, you won't intimidate people as much, and this game is as much mental as it is clicking and melting your brain. Plus, you get damage. Early to mid game, lizard is like madreds without atk speed to you. That slow plus extra damage on atk will help you rack up the kills, and make you feared throughout the map.

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Well this is it. This build helps me so well. Even a caveman could do this build easy. Just follow the guide, and the rest will follow. Your instinct should help you with everything here on out. Have fun :DDD