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League of Legends Build Guide Author Des

Xin Zhao, The assassin

Des Last updated on January 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

Hello, and welcome to the Xin Zhao build that has been passed down to me by a dear friend, i give him all the credit, his name is fuzzypsycobear.

Xin Zhao with the right play style can be a great harass, as he launches himself at the enemy champion, punching then in the mouth with his three-talon strike. You as the driver of Xin are going to have to really manage your safety level when you rush in with your Audacious strike. Xin is really able to hit hard on squishies really early on but if your going to be cc'd and then just kited down by the other oposing champions, hold back.

Xin hits with a stone mallet
Xin can save his teamates
Excellent pusher
Amazing crowd control
Wait there was a squishy alive?
Where did over 20% of my health go?
Xin Zhao is easily kited
Xin kills himself easily
Xin can be quite squishy early game
Xin has to be very careful against tanks

Welcome to my Xin Zhao build I have GREAT success with it and hopefully you will too with the luck of not getting horrrriiibbblleee partners! Ok so your going to want to keep up harass with your audacious combined with your three talon. Dont be afraid about not having mana trust me, you will NEVER run out of mana unless you try to. Use your audatious as you feel necessary but, remember if you force them to go back to their base and get a good 2 levels over them, you will be able to kill them if they even slightly over extend by using the skill comb, e---->q--->r--->w, maximising the effectiveness of your battle cry, restoring your cooldowns faster than anyone can in the game with your infinite attack speed, you can use audacious 3 times in one battle, and thats the same damage as your ultimate basically.

Summoner Skills
3v3 Match- As most 3v3 matches are, everyone rushes bottom, so if you do, maxe sure to time this is coordinance with your audacious strike's slow, using it after that slow wares away. Also if your being hit hard by someone such as a tryndamere or maybe a good twitch, use it on them instead and chase with ghost. Now you can use these skills on the contrary, using exhaust to reduce damage and prevent those annoying teams that get boots first and have great mobility; Also use ghost to run away from your enemies that have the 1-up on you.

5v5 Match- As for the first paragraph of using your skills, your going to want to use them similarly, if you are on top or bottom lane. However as 5v5 matches lend toward how well you do in team fights, Xin Zhao can nuke with the best of'em. As a team fight starts, if you are far away, USE GHOST and get into the battle your team will heavily heavily need you in that battle. Focus off the squishies while everyone is distracted and pop your cone, devastating their team pretty heavily as they lose their precious sona.

The items are pretty straight forward but there are a few things to note as you are playing. First of all you need to get that extra mana early on and start stacking your tear as quick as you can, getting the highest ammount of efectiveness out of your future manamune which is where the playing situational point comes in. Now regaurdless of the build sequence im telling you right now that if you are dominating people and are getting a high ammount of income, dont waste your money and or mana on getting manamune right away, instead rush to your sword of the divine as the build says, however! If you are getting dominated yourself, there is no better way to pull yourself back into the game with your manamune, so if you are at a 0-4 kd or even worse i recommend hitting manamune as it will help your survivability and damage in a fight and will seriously increase your chances of winning a battle early on as you get an added 40 dmg and max mana letting you spam even more skills then you could before while making yourself do more and more dmg. Secondly if they have all high spike hitters ie. gangplank or a good tryndamere, skip your sword of the divine, and head straight to frost mallet, allowing you to escape tryns crits while he is in endless rage, and getting you out of range of parrrley for increased survivability against gangplank. Frost mallet is also a very wise move for ccing, allowing you to get in your three talon in much much easier, holding your enemy up for the team to come and gank.

Thank you for reading and please send me any dificulties you are having in the comment box, i would be happy to help, and if you like, add me, im Des1957, and most importantly have fun owning with Xin Zhao, if you play the build righ, you will probably get a rage quitter which is ALWAYS fun! =D