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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sadfac3s

Xin Zhao the mighty assasin

Sadfac3s Last updated on April 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Some information by me from me!

Hello, my name is Robin and i'm from Sweden. I'm 19 years old and have a passion for League of Legend ;)

PLEASE COMMENT & VOTE for my improvement!

This is my first League of Legend guide so some critic would be helpful. I wanna know what i do wrong and what i need to improv or explain better in my guides.

And my english isnt the best so if you do not understand everything i'll try to improv that to.

Thanks from me!

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Xin Zhao my personal guide.

Hello this is my personal guide how I personally play Xin Zhao, i've tried a few other builds on this website Mobafire, but none was in my style of playing. So i'll learn out my tactics for 80% and the other 20% will you've to learn by urself becaus it's diffrent from person to person.

Xin Zhao [Chin:Chao] is my main & personal favorite right now.

This build could take a while learning to play but when you've learned it, it's just awesome! And now i'll start by introduce you to the items, runes & Masteries, farming and skill talk comes further!

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You are going to buy the items in this order:

First Xin Zhao build:

Wriggle's Lantern - This one is good for you at start becaus when you get the 20% chance hit with 600+ damage on minions you'll heal 100+ and that'll end up you dont have to go to the city as many times as Xin Zhao could do if ur unlucky.

Berserker's Greaves - A Xin Zhao without Attack speed? No way! So lets play with a Berserker's Greaves becaus they'll give ur attackspeed increased with 25 percent of ur normal attack speed.

Phantom Dancer - This one will give you some extra critical chance, attack speed & movement speed. This will end up with super nuking from you and the rest of the team as i play Carry with this build.

The Black Cleaver - Xin Zhao also need damage & even more attack speed. So the solution of that is a Black Cleaver! It's givin you 55 attack damage & 30 attack speed. This results in faster health regeneration from the bloodthirst that will be next thing you'll buy & from the lantern (39% together). And more damage over less time.

Bloodthirst - A Bloodthirst is a Xin Zhaos best friend from my sight. They'll give improved lifestealing & attack damage. Nothing much to tell it's just a great weapon that's good for alot of different classes.

Frozen Mallet - A Frozen mallet will make it even easier to pick out ur target, becaus you'll slow him down by 40%. This weapon gives a small amount of damage so it's also giving you some extra life stealing from the Bloodthirst. Ur having a low amount of health at level 18 as Xin Zhao, but with this you'll have 700 health points more. This will give you larger survival.

Infinity Edge - This weapon is one of my favorites on alot of different Champions, i decide to choose this item becaus it's givin you 250% critical strike damage instead of 200% as you've with normal critical hits. With all the damage you've, and this extra 50% critical you'll lifesteal even more! And this increase ur survival & kills. Hopefully makes you win as much as i do to. ( When you buy this item you are going to sell the Wriggle's Lantern)

Also you could change ur Berserker's Greaves for another Phantom dancer, you'll run 30 units slower, but ur attack speed and critical hit strike is increased alot.

And the infinity edge, if you prefer life stealing befor huge critical strikes you could go for another Bloodthirst, i tried the 2x phantom dancer, 2x bloodthirst, frozen mallet & Black cleaver for one time, i got the stats of 23-7 and we were 3 verses 5 after 30 minutes, the game ended up after 54 minutes and we still won becaus i was ulti nuking the enemies.

Second Xin Zhao build:


1. Berserker's Greaves.

2. Phantom Dancer.

3. Blood Thirst.

4. Blood Thirst

5. Randuin's Omen

6. Frozen Mallet

You could possible choose a 7th item. Change ur berserker's Greaves for another phantom dancer. You'll lose 10 units of speed but increase critical by 30% and attack speed by 50%!

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This is the runes i'm using with Xin Zhao, and now im going to tell you why!

9x Greater Mark of Desolation

This runes is givin you 1,66 armor penentration each, wich results in 14,94 armor penentration wich isnt much, but it helps alot in the game. Almost all teams have a tank champion and here is the runes coming into the picture, you'll ignore some of his armor, and with the Black cleaver you'll ignore 3x15 (45) armor more and tank will die faster and so is the enemy team!

9x Greater Seal of Focus

This runes gives you cooldown reduction, all the runes together reduces 2,61% on ur spells. Wich isnt much eighter but together with the blue runes it will be over 10% wich can save ur and ur teammates life in the game.

9x Greater Glyph of Celebrity

This is also a cooldown reducion rune, but this gives you more reducion at higher level, gives you -0,05% every level wich is 0,9% at level 18 (0,9*9=8,1) You'll have 8,1% at level 18 plus the 2,61% from the 9x Greater seal of Focus together they makes ur cooldown 10,71% less.

3x Greater Quintessence of Desolation

This is the most powerfull rune! They'll give you 3,33 armor penentration each rune, wich is 3,33*3=9,99 together. This results in almost 25 armor penentration at level 18.

All this runes together with a few of the items that's recommended you'll be a tank slayer wich the teams need!

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Their isnt much to tell about the Masteries but lets try.


I choose the exhaust spell becaus if the enemy is running away you need to slow them down, eighter for you or ur teammates so any of you are able to kill him befor he runs away.

The other one with critical strike i choose becaus a Xin Zhao with critical strike is a dangerous Xin Zhao, and with this build you'll have some critical strike chance without masteries to.

And everything else is kinda much the same, makes it easier to kill the enemies. And with the armor penentration there & 5% extra damage makes you even easier to kill tanks!


Easier to run away with the Ghost spell
less time staying dead
makes ur mana regenerate faster & you'll be
able to stay longer without wasting any money on mana potions!

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Summoner Spells


I choose the Ghost spell becaus you'll have to run away fast in case you'r low healthed, you'll not recall becaus you've enough of life stealing to go and kill a few minions to have full health in just a few seconds! This makes you to a hero when you can come back and save the day!


Exhaust is a safeline, if you'r not able to kill the enemy befor he runs away you'll use the exhaust, sometimes with the Ghost. To be able to run to him and confront him, nuke him! And still you'll have some time of ur ghost left becaus you've Mastery that gives you 8% faster speed and duration 1,5 seconds longer so you wont die!

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Creeping / Jungling


This is a half jungeling half lane build at the early beginning!

You'll start at the lane to kill a few minions til' you've the Wriggle's lantern, with this item you'll be able to kill the buff minions easily and still have alot of health left to confront the enemies at ur lane!

The most important buff is the mana buff! Becaus you wont buy any mana potion & health potion at the start. This results in that you'll have even more money earlier in the game! Becaus some peoples makes the misstake to buy like 10+ potions (400+ coins) at whole game. Wich is waste of money. So do as i, go kill the buff monsters & the extra cash dragon and you'll be EVEN richer at early start ;)

Also you can run around in the jungel if ur teammate at the lane you walk can handle the lane by himself. You'll be able to sneak into the enemies on other lanes and help ur teammate to nuke them. Also you'll be able to get faster levels at jungel than lane.

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I'm doing much farming with this build, just becaus of the wriggle's lantern i'm having a chance of 20% to deal 600+ extra damage to minions(ONLY). So you can kill the big dragon (190 coins) as soon as it respawns all the time. So this results in that the team gets 950 coins together at each time he respawns!

You can go jungeling for money while you clean up ur lane with minions when ur teammate is at the shop and refilling or buying items!

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Team Work

The team should have:

1x Carry
1-2 Tanks (one main tank and one off tank)
2-3 DPS (one ranged two melee or two ranged and one melee)

This is what i prefeer it's different from person to person.