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Xin Zhao Build Guide by aronzei

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author aronzei

Xin Zhao - The New Critical Offtank

aronzei Last updated on August 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi aronzei here. This is a guide for a solo top Xin Zhao. I just bought Xin Zhao due to my curiosity as to why people call him Win Nhao. Just that though.

After the revamp, Xin Zhao's skills got a good AD buff. What does that mean? We'll explore soon enough.

I was inspired to create this guide after a game with a splendid offtank Wukong.
After looking at Xin's kit, I thought "Why not?". And I wasn't disappointed.

With no further adieu, I present Xin Zhao, the New Offtank.

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Early game: Farm\TD
- Just farm. Nothing different from most champions. Harass if the enemy ventures too close, chase if they have no chance to retaliate.
- Q + W is a great tower pusher. If you're skilled (or lucky), at the 5 minute mark the 1st tower is already down.
- Your doran ring will serve you up to mid game and will provide most of your mana.
Mid game\Late game: Initiator\Pusher
- Initiating fights is your primary role. E>R combo does this magic. Make sure to target the most fragile and most damaging of the team. Being an offtank with a resistance boosting ult, you can do this like a miracle. Because of this you will be focused too much. And you want that because you'll be beefy enough to do so.
- In winning the teamfights, go straight ahead to destroying the nearest unguarded tower and as suggested, use Q+W.
All game: Outfarm the Enemy/Destroy the towers
- You'll be killing the most and assisting the most thanks to your role and you better keep getting good at it. You will get more items easily and perform tasks more efficiently.
- Xin is one of the best pusher's I've seen along with great lane domination. Use it.

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I've been torn whether to get arpen, flat ad, or as runes.

I suggest going flat AD.

Arpen won't be as good since you will going brutalizer and later in the game, the black cleaver. With your passive, the enemy's armor is good as gone. Your 10% mastery coupled with your passive is strong enough to remove armor decently armored units.

Quints are still pending but I find MS quints good since it provides mobility that is helpful in ganking enemies and helping ganked teammates.

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Doran's Ring
- Your heal on W is buffed by about a level and also increases your initial offensive skill E.
- Low armor. Unless they are willing to go toe to toe on you with your Exhaust... yeah. That's what I thought.

*Compared to other starters, this is the one I found appealing. No one would be dumb enough to trade with you because of that sustain. If they did, they'd end up having a bad time.

Should they, at level 3 they can be easily scoffed away. Just pop W if they decide trade. Q if they persist. If they retreat, chase with E + Q if you did not use it before.

Boots + 3 pots

- Mobility + Sustain
- Low hp and stats

*Mobility isn't a problem. You just slow your enemies to damnation then walk away like a man.

Doran's Shield

- Armor + Sustain
- No damage

*Decent starter. If you are not keen when to attack or stay passive, this item is good overall.

Doran's Sword

- Damage + Lifesteal
- Sustain less compared to other doran's.

*Good but your AD is best gained mid-late game where it actually counts.

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The Trinity

This item. At first I thought it would be a waste but trying it out on Xin was actually amazing. It gives him all he needs along with mobility! Also it provides your W with a boost and criticals that will greatly amplify your Q damage.

Just make sure to do this specific combo which is
E>AA>W>AA>Q to maximize the sheen proc. Since your E is maxxed first, the slow will be enough to keep your target in range to finish the combo. (assuming that he has no other means of escape eg. flash, invisibility, etc)

At the end of your game, your basic attacks or AA lands about 300+ a hit and 800+ a crit.
Your Q will land 1.2k crit on sheen proc and 1k crit without and 400+ non crit. This damages are calculated on an almost non armored target. Damages are almost halved on Baron.

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Skill Sequence

An early W guarantees you can trade and survive an fist fights you encounter.
Go Q at level 2 if the enemy likes to trade, or E for farming.

Add another W if you feel the sustain isn't enough or just go full E and mow the enemy down.

Take note of the combo:

At level 6:
E>W>Q>R or E>R>W>Q

Landing your ult R lands a more damage since it deals 15% of the targets current hp as physical damage so the earlier you use it the better. Just make sure to walk as you use Q so that you won't lose your chase. Your E is probably on cooldown already since it is levelled up fast allowing you to finish the job given enough space.

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Here's a replay of my first attempt of the offtank build in pvp
- Mediocre team
- No jungler on my team
- Bruiser heavy enemy team

Version 1

*Must have installed LOLReplay

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Final Notes

This guide is still a work in progress.

I've also seen an AP Xin Zhao once. Guinsoo, Raba are the most of what I can remember. Although I do agree that some AP does benefit Xin Zhao, without HP, resistances and tenacity, he cannot stand prolonged fights especially when he is focused... AND YOU WILL BE FOCUSED especially when you kill so many people.