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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author eyCoco

Xin Zhao - The Over Powered

eyCoco Last updated on July 27, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Xin Zhao: The Over Powered

Welcome to my build on how I think Xin Zhao should be played.
Xin Zhao's skill information

Keep in note that Xin Zhao isn't such a great champion vs heavy nukers and teams with great disable. since he most likely would get nuked down before he gets his 3rd hit on his Q spell.

The Masteries build:

I go for a 21,8,1
It makes you deadlier, more dodging and with great speed on Haste.

Summoner spells:

My main choices:
Ghost: Will make it easier for you to get kills.
Ignite: Grants you some easy kills, since Ignite now is uncleanseable.

In the maybe pile:
Cleanse: if however the other team consists of many disablers, then cleanse should be picked instead of Ignite.

should not be picked:
Clairvoyance: Would be better of if the supporter in the team picked that spell.
Clarity: Xin Zhao just doesn't use that much mana, so spell is rather useless on him.
Exhaust: He doesn't really need it to get the kills.
Flash: His E spell is all he needs. gives him plenty of chasing power
Fortify: Again this should be picked by support heroes.
Heal: He already gains heal from his passive ability.
Rally: the enemies would most likely be running once they see Xin so putting up the Rally wont do much for him.
Revive: its Revive.
Smite: its smite, should only be used if you go jungleing from level 1.
Teleport: Since you'd most likely already would be roaming around the lanes, this spell isn't really needed.

The Rune Build:

9 x Greater Mark of Malice, will make you do critical damage so much more, and will defiantly grand you some more kills, due to your incredible high attack speed.
9 x Greater Seal of Evasion, will make your dodge chance 10% from scratch.
9 x Greater Glyph of Warding, a little boost of Magic resistance, will make you less killable from nukes early game.
3 x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude, 97 extra health <-- says it all.

Item Build

I start of with Doran's Blade due to its extra hitpoints little damage boost and lifesteal: it makes it easier for you to farm, you can stay in the lane longer than you would have with Doran's Sheild

+ a health potion, this little consumable is what saves you from dying to ignite.

Next items i aim for is Berserker Greaves: just face it the more attack speed Xin has the better he is.

For first damage item i always get Madred's Razors followed by a Madred's Bloodrazor: The damage output you give is just insane. and you can easily have this item farmed before 20minutes has passed.

Next of ill go for a little defensive item not used very often but as a Xin player i know that his worst enemy is Exhaust so buying Quicksilver Sash, will only make you more deadly in fights, since now they have a hard time disabling you. On the other hand if the team has a lot of stuns snares etc. you might consider getting a Banshee's Veil, because you will be focused in fights.

Rest of the items I normally don't get to buy, because at this time the other team probably has surrendered.

But, for last items i'd pick Phage: for slow. Infinity Edge: for incredible damage. Trinity Force: for Attack speed, critical chance, movement speed etc. Starks Fervor: for Life steal and Attack speed.

in the end you probably would have to sell your Doran's Blade and use your Health Potion to make room for the last items.

Play Style:

Trigger Q(Three Talon Strike), use E(Audacious Charge) to get to close to your target and pop W(Battle Cry) when you start hitting on the enemy champion to gain extra attack speed and lower your cooldowns enough to let you go Q and E on them again, ones they've fled for a while.
Finish them of with R(Crescent Sweep).

Early game:

if damaged; auto attack creeps to get you hp full, will only take a very few hits to get you back to full hp.
Once you have full hp, try only to last hit minions only, since this will make it way harder for your enemies to flee to their towers once you start harassing the enemy heroes.
And once you pop to level 2 or 3 you can start attacking the enemy getting some easy kills, always aim for the hero with the least HP.

Once you've farmed some Boots of speed and Madred's Razors, i'd normally would go Jungle and roaming lanes, getting some Buff's and champion kills.
Xin Zhao is way more deadly for the enemy team if they don't know where he is.

Mid-game / Late-Game:

At this time Team Fights has most likely started to happen. And your job will basically be Removing the other teams strongest Caster or Carry before he or she even gets a chance to throw down their nuke.
If the other team consists of a lot of hard nukes and disablers then you should defiantly not be initiating, then its better to wait till they got cooldown on their spells.
On the other hand, if the team consists of heavy AD, then you shouldn't hesitate to initiate and remove the strongest one of them.

Pushing Towers:

Trigger Q and W, to make your damage and attack speed higher. if enemies shows to defend it, then just run back into the jungle and farm more or maybe go gang some other lanes to get some kills. Don't hesitate to stay in the lane trying to push the tower since they most likely will have more heroes incoming making hard to push. And it would be rather stupid staying in the lane since it probably will kill you or make you lose experience and farm you could be getting instead.