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League of Legends Build Guide Author Supernovalogia

Xin Zhao: The Speed of Spears

Supernovalogia Last updated on July 14, 2010
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Hey, this is my first build on Mobafire, I'm relatively new, been playing for a month, and recently Season 1 came out, exciting, and along with it, Xin Zhao: The Seneschal of Demacia.


Xin Zhao, as you may know, is a spear wielding champion similar to characters from the Dynasty Warriors games, he is a physical champion, who uses mana with relatively short costs and cooldowns. What inspired me to make a build is the large amount of fun I'm having with him, and how good I seem to do with him or whether that's just because he is new and no one knows how to play against him yet.

Now i know many people choose to build him tank/jungle spec, but this build is different. It's main focus is AS, while its two 2nd focuses are Crit/AD. The reason I chose to build him like this is because I wanted to be a little more original, as I hear most people settle for a tank spec, I thought i would try and build a good DPS build.

Now on to the good stuff....


Tireless Warrior-
Xin Zhao is healed for 30 points for every 3 attacks that he lands. This amount increases by 5 every 2 levels.

This is Xin Zhao's passive ability, very useful when stacked with attack speed, as he can attack faster, and thus, heal faster, this definitely helps most mid game in my opinion, as with this build, your AS gets pretty high and the heal is still good for the amount of health you have.

Three Talon Strike-
Xin Zhao prepares to unleash a fearsome combo, causing his next 3 standard attacks to deal his attack damage + 15 / 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 to enemy targets, with the final attack knocking his opponent into the air.

This is personally my second favorite move of his and his 2nd best move or possibly his best. With attack speed, and its low cooldown and mana cost, you can easily be knocking opponents up multiple times in a fight, that's assuming that they last that long.

Battle Cry-
Passive: Increases Xin Zhao's attack speed by 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35%.

Active: Xin Zhao unleashes a battle cry, increasing his attack speed by double the passive amount for 7 seconds, and causing his standard attacks to reduce all other ability cooldowns by 1 second.

This ability I choose to get first, it helps you get first kill relatively fast, and allows you to kill minions faster if you're pushing, which I like to do. Besides this, Three Talon Strike is probably better for a first choice, its just not my personal preference and if you feel like Three Talon Strike is better for you for easier and faster kills, then by all means, choose it above this one first.

Audacious Charge-
Xin Zhao charges an enemy unit, dealing 70 / 110 / 150 / 190 / 230 (+40% of ability power) damage to all nearby enemies and slowing them by 40% for 2 seconds.

This is my least favorite but it is very useful, and I usually only use it for when they are running away or pursuing an ally(obviously), I usually get this last, around lvl 10-12, most people probably get it sooner, I don't, because I think the attack speed and damage provided by Three Talon Strike and Battle Cry helps you much more in encounters, as enemies healths are lower and easier to kill, usually Three Talon Strike with Battle Cry is enough to kill any non tank before they can run to their turret or escape through some other method.

Crescent Sweep-

Xin Zhao unleashes a fierce spear sweep on targets around him, dealing 150 / 275 / 400 + 25% of their current health in physical damage. His magic resistance and armor are increased by 30 / 40 / 50 for the next 8 seconds.

This is my favorite ability, and it is great, for basically every purpose. I personally love to use this when the enemy is in the air, or chasing down, but its great at scaring people in team fights as it does so much burst damage at once, and any mage/caster is torn up by it especially if focused down. With it's low cooldown(for an ultimate), you can use this to kill large waves of minions that have been stockpiled in one hit, and have no fear of it not recharging or wasted by the time you need to fight(assuming your smart and you used it when you weren't about to go into a large brawl)

Summoner Spells:

I go with Ignite and Exhaust, I find these two spells to be incredibly useful for him, as this build focuses on DPS, and in a lot of match ups, both these spells help you survive 2v1 encounters. I think all the champions i use, these two mastery's help ME the most, especially for first bloods and endgame against master yi's and warwicks.

When i think about it a lot of spells could be used, the effectiveness I don't think compares to these two, but if you think you won't survive long enough, grab heal/flash, personally I kill them too fast to think about survival, and it's just counter intuitive to me.


Of course I go 21/9/0, as it is a DPS build. I don't think there's much to talk about here as it's obvious.

Early Game:

Get boots and 3 health pots, get into the shrubbery quickly with your teamate, ambush the other team if they come into it, push them back or kill them if they aren't very good. I've never died in the beginning, I usually have a melee dps ally with me, I think the best champion I've teamed with is Teemo, his snares and DOT's help kill the opponent after they escape(if they escape). Other good ones are Garen or Fiddlesticks, high dps and silence and fears, stuff that pushes and doesn't forgive if you make a mistake.

Be aggressive, don't be afraid to get hit, because your dps>their dps(most, most, most of the time), use your health pots! You can usually get first bloods or a good amount of kills here, use that money to buy berserkers, and if you have some extra money, get some more health pots, THEY HELP!

Mid Game:

Usually by this time their turret is gone, so keep pushing the lane, or go into other lanes and gank enemies, Xin is a great ganker, he is also good at jungling, so if you have time, get the monster buffs, they also help.

Your main focus, like with anyone else, is to push and get kills, you want to be focusing on attack speed here, it really helps with survival and farming minions, taking advantage of Three Talon Strike and your passive.

Late Game:

You've most likely gotten a lot of attack speed by now, around 2.0, so its time to focus on AD/Crit, you can focus on one or the other more, I like both, and it doesn't really change much, although Crit probably goes farther with getting an infinity edge and doing lots of damage quicker then anyone else.

Use your CC effectively, and at this point, you can sometimes take on 2v1, although its not recommended, if you really need to for the team, you can probably last longer 2v1 then your allies.

AD is more helpful for taking down those turrets, so if you're a turret killer type, take AD over crit, and vice versa, you want more kills, take Crit in my opinion. Also, your last item, which I haven't included, is totally up to you, I've tried all types of things, such as lifesteal, health, damage, slows, etc etc, all work, depending on the situation.

Link to me getting over 20 kills with it-

I'll provide more pics if wanted.

I'll also work on this if needed, thanks for reading, try out the build at least once if you want success, if it doesn't work, please tell me what problems you had so I can give you advice or I'd be welcome to advice if something is wrong with my guide or not as effective, and I will try it out.

This is my first guide, tell me what you think! Thanks!

Feedback is welcome.