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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pipouf

Xin Zhao, Tiger of the battlefield

Pipouf Last updated on December 6, 2010
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Hihi everybody =)

This is my first build on moba fire, i used so many on this site that i finally decided to create one. I'll try to explain precisely but i'm french so my english isn't perfect, correct me if you don't understand something. I'm gonna show you my way of playing with Xin Zhao, The Seneschal of Demacia (i'm playing with the new skin, Viscero, DAMN IT'S SO AMAZING, love it =P)

=> An important point for this champion is that he's pretty hard to master at the beginning. Because he's usually the one that launch the fights and he isn't a tank with no real defensive skills. So don't rage after the 2 firsts games saying "Damn this champ is an useless *itch, RAGE RAGE RAGE".
=> Second important point, you don't need a lot of mana with xin but the golem buff is soooo great on him cause it lowers all the cd, and combined with Battle cry, you'll be a beast.

Summoner's spells choice:

I usually take flash and exhaust but you can take many differents spells with Xin. Flash give me the ability to fast enter battle (or to save my *** if my team don't follow my in fights...) and most of the times it gives me the possibility to fastly get closer to an ennemy to charge him.
Exhaust is the needed one with xin zhao, you really need it to support in teamfights and even to 1v1 cause you're not a monster 1v1 at the beginning (you'll need a bit experience to 1v1 correctly).
You can also take heal to improve your survavibility in fights, also ghost to chase/escape, ignite (if you have fiddle or mundo against you for exemple). These are the ones i also take.
You can try cleanse, teleport or revive but they're not the most useful for Xin in my opinion.

Items purchase:

Now that i'm not bad with xin i like to start with a Doran's blade cause it boosts your hp (important) your damages and gives a little interesting lifesteal. I also take 1 health potion, a mana potion is not really needed (your skills have low mana costs, 30/35/70/100 so don't focus on mana items).
If you don't feel safe with your lane partner take a doran's shield, it's safer.
The items pick depends on how you're doing on your lane, if you're doing well (good farming, some kills, no deaths) and that you have a good tank in team, i recommend to go for madred instantly: madred razor (damages and armor) => recurve bow (attack speed is THE point to devellop on xin) => pick axe => then finish madred blood razor. If you're doing madred and that the ennemy team is starting to srike back pretty hard and to focus you, stop madred and focus on Phage. Finish your madred after Phage.
=> Madred is a really good item on xin because it gives you AS (attack Speed), Armor and significantly damages.
Then focus on Frozen Mallen, this item MUST be put on xin (only if you're ennemies aren't all unskilled ******s... hum hum). It gives you so much survavibility and the possibility to kill an ennemy on each chase. From this point you should be able to 1v1 efficiently.
The three following items (bloodthirst, trinity, phantom) can be made in no exactly order. If you still need survavibility, go on trinity or phantom. If you're doing well, get bloodthirst.


For the skills, it's not really hard, you need to master Charge first, it's the spell that make you enter battle, do significant damages and slow ennemies. Take it at lvl 1.
Then take Three talon strike (you know the spell that makes people fly =P) at lvl 2. Now if you have a good team mate, you could be able to harrass and kill easily your opponents. Harrass em with 1 charge and make em jump one time, then back, they should be mid life or lower. Now you can finish with flash and/or exhaust.
After this focus on charge and battle cry, they are the most usefull skills, lvl up Three talon strike could just give a few more damages, it's useless for now.
Ah and don't forget to take your ulti lvl 6 ;)

Playing Xin Zhao in teamfights:

Playing with Xin requires a good sense of how the battle is evolving, if you engage too early, you'll get crushed, if you engage too late, winning the fight will be a lot harder. The most efficient strategy is too engage the fight to support your tank. Let him engage the ennemies, stay on sides (for exemple in bush) then flash and Charge their carry/casters (ashe, mf, veigar, ryze, etc) and ulti directly to do HUGE damages. If you do it weel then their team will be split up and you''l be able to easily kill them all. Don't forget to activate Three Talon Strike AND Battlecry BEFORE entering the fight, so you could charge 2,3 or 4 times in the same fight and throw em to hell.

Playing Xin Zhao 1v1 or 2v2:

Until you master him, i really don't recommend people to mid lane, cause you won't be able to farm or harras correctly.
But it's annoying because Xin Zhao is maybe one of of the best champion to gank lanes. Stay in bush, let em push, your mate initiate battle, you charge the weakest, throw him, and got a kill. It's really really impressive you'll see =)
For on 1v1,hmmm, you'll have to learn a bit by yourselves. I recommend to harrass 1 or 2 times (charge+three strike) before fighting (early game i mean). But if you're stuffed ( and a bit skilled =P) and that you feel confident, then you could be able to gank and down anybody 1v1 on the map.

I don't really know what i can add for now so i'll wait a bit to make changes on it.

I wonder that you appreciate it and i hope that you'll leave comments. Don't forget, if you downvote, please let some explanations so i could make my build better =/

So, good luck and see you on the battlefield =D