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Build Guide by UnknownPride


Xin Zhao - Triple Kill! Twisted Treeline

By UnknownPride | Updated on April 27, 2011
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Welcome to Xin Zhao The Seneschal Of Demacia's guide. This is my first guide so please rate and comment if you can. This will cover the way I play Xin Zhao. This has made me a great carry in my games in Twisted Treeline. I would lead my team to victory.

This build can also work in the 5vs5 map. I am just intended to make this based on Treeline because I usually play best in the map. You may use the build for 5vs5 as it is great for it too.
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Skill Sequence


Three Talon Strike is quite useful. During a fight, it strikes the enemy three times, and the final attack knocks them up. This allows you to come with another attack as they are up in the air.

Battle Cry is great, it boost your attack speed passively. Activating it boost your attack by double AND for every strike you do, all your skills cooldown also decrease by a second. This has made it much easier to take down your enemy when they are about to run.

Audacious Charge should be the first skill to add when beginning a game. It is great for slowing your enemy down at the start of a team, especially when you are ganking at the beginning. It is also great for initiating fights and chasing from someone.

This is the absolutely strong move when it comes to starting a fight. Doing 20% of their current life as dmg and some additional dmg, this cause your enemy to be at a big disadvantage when starting a fight with Xin Zhao. This is a must use when you starts to attack your opponent right after audacious charge.
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The Core items: Berserker's Greaves, Wriggle's Lantern, & Phantom Dancer
First, start with boots of speed and three red potion. After a while in the game, go back to base and grab Berserker's Greaves for speed. Madred's Razors and then finally

Right after Greaves, you may want to get Madred's Razors and then finally Wriggle's Lantern. The reason for this, and not straight to Phantom Dancer is because 1. it's easier to farm, and this will help a lot. 2. The ward helps to prevent ganks, and ganks happens a lot in the map. 3. And if starting with Phantom Dancer with no dmg, you're not gonna be much.

After Wriggle's Lantern, aim for Phantom Dancer for atk speed. Phantom Dancer is a must as it gives atk speed, movement speed, and critical.

Now it's time to aim for Black Cleaver. This will help strengthen you're atk and making it easier to take down tanks.

Finally, Infinity Edge would be the last attack item that makes you a strong DPS Chamption.
It has great atk and the critical will also boost your dmg.

Situational Items: Banshee's Veil, Quicksilver Sash, Randuin's Omen, Guardian Angel.
These items should be taken at this point. Noticing that you're so strong with your massive dps, they will start to group on you. These will help in your survival. These items can be obtain before infinity edge or even before the black cleaver if you cannot seem to survive long enough.

Banshee's Veil & Quicksilver Sash can help against those strong AP users. It also have the ability to negate negative spells against you, making it much harder for them to kill you because of maybe not realizing that you have Banshee's Veil ability on, or when stunned, use Quicksilver Sash to negate it to continue your full on attack.

Randuin's Omen helps when up against a physically strong team. There's also a great active it has, the ability to slow movement AND attack speed. This will help a lot.

Guardian Angel is very useful as it gives both defense and magic resistance. it also has the auto revive. There's a good side and a bad side to auto revive. The good is that if you are lucky enough, you may have a chance to escape if the enemy does not realized you will revive and if you can still tank some hits. The bad side is that if they notice you are reviving, you will just end up dying once more if you cannot withstand the dmg as you do not have any escape move besides ghost.
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Early Game

First, grab shoes and 3 potion and start heading down to the bot lane with your teammate. You need to decide with your team if you're gonna try to gank by hiding in the bushes, or just leave it. If you have someone like Jarvan that can throw something to see if someone's already there in the bushes, get that person to check, but be careful if they would charge at them. If you managed to score a kill or two in the gank, and made about 570 gold, head back and buy Greaves.

Once minions begins to come, it is best for you to take top, as you need as much level and gold you can. Always try to last hit the minions to score enough gold because this could make a big difference between you and your opponent. Always check the map to see if anyone at the bottom is missing, and if they are, be cautious, gank can always happen. Once you have hit level three, this is the best moment to strike your opponent and get a kill.
Audacious Charge> Three Talon Strike>Battle Cry is your main and best combo at the beginning before your ultimate. Charge will help you get up close, battle cry boosts your atk speed, and strike three strikes and knock them up in the air. If by this time, they are still alive and is running, your Audacious Charge should be cool-downed, and use it again to finish them off. this will score you the kill almost for sure in the beginning. Once you have 1,000 gold, you can decide to get Madred's Razors, or stay and farm minions and get Wriggle's Lantern. Remember to help your teammate at bottom if they seem to be getting pushed too far and help get a gank.
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By now, your opposite team might start trying to preform gank, but no worries, having Wriggle's Lantern and the helpful ward it provides, you can easily place it at the center where red buff is. This will help you gank if someone's trying to get red buff, or when they're just moving all over the map to prepare for ganks. Knowing where your enemy is gives you a extreme advantage of them. Also placing at dragon will be of great help.

Now is the time team fights starts to happen. They start to group up and pushing lane. Be sure to stick with your team when going up against 2-3 champs. You are very squishy, you can die easily. If your team have a tank, let them go first. Always set a aim on one champ with your team mate. This is very important since there are only three of you and three of them. By now, you should have your ulti. When going into the fight, do E>R>Q>W. If you can, try to hit every single one of the champs with your ulti, it will do major dmg which can turn an entire fight around.
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By now, you should be extremely deadly. If you have been fed correctly, you can just end the game now with your team. Getting dragon is still important for the buff. Also, wolf buff in which it boosts your atk speed can help get your atk speed to almost maxing it out. Once you and your team have gotten the dragon, one last push can be made to end the game.
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Thank you for reading through all this. Hope this works for you and making you successful in 3vs3 games. Please rate how well and leave comments.

League of Legends Build Guide Author UnknownPride
UnknownPride Guide
Xin Zhao - Triple Kill! Twisted Treeline