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Xin Zhao Build Guide by Belsambar

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Belsambar

Xin Zhao - Unranked Fun

Belsambar Last updated on August 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I, am not a fantastic LOL player. I used to play ranked more often but I stopped playing ranked after 6 twitch games put me down pretty far. ever since then it's feeder leaver etc.. etc.. However I began to experiment with more champions and found xin zhao. I first decided to play him after watching Guardsman Bob and I was inspired. My build isn't much like his but I enjoy it. Good Luck and happy hunting.


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I go with typical dps runes, AS / Arm pen marks, flat armor seals, MR per level glyphs, and arm pen quints. I also find for seals that dodge runes are good and you can switch up your masteries a bit to get nimbleness if you choose.

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I go 9/21/0 because I enjoy the bit of extra tankiness it gives me. Xin Zhao makes for a high dps semi tanky champion so throwing in the extra few defense masteries can give him that extra defence to carry him through the game. The difference between this and 21/9/0 or 0/9/21 is not huge but I prefer my masteries this way.

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I like to start off with doran's blade for the early tankiness (100 health) and the attack damage. The lifesteal is okay, but barely noticeable. I typically ask for top solo so that extra health is useful. I proceed to farm creeps and harass my enemy. When I go back, if I have the money for Zeal, I skip one doran's and go for zeal. but if you don't have the money for a straight zeal I like to pick up that second doran's blade for a bit more stacked health and damage. As Xin, you don't really need too much extra AS so there is no need to concentrate on AS items but that one zeal has decent movement speed and the attack speed bonus is helpful. Of course we need boots, so just grab merc treads because you'll end up being able to soak in some damage so reduced CC's will be nice to keep the pressure on. After this I typically go straight for Phage, Phage is a given for Xin Zhao, it gives him that extra health so he can take more hits and it gives you a small amount of damage which when attacking a lot, really stacks up. The best part though, is the slow. 25% chance (I think) that you slow an enemy by 30% for 2.5 seconds. There is a good chance that you will get the slow off in a fight due to your AS+knockup. Now we get your damage, Black Cleaver is a VERY useful item, in that you get high damage + even more attack speed for faster knockups (I say AS isn't needed too much due to your W but it is still useful) and the bonus armor reduction is great for shredding squishies and weakening tanks. Now we start upgrading, it looks like we build into Tri-force but instead we upgrade phage and zeal. We start of by upgraing frozen mallet for the massive health it gives you and the slow now goes off on EVERY hit, meaning no one escapes without a good mechanism. Next is PD, you get your extra AS + more movement speed for easier knockups and chases. Now by this point most games are over, if yours isn't, then there are a couple more items. Your next items are SITUATIONAL and so it doesn't necessarily have to be what I recommend. I like to grab Atmogs, becaus in the game if you're level 18, you should have about 3000 hp, which equates to 60 damage, 45 armor, and 18% crit from Atma's. Pretty good for it's price. Next is Warmogs, you don't really have to time to gain many stacks with it (if you do then it's even better) but 700 hp is by no means small. These last two items are for a situation where the enemy team has a rather nice balance and you need to survive the fight. If your enemy is AD or AP heavy, change up your last 2 items to suit the need.

2 Doran's for a bit of survive and damage
Zeal for AS and movement
Merc Treads forr CC reduction and MR
Phage for slow and health
BC for Damage, AS, and armor shred
FM for super slow and health
PD for AS and movement

Atma's for damage and defence
Warmog's for major health and synergy with Atma's

Thornmail for pesky AD enemies like Yi
Atma's for Armor and damage

FON for pesky burst AP like Brand
Banshee's to stop some heavy damage or a stun

Banshee's to stop those CC's
Quiksilver Sash to cleanse the CC's that get past your banshee's

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Skill Sequence

For skills with Xin, I like to start with my E for that slow and bit of damage so I can engage. However, you don't start fighting the enemy or harassing at level 1. You take your point in audacious charge for the slow if you get a gank off the bat or are duoing for some reason (You definitely want to be soloing but **** happens right?). At level 2 you get your Q so you can start harassing. While he last hits minions you use E to jump to him thn use Q to knock him up and back away. It is a very effective harass and deals decent damage. At level 3 you pick up battle cry for the passive AS and it's CDR while active. this way when you want to do a fight or harass the enemy you can get your knockup off more often. After this I like to max AUDACIOUS CHARGE first, then BATTLE CRY, then THREE TALON STRIKE, taking pints in CRESCENT SWEEP when available.

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Summoner Spells

Okay, I personally like to go with Exhaust and flash for Xin but they are not the only viable choices.

Flash - Best. Escape Mechanic. In the game. ALso useful for chasing sometimes but be careful, you only get it once every 5 min (around there).
Ghost - The speed can really help you chase or run away so you can get the extra kill or not forfeit one yourself. I prefer flash though for its versatility over a movement speed buff.
Ignite - Ignite is good and can severely hinder enemies who heal/lifesteal a lot and can also finish off your kill as they run.
Exhaust - A GREAT fighting/chasing/running mechanic. You slow an enemy, reduce physical damage by 70%, and reduce magic damage by 30%.

Cleanse - Enemy team heavy on CC's? Take cleanse.
Heal - I don't like this one too much but in a 1v1 it can really help and early game when pushing a tower you can stay in lane longer.
Clairvoyance - you're not the support so this isn't very useful but if you REALLY want CV then you can go for it.
Fortify - Again, you're not a support or tank so this isn't that useful for you but it can save your towers and while on CD it's easier to last hit.
Teleport - This is good because if you get hurt top you can B and then tele straight back or tele to an injured turret or even do a telegank.

Smite - You're not Jungling and in lane it is not very useful.
Clarity - You shouldn't run out of mana often and if you do you should be more conservative.
Revive - It can be useful with some champs but it just doesn't work well with xin.
Rally - Unless you wanna rally smite jungle this is also useless.

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- Strong damage
- Slow and a knock up
- Tanky DPS allows for more survivability
- Strong 1v1'er

- Besides flash, no escape mechanism
- Loses to very strong AD carries like Yi/Trynd

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As Xin, when engaging your enemy you have 1 major combo. E, W, Q, R. This is your major damage combo and it deals hefty damage. always remember though, when fighting a 1v1 or even in a teamfight. Exhaust your enemy in a 1v1 or, exhaust their heaviest AD damage so your team doesn't get a royal ****kicking. Word to the wise, Red buff is invaluable to Xin, so take it when you can, but remember, the ranged AD carry still has more utility with it so make sure to ask them if they want it. If not, then snatch that thing up because no one will escape then.

With your team you'll be a secondary initiate and the tank's right hand. You are the second initiate (sometimes even the first initiate) because after ashe pops her arrow, or rammus balls in you gotta jump in with your E and knock up their ranged DPS. While you're tank alks around hitting **** and your ranged DPS try to take out the melee DPS you have to leap onto their cait/ashe/vayne/etc... and kick his/her ***. Since ranged carries typically don't grab much armor you want to shut them down with a full combo and take them out of the fight for good. After that you wanna hit their AP carries because they probably have gone through a round of CD's and are going after your carries. After you're battle with the ranged carry you should have anywhere from 1/3-4/5 of your health left, since you popped you're E W Q combo you'll probably have E off CD again and be able to leap to their next carry (Ranged-Ap-Melee) and start hurting them. USE YOUR ULTIMATE WHEN YOU ARE IN A BIG PILE OF ENEMIES FOR MOST DAMAGE AN DEFENSE BUFFS.

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In Closing

This is my first guide I've done. I follow this guide because for my style of play it is very effective and it may not be for you. Feel free to experiment with this and make changes. Leave a comment below on how you like it and how I can make it better.