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Xin Zhao Build Guide by PearPro

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PearPro

Xin zhao, What comes and goes

PearPro Last updated on July 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Table of Contents
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Okey so in this guide i´m gonna tell you how to build and how to play xin zhao the best way ! follow me in this guide and you will be a better xin zhao player for sure !

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So we are going to start with the itemsso here we have boots, the starter item i prefer boots on xin zhao in the begin instead of a dagger or anything like that beacouse it´s a great starter item on a ad carry and don´t forget the 3 health pots that´s really good for atleast in begin so don´t be afraid to use them... and when you B the first time you will buy berserker´s greaves IF you don´t stay in lain for to long beacouse then you should build the B.F.Sword.

The Next buildsso here i got some more to get him full builded Zeal, it´s a very effective item you got some movement speed and attackspeed and crit, but you don´t wanna build the whole phantom dancer at a time, cuz you will get B.F.Sword (if you don´t already have it ) and then get a vampiric scepter and then finally a BloodThirster it´s one of you´re carry item´s it´s one of the best AD items in Game.

Let´s continute.okey so here we got a Infinity edge which you are going to buy straight after the phantom dancer that you will get after the bloodthirster and when you´ve bought the infinity edge which is really good beacouse you will get 50 % extra crit dmg which is really OverPowerd in some characters like Tryndamere.. and then you will get the black cleaver which is also a really good weapon, lolz it sounds like im a busniess man, but im not lol the black cleaver has a stacking on the enemy player that will make the enemy players armor getting reduced.

and now we have some final choices to make here
as last item you will get a GuardianAngel which is a really good item if you´re getting feeded and don´t want to die so easy beacouse xin zhao can be pretty squishy this way to build but don´t worry you will be OverPoweredlate game ! , i´m warning you´re getting adicted to play him in this way ! ;), guardian angel´s passive makes you revive when you "die" but you don´t die that´s why the item is so good but it also got lots of armor and magic ress, and if the game hasn´t ended yet you will sell your boots when you got enough money to buy a new phantomdancer!

this was the item build lets continue to the runes !

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So the runes for this guide is the best runes for xin zhao and that´s a promo.

Mark: Armor penetration a good way to start out with , you will penetrate the armor of your opponent which is really usefull in begin and in the end.

seal: here you have armor, armor is really good on this build beacouse you´re not building so "tanky" so it´s really usefull atleast in the first 6 levels...

glyph: here we have health per 5 second and magic ress beacouse it´s as with the seals good the first 6 lvls and it´s good with some health per 5 runes also your passive + hp reg runes make you stay longer in lane and that´s a promo !

qunitessence: we have more armor penetration ! 2 quint´s and 1 flat hp for more hp in begin which is pretty usefull

this was all about the runes lets move on !

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alright so we are going to move on right to the play and the Farming you need as much farm as possible in begin to get as much feed as possible, what you need to do is don´t just auto attack as most persons do, wait till you see a minion with low hp and then attack him that way you can get much more last hits then the other players in your enemy team it will help you alot after like 10-15 minutes when you B for the first time if you have not died and in that way it´s very sucessfull to do many lasthits ! this was my guide for you thanks everyone i hoped you liked it !