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League of Legends Build Guide Author Killerrabbit769

Xin Zhao: You can run but you can't hide

Killerrabbit769 Last updated on March 30, 2011
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Hello to everyone on Mobafire. This build is my first build, because of the great success I have had with this build I wish to share it with people. Xin Zhao is, in my opinion, one of the best champions in the game. He has great pushing ability and can mow down many champions. His passive allows him to stay in the lane for long periods of time even without lifesteal. His ultimate ability will destroy tanks, and he has good crowd control from his Three Talon Strike. Also I would like to mention that this build is designed for 3v3 games and has not been tested in 5v5 games and so its efectiveness is unknown.

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The runes I get on Xin Zhao are for maximum damage as well as some survivability and attack speed. I get 9 Greater Marks of Desolation, 9 Greater Seal of Vitality, 9 Greater Glyph of Alacrity. The reason why the marks are not AS is the the ArP on them is so much higher that it is better to get ArP marks.

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I prefer to go a 21/0/9 mastery setup. The reason for this is that in offensive tree you get deadliness and improved exhaust. Self explainitory if you were to ask me but I will tell you the reason. Small crit chance in begining and exhast reduces their magic resist and armor. Cant get any better than that. 4 points in Alcraticy and 3 in sorcery just for a spot to put some points to get farther down. Sunder to go through their armor and brute force just for some added damage. Lethality to make your crits harder and havoc to do 5% more damage.

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Skill Sequence

I prefer to upgrade your q first and then w. I always get 1 point in e to slow and close gaps. Your q will do massive damage and with how fast you are going to hit you will get all 3 hits off in no time. Now with how fast you hit your w's active will allow you to use your q again quickly and dont be afraid to use your w's active to get your ult off cd. I always upgrade q w q e q r and then q whenever possible and obviously ult whenever possible. If you cant upgrade q I upgrade w untill q is maxed and it wont let me upgrade w anymore. Then I upgrade e.

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The items that I get on Zhao or for AS/AD as well as some health. I start off with a dagger from zeal for some AS as well as to get a start on the zeal. You may if you want swap it for the crit chance item of zeal. I try to stay in lane long enough to finish the zeal and buy atleast the boots of speed if not the whole beserker greaves. Next up you want some AD and to get it you need a B.F. Sword. After your boots work on getting this one ASAP. Turn it into a bloodthirster and start racking up those minion kills and try not to die so as to get the bloodthirster up to its maximum effectiveness. Now that we got some AD lets finish off the zeal into a Phantom Dancer. Now you will run quite fast and I find that around here is when the enemies start to really fear you. Next up is more AD. For this you will want to buy another B.F Sword and then turn it into a Black Cleaver. Black cleaver is amazing. You will decrease their armor with every succesive hit which means more damage to them. Next build a frozen mallet if the game hasnt ended yet. Ok now you got some health and every hit will slow those pesky champions and what I find i need now is some more AS. I buy a Sword of the Divine because it is a really good item. Every 4 hits cause 100 bonus MD and its active makes it so the oppenent can not dodge your attacks and you gain 30 ArP. If there is a jax then build this item ASAP. Now if the game is still not over then you should buy the red, blue, and green potions for some bonus stats. I recomend never getting these untill you have a full build because it will waste money better spent elsewhere. Honestly if the game does last long enough for you to get this far in the build then well you might be doing something wrong or your oppenents are really good but not good enough to ace you guys and end it. Also if your oppenents start to just f around in the game and not end it when they could take advantage of it and farm off the minions that are in your base to get money. On some games that didn't go so well for me in early game got turned around because the enemy was stupid enough not to just end it when they should have so we ended up wining. Take note of that and when you have the opportunity to end it you should just end it to win and not take a chance at losing.

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When it comes to farming I try to be killing something whenever possible. This build isnt really cheap and you need money. If you are not getting many kills then you need to feed off minons. After you get some builds you may soon get more kills and then buy more builds. In early game if your team went for a gank try to get first blood but no guarantees. First blood will allow you to get your zeal that much faster. Keep killing minions and focus on LAST HITTING. You need to last hit its not important to get them down to the last hit yourself unless of course you need some healing. When your minions get to your oppenents tower dont go and hit it if they are there. I go into the jungle to keep getting money while they stay at the tower. Obviously dont try this at level 3 but by level 5 or 6 you should have no issues killing unbuffed enemies in the jungle. Dragon is not easy to kill alone untill you get some actual lifesteal or you hit fast enough for you passive to heal you quick enough for you damage to be able to kill dragon before it kills you. Your team killing dragon is important. It gives your whole team 280 gold a nice buff to damage based on your level. 280 gold is almost a champion kill per team member to your team. That money adds up if you kill it when it spawns everytime and dont let your enemies get it. Killing dragon gives you a significant gold advantage.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer to get ghost/exhast combo for the run speed increase and disable. You can also go with flash instead but I myself prefer ghost. However if you dont like these two then change your masteries according and get what you prefer. I'm not stopping you. You can get any one of them you want it just depends on your play style and what you need to survive. If you need heal go for it. I don't need it so I dont get it. If you want clarity again I dont need it but if you want it go ahead. At end game it isnt really needed at all unless you spam all you abilities to kill minions and then run out after killing your oppenents. You shouldnt be using your abilites to kill minons unless its dragon or maybe the buffed ones. Other than that dont use your abilities to kill minions. Except for your w. You can use that to get your ult off CD.

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Team Work

Now for Xin Zhao I prefer to hang back for a sec for my team to initiate before I come in and own them with my ult to destroy them. I then focus down their carry and then any squishy and last the tank. Alwasys have your team initiate because you cant take alot of damage and if u do initiate you are going to be useless to your team. You are not suppoesed to be useless to your team. You need to come in later to destroy the enemies. I'm not saying go in after the one that intiates dies I am saying go in after the first crowd control goes off and then pop in ult hit your w key and q and own them all.

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All in all Xin Zhao is a good champ that can destroy enemies and turrents. He can get his stuff off Cd easily once you have some AS. Hmmmmmm hoped for a better ending but well im pretty sure I covered everything. Please comment on what you think of this buil/guide for I would like to improve it. Also if you do downvote please tell me why. I would like to know why people hate this build so I could improve upon it and bring forth something of even greater value. Goodbye and thanks for taking the time to read this build/guide whatever you want to call it.